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Dream About 2 Two meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dream meaning(part 2)?

She said she doesn't and I walk back up to the front of the school and enter the front doors. For some reason my local movie theater is attached to my school so you have to walk past the ticket line to enter the school. As I'm walking past, I see my crushes boyfriend on line yelling to my crush to stop doing something ( I can't quite make out what it is, it looks like she's trying to enter a set of locked doors). I ignore both of them as I walk past ( I've always had a hard time initiating conversation)( Let me take a second to describe the relationship with my crush. I work at dominos pizza. The second week of working there, she gets hired. The second I saw her, I felt butterflies in my stomach. We didn't really have a legitimate conversation until about a month of working together. Now about a year and a half later we still talk everyday we work. I make her laugh sometimes as so does she with me.

Walking in your dream (has two different meanings, depending on how you were walking) If you are walking with ease, then it means a slow, but steady progress toward your goals. If you are having difficulties walking, it indicates that you are reluctant and hesitant in proceeding forward in some situation. You may be trying to distance yourself from certain life experiences. It's also a reflection of obstacles in your life.
To see your crush in your dream represents your infatuation with her. If you're thinking about your crush during the day, then it's not unusual for her to start appearing in your dreams.

Example: What do these two dreams mean? 2 short ones?

the first one is about my crush

i dreamnt about him he was in the cafeteria line and some guy dropped something on the floor and i kindly kicked it back to him. I looked up and my crush had a ugly rude look on his face i thought he was looking like that towords me but it was towards the guy who dropped the object. Then in the dream this girl one a prize for something it was for a dumb reason and he thought it was stupid.

my second dream was about me walking into a neighboorhood and i grabbed a bike from there and i rode through alleys and backyards and i also went into peoples house but they were not aware i even slept in their houses i was afraid that i was gonna get caught,

for the first dream does it regard me? or him what is it saying? Alsowhat could be the meaning for the second one?

Example: What Does these Two Dreams Mean?

Well I had two Supernatural Dreams.
The first One I had the Devil was in It. The Devil was a Deep Red has Scaly Skin. Two Sharp Horns And i don't remember if he had a tail This dream was a long time ago. So The Devil was Holding On To me i was in a Little Ball and The Devil held On to me like he was protecting me. Then i started to say my prays and the devil would back up with his hands in the air. Then i would stop praying and he would jump back on me then i would start saying them back and the devil would jump Off Me. This happened like Three Times i Think. Then i Woke Up

The Next Dream I had it was me and my friend outside And A Possessed Person ( a Demon ) Came Out Of No Where And Starting Chasing me and my friends We Called On Jesus And God to Help Us I Went In my House To Get A Holy Book About God And i Stuck it Out But The Holy Book And Calling On jesus and God didn't help It had no affect on the Demon. Then i woke Up.
Please Tell Me What These 2 Dreams mean if They have a meaning.

-Please Help Last Time I Posted This i Only had 1 answer please help.

Example: Meaning for two-part dream?

I'm wondering what exactly this two-fold dream might mean and if there is any connection to the two seemingly unrelated events.
In the first part, I look out the front of my house to discover it's all of a sudden been elevated so that it's on a very high, steep hill, almost a cliff. The driveway up the hill is also much longer. My first thought was how I would no longer be able to walk in the front yard or on the driveway. (Heights bother me but I also have to avoid steep slopes and hills because of my leg.) I asked one of my sons, who was sitting at the top of the hill what happened and he said something about it being because of the Interstate. (We live about a mile from a major Interstate.)
Now, the next part. It was the same house but the rooms were arranged differently. My mom passed away 6 years ago but she was with me in the dream. We were in the living room which now was at the back of the house. The dog started barking and someone was at the door. My mom said she would answer it. I thought it was going to be someone explaining what happened to the front part of the house, but my husband and other son walked in. My son had his hair cut very short and I could tell he was upset but trying not to show it. My husband looked guilty. I was already getting angry as I asked him, "What happened?" My husband answered, "I was just making sure he behaved himself." Then, my full anger came forth and I yelled, "Get Out!" and lifted my arm, pointing at the door. I have always been afraid of my husband's temper but this time my own anger at his actions took over. I woke up at that very moment and my arm was even still slightly elevated like I was pointing at the door for him to leave, lol!
I believe a little bit of background would be helpful. My husband was extremely manipulative and tried to be very controlling, always wanting to impose his views and ways of doing things on the rest of us. When my kids were growing up, I wanted them to feel like they had some personal freedom to dress and wear their hair the way they like, but my oldest son always wanted his hair cut short. That is, until the year he graduated from high school. Then, he went through a transformation and grew his hair long, changed his wardrobe, his political views, etc. He said that the old him was just what he had gotten used to, meeting other people's expectations. I had always encouraged my kids' individualism and they knew they had my unconditional love, so he was not insinuating that I was responsible in any way or that he was trying to please me. So, my son is a very handsome, intelligent, sensitive young man. He has long, shoulder-length hair which looks very good on him.
I doubt his dad could force him to do anything like cut his hair against his will but a few years ago, he might have been able to bully him into it. I'm not worried about him actually being able to do anything like that, but just trying to make sense of this dream.
Another thing, my husband and I are still legally married but are planning a legal separation or divorce. He moved out about 7 weeks ago and got mad at me 2 weeks ago so I have not heard from him since.

Example: What does this dream mean part 2?

Okay so when we end up outside my brother gets inside a car *not his* and it was very small. And he told me "I want you to walk to this street *I forgot the name of it* and ill pick you up their and I go "dude! I don't even have a jacket or shoes" so he tells me to get in. I get in but my head is tilted to the side because the car was so small and I'm 6'1. Anyways we start going down the street and we pass a corner store and there is a guy in all black with his face covered and I see him reach in for a pistol and he points it at me *while the car still moving at like 15 mph* and I tell my brother go! Go! Go! *my brother didn't see him until he looked back* so he looked back and yelled "aaaaahh!" like REAL loud and that's when I woke up scared. The first thing I did was let tear drops pour out :(. P.s the people in my class during the project of the powders were not the same ones that are in my class originally. I only member like 4 of them being my regular classmates. I knew the other people but they were not in my class. What does this dream mean? It's the second time I dream this please let me know an answer

Example: What does these two dreams mean?

Dream 1:

I was at home having a sleepover with my friends, and another group of people who go to my school. My brother was also having a sleepover with his friends. My Dad was on at a work conference and my mum was at home. My friends decide they wanted to sleep down stairs and this other group said they wanted to sleep upstairs, which was fine. I went down stairs to discover my friends eating icing; this annoyed me as it was supposed to be going on a cake my mum had made. Then my friend Charlie said to me 'Don't worry Catherine, Niall will be here soon'. This cheered me up, I guessing Niall (yes the 1D member) was a friend or something. Then all I remember is Niall Horan and Harry Styles having a camp out in my library, in the house.

Then I was at my swimming club, ready to swimming and my whole family was watching because it was a Gala, but we were all waiting for Niall to come in disguise because although to my friends, family and I he was just Niall to everyone else he was still the cute, Irish guy from One Direction. I had to leave my family as the race I was in was about to start before he got there but once I finished and was leaving with him, there wasn't enough space in my mums car he said to me 'You did it babe' and hugged me.

Dream 2:

I was at a family gather in a dress. When we left my parents were walking and my brother and I were biking home, even though it was over a hundred miles. I then managed to change into shorts and a t-shirt and was suddenly in a mountain biking race. When we had finished for the evening I was eating on a table with the people I sat with in Year 5. They were taking the mickey out of me for entering the race, even though they were in it to. Then the next part, was mid- late afternoon and I was biking in a field of sheep but then my bike collapsed in to a pile of metal. his guy who is in a band with me (I don't know his name but in the dream I was calling him by his brothers name) came to help me. We took my bike to the bottom of the field where there was a farmhouse, the farmer told us we could use his shed but then he went to shoot a dog which was disturbing his sheep. We were in the shed and the guy gave me his jacket as I was cold. We were flirting and as we were about to kiss his other brother (who also is in the band I go to) walked in and was like 'Oh finally you're here, pokers about to start'. *I woke up*

-I like One Directions music and think they are cute, but I'm not a mega fan, just a small one.
-I swim but never do galas
-My dad is never at work conferences
-My brother and I never have a sleepover at the same time
-I play the flute, The guy who gave me his jacket plays the drums and his brother also play the flute and once asked me out.
-I am friends with the people who teased me.
-I don't play poker.

Example: What would these 2 dreams mean?

I had 2 dreams last night. Seemed to me as if they had some sort of meaning.

My dad, about 10 others I know (forget whom) and I lived somewhere where in the centre of our city was a massive circular lake.
About the 11 of us and I regularly ran to places together with my dad being the leader. On this day, we had to go to a fire station? And I wanted to be the leader this time. So my dad left it up to me to take everyone in the right direction.
We started running anti-clockwise around the lake to go to this place. My dad and I were far in front of everyone else, running at steady paces. Then my dad just lost it at me because we ran in the wrong direction and he knew it all along. We had a fight. That'`s all I remember.

I had my birthday party in the front yard of my old house with lots of people. As a group, we were all close. We visited an old wall where we all had graffitied our names onto it. I remember looking at my name and wishing I went back to the moment I did that (in the dream, not real life).
Next thing I remember, it`s my birthday party next year (2014). I invited only about 5-10 people to bowling. Only 2 or 3 turned up. It was a very boring day and I thought to myself "I wish I invited more people. Wasted a whole year."
Then I realised that I couldn`t remember a single thing that`s happened since my birthday the previous year. As if I had been in a year long coma.
I went home after the party and found a journal I had wrote in in the past year. I read about 2 months into it. I found out I somehow ended up lost in a forest for all these months and every day I read, I experienced it in the dream.


Example: What do these 2 dreams mean?

I had 2 random dreams:
A few days ago, I had adream about banging a girl that was in my chemistry class last year (yes, I have a very immature and messed up mind, don't ask...)
Yesterday, in a dream I walked up to a girl i'm friends with and said I loved her.

The first one... well, I'm not surprised I had a sexual dream like that because I have those all the time, but she was my best friend's girlfriend. Weird...
The second one, was weird. I walked up to one of my lady-friends and said I loved her. I already like someone else, and I never liked her beyond friendship, which made that dream odd.

What do these 2 dreams mean?

Example: What do these two dreams mean?

There is this boy I have been friends with for 4 years now. We are extremely close and I have always seen him as someone very dear to me. We became close because there was no chance ( or at least I thought) I would ever like him as my job was working for his mother as a baby sitter for his younger sister. This year I noticed how attractive he was and how close and flirty we were and ultimately my feelings changed. We are not together nor do I intend to change that because he is going off soon for the Marines when he graduates and I have my own plans as I have already graduated. Not to mention I do not think he reciprocates my feelings. Also it looks like I am getting back with my ex and so I have dismissed this guy as a possibility. (another reason I never held it as a possibility is because he is a year younger than me and I normally go for guys older than me)
Dream One:
It has been a 2-3 years and I had been living with a serious boyfriend. We broke up right before thanksgiving and it was a mutual thing simply had run our course and that was all there was to it. I came home and with our families being close they had come over when I see the guy who has grown into a real man because of the Marines. Now we hadn't seen each other for a while so I was awestruck to see him (He is already taller and looks like he is 20). Even in the dream I could feel this pull and magnetism that felt so real. Dinner happens and we decide to go on a walk to catch up as we were friends and it just easy for us to interact like butter on warm bread. We walk about a mile or so in the night and he just looks at me and tells me he wishes he could have been brave in high school. I am totally confused by the comment because it is out of no where then he kisses me and the dream ends with my head on his chest right after the kiss.
This dream is a recurring one.
Dream two:
So this one spun off after that and I have a basic grip on what that meant. What I do not know is what an interaction with aforementioned guy means.
This is on one of the days I am watching his sister so we are chilling in his house talking (I am a relief as the sister is special needs so just me being there makes it so he does not have to worry about her). On this day I have jelly beans so I pour them onto a plate and there only red ones which are my favorite and the guy gets it and slowly goes for his mouth with it. I attempt to intercept it so he tries to tickle me, I grab his hand and wrap it around my waist. (this is pretty common for us we are always giving each other a hard time and end up wrestling or laying on each other goofing off etc) However it changes from the normal to not normal when I finally get the jelly bean and our lips accidentally brush (I still got the Jelly bean) and I blush before eating the victory bean teasing him. I go to move as our little fight is over but he does not take his hands off my waist and of course I think he is just being a brat and glare at him. after a brief exchange of why aren't you letting me move he just kisses me claiming it is repayment for the lost jelly bean. I woke up thinking it was real even with what happened after. Any dream he is in has this real life feeling to it and it is the only time I can actually feel something in a dream.
So there it is I would really appreciate some analysis on these dreams. I normally can figure out dreams no problem but these two have thrown me through a loop especially since my dreams are more symbols and choppy events as opposed to full thoughts.

Example: What does these two dreams mean?

Okay the first dream I would like to ask about is one I had a long time ago now, but still plays on my mind from time to time like it was yesterday. Basically it got to a part where I walked out of a building amongst many men. We all looked across a canal which the building stood next to. On the other side was a fence which was in a box shape. Next second a women had kinda run into this fenced area with three 'reaper' looking people with scythe's. They slaughtered her but I could not quite see this happen but all I could hear was this horrific screaming for a while and a hand reaching up above the fence for help. Me and all the other men on the other side of the canal just stood and watched.
No this was most definitely not a film.
The next dream I would like to ask about is actually a couple of dreams I have had recently where I have been in the mountains either stuck, falling or on the run from people that are either close to me or used to be close because they want to kill me. I don't quite understand why I have been dreaming about mountains so much.
Any answers of thoughts on the two dreams will be appreciated. Thanks

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