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Dream About 2 meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: !what does my dream mean? Part 2!?

The fourth night the old lady ghost appeared and transformed into three different type of ocean fishes.. The first one was a humpback whale, second a killer whale and last and stayed as a dolphin. The surrounding of the dream changed from a scary old haunted duplex home into a frozen arctic ocean with ice bergs... As she first transformed into the humpback whale... She was swimming in the depth of the ocean and when she came up for air she then again transformed into the killer whale... And went back down and out comes a dolphin... As the dolphin swims around the through the frozen Ice ocean... I was sitting on top of a large ice berg watching the dolphin swim freely and it looked like she was playing around in the waters... And as for the 2 guys... One of them disappeared into the frozen ocean and appeared as a pigfish/ dolphinpig. Weird looking but... I was more curious... Of why that kind of image... Then the fifth night came along... The old lady transformed back into a whale and then into a dolphin again... As she swims her way to me... The dolphinpig was swimming and playing around and accidentally broke the icing around the big ice berg I was on.. And then one of the guys in my dream appeared and yelled out... Watch out... You are gonna fall from there and the ice berg starting fall like an avalanche... And I fell right into frozen ice cold ocean... As I went under.. All three of them came swimming towards me.. The human man..., Dolphin, and the dolphinpig swam deep into the frozen ocean to find me... I was so scared that I would fall into the ocean and just freeze up into ice... I can't recall how I made it to the shoreline of the ocean but the duplex home reappeared in front of me in the arctic sorroundings... And as I regained conscious... I cried out " No..." wondering what happened to the guy, dolphin and dolphinpig... Because they were no where in sight... And woke up from the dream in tears of their loss...

!If anyone can interpret my dream!

No worries, Patjshiab. This is a dream about the person you are and the transition you are making from being a little girl to growing into a lovely adult woman. All the elements in these dreams (and the extended imagination embellishing the dreams) all represent various aspects of yourself from childhood into maturity. The old ghost woman, in particular, is your inner "wise woman," often described as your soul or your conscience. She is the part of you directing this beautiful transition.

Zia Lucia is not going to go into all the different images in detail. You can find a lot of information yourself in the source linked below. One major image is the ocean. That is ta classic symbol for feminine sexuality, with all the possible dangers and wonders that entails. You have much to discover in this new world, and you will need more than a little help navigating safely. That is the meaning of the dolphin, the guys and all the other creatures.

This is a beautiful dream, Patjshiab. Well done.

Example: What does my 2 dreams mean?!?

Okay so I had 2 dreams one of them are always recurring! My recurring dream is always different but it usually involves earthquakes it would always be in my house but completely different. It started ever since the real earthquake in August I think it was! And it really scared the crap outta me! And the second dream was I was coming from somewhere in my house (not sure where) and Taylor lautner was on my couch shirtless (I really hate Taylor lautner!) and I go up to him kiss him on the cheek and he says "hey babe." btw he was watching tv.

Example: What do these 2 dreams mean?

Okay so i don't remember ALL the details of it, but the other night i had a dream that my crush was standing next to a fish tank or some sort of animal cage, and it fell over onto his foot...and he had to go to the hospital. I was really upset and worried. He was hurt but apparently he could walk (i don't understand that -.-) and his gf was walking away(yes i like someone who has a gf...unfortunately =/) he was walking slowly behind her.the background to that hugging scene was all white. anyawy then i ran up to him and hugged him and he hugged me tightly back. I was apparently really upset, and he rubbed my back and hugged me tight and said, "I know...I know." then i woke up. soooo yeah...

I might as well throw this in too. I had another dream where my crush and my ex bf(who was apparently my bf in my dream), and they were sitting in this room. My crush was sitting in the chair facing the door, and my ex was sitting in the chair sitting sideways to the door. well i was standing infront of my ex, looking at him, then my crush said something. i looked over at him and he wiggled is finger for me to come over. i hesitantly did. he pulled me onto him and tried to get me to kiss him in front of my ex. i hesitantly did, and my ex was watching . my crush smirked at my ex,like he felt victorious. and that's it. what do these two dreams mean?

and don't say, "It means you have a big crush on your crush" i want to know what certain parts of the dream symbolize. like for instance...the cage falling onto his foot, and him having to go to the hospital

Example: What Does These 2 Dreams Mean.?

Well I had two Supernatural Dreams.
The first One I had the Devil was in It. The Devil was a Deep Red has Scaly Skin. Two Sharp Horns And i don't remember if he had a tail This dream was a long time ago. So The Devil was Holding On To me i was in a Little Ball and The Devil held On to me like he was protecting me. Then i started to say my prays and the devil would back up with his hands in the air. Then i would stop praying and he would jump back on me then i would start saying them back and the devil would jump Off Me. This happened like Three Times i Think. Then i Woke Up

The Next Dream I had it was me and my friend outside And A Possessed Person ( a Demon ) Came Out Of No Where And Starting Chasing me and my friends We Called On Jesus And God to Help Us I Went In my House To Get A Holy Book About God And i Stuck it Out But The Holy Book And Calling On jesus and God didnt help It had no affect on the Demon. Then i woke Up.
Please Tell Me What These 2 Dreams mean if They have a meaning.

Example: What does these 2 dreams mean?

1)I dreamt that i was wearing a nice purple dress and my crush was wearing a suit. I was holding his hand in the dream. What does it means?

2) I dreamt that my cousin was calling me with my first name and my crush's last name. What does this means?

Thanks in advance =]

Example: What does this dream mean part 2?

This is the second part to my other question what does this dream mean?
So I wagon the table I felt like a zombie and I looked and saw the girl to the side of me she looked so healthy now. I felt like mabey I was suppose to be turning into what she was. I dunno but it was weird. After that I woke up.
So what does that mean I'm a sacrifice? My astrology sign is ram didn't they use to sacrifice them in rituals? Also ever since this dream I only have dreams something or someones after me. Lime mobs of people, snakes, ect. Please help me understand. Thanks you :)

Example: What does this dream mean part 2?

Okay so when we end up outside my brother gets inside a car *not his* and it was very small. And he told me "I want you to walk to this street *I forgot the name of it* and ill pick you up their and I go "dude! I don't even have a jacket or shoes" so he tells me to get in. I get in but my head is tilted to the side because the car was so small and I'm 6'1. Anyways we start going down the street and we pass a corner store and there is a guy in all black with his face covered and I see him reach in for a pistol and he points it at me *while the car still moving at like 15 mph* and I tell my brother go! Go! Go! *my brother didn't see him until he looked back* so he looked back and yelled "aaaaahh!" like REAL loud and that's when I woke up scared. The first thing I did was let tear drops pour out :(. P.s the people in my class during the project of the powders were not the same ones that are in my class originally. I only member like 4 of them being my regular classmates. I knew the other people but they were not in my class. What does this dream mean? It's the second time I dream this please let me know an answer

Example: What does this dream mean? (Dream 2 of 2)?

I had this dream about 1-2 weeks ago. I don't know what it means but I am really curious as to what it does mean.

Please note: I do not remember about 99.9% of my dreams. So for me to remember one is very significant.

The dream starts out all white. I see clouds under my feet as I look down. I look up and there is a room, all white, with an open door way. I start to walk closer into the room out of curiosity and find myself staring at some other people here too. They are in a group looking forward at someone in the front. Everyone is wearing white and I start to realize that I am in heaven.

I join the group and start to walk through the room and into a long hallway. It takes about 7 seconds for all of us (about 10 people) to get through. When I reach the end, I see another room, all white, set up like a company's front office.

I walk in and to my right I see a portion of the conference room with glass doors. I start to walk forward and I approach the receptionists desk. I am very curious as to how I got here, so I ask: "How did I get here?" to which she replies: "Your love between you and your fiance is so strong that it was true love. That is what brought you here, because you were true at heart."

I then remember my fiance. Then, I ask: "Can I see her? How is she? Does she know?" the receptionist points behind me at a phone in the wall and states: "Go ahead and give her a call."

Tears start to form in my eyes at the thought of talking to her one last time. So I go over to the phone, put it to my ear and get whisked away to another scene. In a split second, I find myself hovering over her, wearing all black with a white handkerchief in her hand balling her eyes out. She is on her knees in front of a black coffin that I know my dead body is in.

I then come back to heaven and am heart broken. I am devastated that I am even here in the first place let alone that I won't be able to see my fiance again.

I have some time to think in the office like room. While thinking, I cut to another scene in which I am talking to an angel/god (don't remember his face) and asking if there are any playing cards in heaven. I both like to perform magic with them and play cards. To which a mans voice states: "Gambling is prohibited in Heaven."

He points to a sign next to a set of stairs and "Gambling" is listed on the top of the list. I then go down the flight of stairs and enter an all white scene.

I emerge and gaze upon this deserted city street with a gray tint to it. I see a few people walking around slowly, with their heads down. I get the assumption that this is the place between Heaven and Hell (I am not religious, nor do I believe that there is or isn't a heaven and/or hell).

To my left, as the stairs lead from the Heaven stairs to the "middle" and verge to the left and continue going downwards, I see what looks like a casino lobby. Poker tables surround the entrance and there is vivid colors everywhere.

As I walk in, I see another tour guide like group in front of me. I see two people stop picking up something from the floor and run back to catch up with the group as they walk forward.

I find myself walking up to a group that some how formed in front me me and have already started to get a lecture. The tour guide looks at me and to my right and makes a statement about us being late. I did not know this person to my right, nor did I even see his/her face.

He states something along the lines of: "Your going to need these." As he turns around and throws two badges onto the floor behind us over our heads. We stare at them as they go by just out of reach. They fall onto the ground behind us and sort of split into many different cards.

We look puzzled at each other (the other persons face was very fuzzy. I was able to make out a puzzled look though) and then hear: "So your just going to stare at them?" We briefly look at each other and then start to grab the numerous cards on the floor. When picking up a few, I realize that they are gift cards. Some with $10, some with $15, some with $20, $25, and one with $50 (the furthest away from us).

I grab about 5-6 and start to reach for the $50 one, but my arm is restrained. I feel as if I can't move it any farther, like something is forcing my hand back, yet, there is nothing there. I inch closer and closer to it and almost reach it. When I am about to grab it, the tour guide slowly walks around us, bends over and picks it up in front of us and states: "You should have been faster."

Me and the other person get up and run back to join the group (kind of like a deja vu thing from what I first witnessed). I walk past the casino like room and get to a hallway. The beginning of it (a good 15 feet) is still in the casino room as we turn to the right to enter it. The wall is at stomach height and turns into a hall, very similar to that in heaven.

I walk and the set up is exactly the same as in heaven, but instead of all white, it's all col

Example: What do these 2 dreams mean?

1. I had a dream I was late for work.
2. I also had a dream that I lend my laptop computer to a total stranger that looked trustworthy and then he ends up loosing it.

What do both of these dreams mean?

Example: What does mean dreaming with 2 lions and a number?

I had a dream, I saw 2 young lions playing and hitting a box while playing. Every time they hit the box a number came out in the air. It was teh same number over and over. The lions were just playing, and I was like watchhing them from distance. What does that mean?

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