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Dream About 20 Twenty meanings

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Example: Do these dreams have any meaning?

I had this dream about 5 years ago. I was on my drive way with my family, and my dad and mom were in a little fight. And some random biker pulled up, picked up my dad, and smashed him to the ground legs first and broke his legs forever or some sh*t. Last night I remembered that dream, and I dreamed the same thing, but this time after the thing happened, I shot and killed the biker. Then the next night (In the dream) 20 Bikers pulled up to my house, and I apparently had an SMG and killed all 20. Then the dream ended.

I dunno if it sounds dumb but does it have meaning or what is it? Some people say dreams are your biggest fantasy or biggest fears. But I ain't really scared of bikers so whats up with this?

Somewhere in the Edgar Cayce readings you will find an answer.Edgar Cayce(1877-1945) was a twentieth century psychic who was claimed to have been able to access the subconscious from a dream like self induced trance.Here's a sample of two,that may or may not apply;
Q- What is it exactly that assails me?
A- Outside influences.Disincarnate entities."5221-1
"Disincarnate entities may influence the thought of an entity or a mind..."5753-1

Example: What do my dreams mean...?

See, in the first dream I had about 5 months ago was about this really nice, sweet boy that I really liked and we were dating. We were only a couple years older than I am now, thirteen. The next I was a 16 and we were dating still and he was still sweet, nice, and gentle. Last, we were about twenty and had a baby. The toddler was sweet and kind and he still was too. We made perfect parents. We were watching her sleep and she was just so beautiful. If this is my future I know I'm naming this beautiful toddler Rini. Its always the same guy too. What do these dreams mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?!?

This dream was really vivid and scary. Im only a 13 year old girl and I want to know what this meant. It wasn’t just a silly dream to me. What do you think it meant?

Last night I dreamt, I was at my school walking around. The halls were empty because everyone else was at a pep-rally or something in the gym. I had a back pack on, and under one arm I had my journal. But see I hardly bring my journal. And I was playing my ds, and when I looked up I saw a little girl. She looked similar to me when I was five but she didn’t look exactly like me. She was waiting outside the gym for someone. She was dressed weird. She was dressed in a school uniform type thing. She had a plaid skirt and tall white socks with little black shoes. But she was a strange big red sun hat. I talked to her (can’t remember what about) then I took her hand. The picture blurred and then I was without the girl running franticly, panicking until I reached this secret door that took me to these super creepy people under the school. I knew these people somehow. There was an old woman and her son that looked about twenty, he husband was so fat he was bed ridden and there was someone else I can’t remember. I told the people I had killed the little girl and had buried her in the woods. They told me not to worry, and to calm down that they would handle it. And apparently after that it got really weird because I started having sex with this guy, I kinda seduced him haha but it made no sense because it was like in front of the people down there and I wasn’t even dating him. (Weird I KNOW) the day after that I was back down under the school and the cops were looking for me. They rampaged the hide out type place under the school and killed everyone but me. They took me to a weird jail with this boy from school I know and we were stuck their waiting for something to happen. I wanted to cry but I didn’t let myself. I made many failed escape tries. Then a whole bunch of people like 20 kids my age, some with bats came and started beating me. I knew every one of them, some I hated some I liked. In the end I won and kicked all their butts. My dream ended zooming in on me heavily breathing looking at everyone I had beaten up.

Example: Can you please tell me the meaning of this dream?

I had a nightmare last night. I dreamt that a girl (I didn't see her face but I had a feeling that I know her) took up a gun and shot me. I was in pain and in the end I was dead. Eventhough it's just a dream, I can still feel the fear even after I woke up. Please tell me if this dream signifies anything. Thanks.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Me and my friend Courtney were in front of this live theatre, participating in a weird contest were the contestants compete to see how many hula hoop like objects they can fit on their bodies without any falling off. Courtney won, and I failed miserably. Suddenly I remembered I was missing my boyfriend, JD. I briskly walked up the stairs of the theatre in search of him. The more doors I opened looking for him, the more lost I became and the more the theatre started to look like a house. The farther I searched, the fewer people I came across and I soon found myself hoplessly lost. No matter how much I backtracked, I could not find my way back to the theatre. I ran through the house, room after room. Each one looking different, with strangers' family pictures hanging from the walls, vanities and dressers, all perfectly clean. Some rooms were dimly lit, others bright with multiple windows. I remember this one picture in particular, it was propped up on a dresser; a portrait of a man with black, shoulder length hair and a pointy nose that matched his pointy chin. In the photograph, he was wearing this evil, toothy grin, and I remember thinking that it was as if he was laughing at me, running through the vacant hallways and doors in desprate search of civilization. I looked at the portrait for a minute, and moved on. The next door I came across revealed to me a brightly lit staircase. I was so excited for some reason...I ran down the stairs and entered into a sunny room with huge bay windows, a fireplace on the right side, and a big white bed with lots of pillows. I felt drawn to the window, so as I walked over to it I wasn't watching where I was going and I heard a sharp cracking noise beneath my feet. I looked down and saw that in front of the cozy fireplace, there lay a huge rectangular mirror on the floor, which i had stepped on and broke. I looked at my cracked reflection on the ground for a few seconds before it filmed over in red. My foot was oozing blood over the half shattered mirror and the flawless white carpet. The only thing to do was to hurry on to the next room. As I opened the next door, I was shocked to see a fat man in an apron with white hair and glasses. But he wasn't that old...maybe 40-45. He turned around from polishing the mirrors and greeted me, I said hello back. I remember being terrified at the thought that he would decide to enter the room that I had previously been in and see the destroyed mirror, not to mention the stained carpet. I told him I was lost and he promised to get me back to the theatre. I didn't trust him. He turned and led me into the room with the bloody mirror, and fury swept over his face. He stopped to look at the mess silently with wide eyes. I stayed quiet, hoping he wouldn't think to look for my sliced up foot I had been walking on. He then went to the closet and pulled open another door that I had never noticed. In the next room there was a young woman probably in her twenties with the same apron as the man. She had brown hair about the same length as mine. I could tell she was friendly, and somehow I trusted her unlike the man. Her name was Sarah. The man explained to her that I was lost and needed to get back to the theatre. So the 3 of us continued on until Sarah and I heard a door shut and lock behind us. We turned around, but the man was no longer there. He had locked us in at the bottom of a dark staircase. Sarah started screaming, once we got stuck in this never ending house, there was no getting out unless you knew the exact way, which she did not. I calmly decided the only thing to do was to move on, and try door after door, room after horrifying room. The last door I opened led to a empty dark hallway that was covered in cracked flowery wallpaper, probably 20 feet long. At the end I could see a curtain, so we shut the door behind us and walked to the curtain hoping there was a door behind it. But as we flew back the curtain there was nothing but more cracked flowery wallpaper. Sarah and I turned around ready to go back the way we came, but the door had disappeared. Vanished, in its place there was nothing but a wall. We were finally completely stuck. Then I woke up.

Example: What could my dream mean?

I just turned 20 and I'm having many trouble at the moment, thought it my help.
I dreamed that everybody thought that I was 23 years old. I don't remember who everybody is, all I remember is being asked a million times if I'm 23.
Quite strange. What do you think it means? Thanks for helpful answers in advance.

Example: My friend dreamt I died, what does this mean?

My friend called me a few days ago and said she had a horrible, graphic and realistic dream that I had died. She dreamt I was on drugs and had a heart attack, it really upset her. Just to clear things up, I don't, nor have I ever taken drugs. I am in my late twenties and in good health. I have known my friend for over 20 years and there has been no issues between us.

I haven't discussed this with her, but I am considering having IVF as my long term partner can not have children. Does this dream mean I could be pregnant? The last time my friend had a dream like this, one of mutual friends gave birth to her first daughter in the back of car unable to make it to the hospital.

Also, I have had a really itchy right foot today which I have never experienced before. Which I believe has a meaning behind it too? Strange times!

Can someone please advise?

Thanks you :-)

Example: Dream meaning, just answer if you have an idea of what it means.?

Last night I dream there was a cemitery right beside my house, on our property, of previous people who lived here. It was about 20 or more tumbs. There was two mices trying to get in my house, they were pretty big almost the size of a cat. And I was trying to give them poison.

We just had a family living here before us, They might be alive still, it is twenty years old house.

Any idea?

Example: What does my dream mean the devil, mirrors, and money?

In my dream me my husband and my daughters were going to a basement because all my old toys were down there and my girls wanted to play with them but I was scared the whole time then we head into the basement and my oldest daughter goes into another room that the wall is aligned with mirrors in the mirror I see the devil but no one else can im yelling to my daughter to get out but she wont listen she just wants to play with the toys in that room she doesnt get until until my husband yells to her to get out but still no one sees him in the mirror

then it switches to where the devil is wearing all black and then he is havign sex with a girl under some stairs I'm watching but I can also feel myself in her position

from there it switches to where my husband comes over to me with a stack of money 20's 1's and crisp 100 dollar bills he gives them to me and says go shopping

then I dreamt that someone was waiting for me and I was getting dressed but I couldnt not find my bra and my parents got home from a vacation and they were saying they had a suprise and everyone kept beeping for me to go outside and I was yelling to wait I had to get dressed then my niece from florida was coming up the stairs and she told me something but I ignored her so she called me a fatso

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was walking around in sort of a renaissance town, with cobblestones, a large clock tower in the middle, and people just walking down the streets with shops around. (It resembled a shopping center in my town that is actually called Renaissance)
Anyway, I was walking around, in the afternoon in the sunshine and all of the sudden as soon as the time turned to 5:28 pm everyone started to get really hot. Then even hotter, and within seconds it got so hot peoples skin started to burn and turn into scales and within twenty seconds the people in direct sunlight burned so much then they just exploded into ashes.
I walked out to see what was going on and I looked at my arm and a hole was burning through it and my whole body shrivled up and i exploded into ashes too.
Then I just sort of woke up, and it was the exact same time the next day, at 5:20 p.m. and nothing was wrong so I just walked outside again. I was walking for a little bit and all of the sudden, the clock struck 5:28, and Everyone started searing again. Everyone was screaming and running around and all of the sudden I had a serious feeling that I needed to get across town to my mom to warn her, because there were helocopters evacuating people and I felt the need that we needed to get on these helicopters. I was running down the street with the sun to my back, with my skin slowly melting, and I felt a hole burning in my back but I felt like it was so important to my mom I completely ignored it, even with the people around me screaming and poofing into ashes in mid air. It was chaois and every few seconds i'd have to stop and get in the shadows because the pain of my hole in my back was so intense, but then I'd keep running.

Then I woke up

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