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Example: What does my dream mean?

Last night i dreamt that my husband got shot, right in front of me. He was fighting with some guy and i was trying to pull him away and the guy just came up and shot him right in the head. It was very real. Does anyone know what this might mean or am I just having weird dreams

Hi Laura

It means you dreamt that your husband got shot.
But you already know that.

To understand about dreams it is important to remember that periods of REM sleep (which is when we dream) usually last for around 20-30 minutes, yet your description would fill only a fraction of that time. What you DON'T remember could easily be as important, if not MORE important than the little bit you still retain when you wake up.

Anyone with a reasonable imagination could invent a detailed interpretation for your dream, (just look at the variety of DIFFERENT interpretations offered above by people who apparently think they know all about interpreting dreams! but however interesting their interpretation might be, it is VERY unlikely to be true.


The purpose of dreams, as far as we understand them, is to process the vast amount of information that comes in through your senses each day whilst you're awake.

On this basis the "meaning" of our dreams is simply that we are making sense of information which previously didn't have a "meaning", for us, because it hadn't been processed so as to fit into our mental maps of the world (all your existing beliefs, ideas, values, etc.).

Given this purpose, there will always be something in each dream, though we may not remember it, which ties the dream to recent "real life" events. However most of the things which appear in our dreams may have nothing to do with what has been happening in our life just before the dream occurs. Things can appear in a dream that have been part of the dreamer's memories as far back as they first started forming memories - or anytime in between then and now.

Nor do the things in your dreams have to be obviously related to each other. Like I said, dreaming is a process of finding/making meaning, and the brain can draw from anywhere in its huge store of memories in order to carry out that process.

By the way, there is nothing random about this process, but your subconscious mind can come up with connections that your conscious mind would never dream of (!), which is why dreams often seem pretty weird.

So when, if ever, you happen to notice yourself having what seems like a weird dream in future you can literally rest assured that everything is OK. Your brain is actually doing, with great skill, one of the many jobs it was designed to do

Example: Dream Meaning?

Does anyone know much about dreams?

Last night I had a symbolic dream of a small spider that was all black and kinda petite looking (for a spider) running across my bed while I was sitting on the end of it. I saw the spider and thought 'oh, that looks deadly' but leaned forward to get a closer look at it and I wasn't scared of it at all. Then I woke up.

Does anyone know what this could mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?!?

I've been having a lot of dreams lately about me practice driving my dads car - i'm 20 and got my license yrs ago so what do these dreams mean? I don't drive tho and have for a couple of yrs since i am in a foreign country and they drive like crazy ppl here

Usually my dreams mean a lot and sometimes they foreshadow things so what can this mean?

Example: What do my dreams mean? (20 Characters)?

Okay well last night I dreamed that my dad died. Then I took a nap today and I dreamed that I was trapped in my school and I couldn't get out. Then I went back to sleep and dreamed that I was being chased by some guy.
What do my dreams mean?

Example: What did my dream mean? (20 characters)?

I'll give you a little background information on me and this boy.

Our school is small, so they let 8th graders join marching band. I joined marching band the summer going into 8th grade (2010, two years ago) and I didn't really know anyone in the band. The first person to talk to me was this boy who was going into 11th grade. He was very sweet and down to earth. I had a crush on him since that day I met him until about a year later.

In 9th grade (when he was senior), I didn't have a crush on him, but I was just glad I met someone like him. He was always stood up and spoke up for what he thought was right. I was always shy and never really talked to him (which is probably my biggest regret). Then around April/May, it hit me that next school year (which would be this year), he wouldn't be in marching band due to graduation. I realized that I took all the little things for granted (me being in the same room as him, performing with him, etc.). Well, I was sad since he graduated, but I knew that I could still check his Facebook page (I wasn't his friend on there, but I could still see his statuses/photos).

Well, a few weeks ago, I was in Walmart and I saw a guy that looked exactly like him, but the guy I saw in the store was taller and skinnier. What does this mean!?!?

Now onto the dream:
I was in a public place (I think it was a store, I can't remember) and I saw him. I told him that band camp isn't going to be the same without him (band camp is next week by the way) and that I really miss him. We stood there holding hands, looking at each other. Then after a moment, I looked into his eyes and said, "Love you.". He responded, "I love you, too.". Then we kissed once and kept looking at each other until the dream was over.

He was on my mind all day today and I decided to look him up on Facebook, but he must've deleted it because I couldn't find him.

What did my dream mean?

Example: What does my dream mean? (20 characters)?

This dream recurs at least once a week! Heres how it goes every time:

It starts out with me sitting in the commons area at my school. No one is there but me. In front of me on the table are my text books. Well, I'm not sure why I'm doing school work in the commons area, but I am. I usually reach about the 4th or 5th problem on my Algebra homework when everything flashes to a totally different setting. I'm now in a hospital room giving birth. After I give birth, my dad walks into the room and calls me the worst names in the world and he tells me he hates me and I'm an idiot etc etc. On top of that, I don't even know who the father is. I know it seems weird, but I was asking everyone I know. No one would tell me who the father was. At the end my baby ends up being taken away from me by a social worker. I always wake up sweating and sometimes crying. Can someone please help?!

Example: What does my dream mean?!?! (20 characters)?

Okay last night I had an dream that me and my cousins were down the lake just chilling, throwing the stones into the water and catching bloodsuckers with sticks, It was a beautiful sunset evening in my hometown dream then some of my cousins left to go in their houses cause it was almost getting dark. Me and my girl cousin was chilling there, talking, and walking on the rocks that was at down the lake. It was almost like a beach but with no sand but large rocks. We both were having a little fun together spending time then this boy came to us. It was weird, He was ACTUALLY my self-character's boyfriend in my character series. (( My self-character is a character based on me thats what I mean and my self character's boyfriend was named Justin Wrinkler lool )) then he came to us, interrupting our time. Then he started to talk with us for awhile until we, 3 moved to the other side of the shore. My cousin was holding the stick, trying to catch a blood sucker, then Justin grabbed my hand and forced me to come with him back of this one house then we talked. then this might sound weird.. I had a crush on him on my dream. 0.o What does this dream mean? I know its weird actually.. because I always think of my characters all the time and I really always make series about them, ect.

Example: I had a terrible dream About my 20 year old son dyeing can someone please tell what it might mean ?

In the beg. of the dream we were in a boat he was thrown out the back and went under the boat but than i was on the highway looking at him dead!There was so much blood I was weeping when i woke up I felt terrible I was praying to GOD not to take my son in the dream anyone know what it may mean or was it just a dream?

Example: What does it mean to dream about your mother when she has been dead over 20 years.?

I am dreaming night after night, and in daytime between working my night shifts, that my mother is still alive. But she actually died in 1992.,. In my dream she is there looking exactly like she did when she was alive, but even though in my conscience mind of course I know she is dead, it seems the "me" in my dreams truly believes she is involved in things I am really doing today at work, which I was not involved in when she was alive. In most of my dreams I seem to be getting frustrated and prevented from completing something I so badly want to complete but the circumstances are always totally different but still often closely related to my true life today. Does anybody have any interpretation or explanation as to what this could mean.

Example: What does it mean to dream of the numbers 19, 20 and 21?

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