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Dream About 2 Two meanings

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Example: What does my dream mean? (two dreams)?

Dream one: Okay, there is this girl in my grade and we used to not get along at all! We are getting a long pretty good now actually & I'm actually starting to like her. Last night, I had a dream that we were walking around outside holding hands! It almost seemed like we really liked eachother. As more than friends! Super weird because we're both girls. So what does that mean?!?

Dream 2: This is my mom's dream and she wanted me to ask. She had a dream that her teeth were falling out and crumbling. She thinks that means something, so does it? Thanks guys!

1 i think you are just still suprised at the fact that you and the girl are getting along now and realizing (maybe a little hesitant to believe) that you two are actually becoming friends and you may be starting to admire her as a person. Doesn't mean you're becoming a lesbian

#2 i have dreams like that all the time but its because i had braces and im scared my teeth will not be perfect anymore after wearing braces for so long. Does your mom have dentures yet? she may be scared that she will have to start wearing them. I also read that people have dreams about their teeth falling out when they are stressed or grinding their teeth at night.

Example: What does these two dreams mean?

Dream A:
Yesterday I had a dream I gave my friend my iPod to read something on it,. Then when we were in class and the teacher randomly disappears, he comes up next to me and picks my hand up and puts something in it, I looked up and said what is this (I read mouthing). Then I opened my hand up and two kisses were in my hand, I looked puzzled. Then he said don't I get something and taped his cheek. Then I said not here and my friend said what is he doing that for? And I wanted him to go so I gave him a fast kiss. he was my friend what does this mean?

Dream B:
My other dream, I was being chased by a crazy old white artist because I found he was a killer. I told the police and they came over his house and were questioning him and he ignored them and told me "you crazy b&$#%, your getting it" and he pulled out a gun. Then I started running, and he said don't be scared, and I ran so I ran to my neighbors house that was like 2 blocks away and ran in the house and was screaming I need help and call the police and the wife laughs and asks how I am. So I ran up to her daughters room and try to break out the window but it was to late because the door bell rang and the man was dressed like my dad. What do these two dreams mean?

Example: What do these two dreams mean?

Okay so I had these two dreams last night, but I'm pretty sure they have nothing to do with each other. This is just easier than asking two questions. :) Okay so, Here's the first one, and its kinda dirty...D:

So Lately I've been really into this TV Show, and i've been watching it A LOT. So I'm not sure why but I had a dream that the two main characters were doing it D: Like all the kissing and junk before was on a bed, but right before the 'started' they were in the woods, like all of a sudden. But anyways, after they were done, they got up, and walked away hand in hand. As they did this, things faded out and changed to me, and I was reading it all from a book. It had me really confused.

Okay, so here's the second dream;
I recently moved back with my dad, after living with my mom for three years, and I switched from a very small school that could fit K-12 in half the size of the bottom floor of my new school, to a very large high school with like 1300 people, and I have this teacher and he's really cool. He's engaged to this other teacher and they're so cute together, but anyway, I had a dream that we were in the parking lot and I said something about my braces hurting (because we've had a conversation about that before) and hes like oh I can help with that, and he took my face in his hands, and it was so extremely gentle, I was in awe. Then he did something and my braces instantly felt better.

Now I know i'm defiantly not crushing on him, because that would just be creepy. (at least I don't think I am and if I were it would be totally subconscious.) But he's just super cool and nice so i'm just confused as to why I had these dreams and what they mean. Any insight would be helpful, Thanks. :)

Example: What does my 2 dreams mean?!?

Okay so I had 2 dreams one of them are always recurring! My recurring dream is always different but it usually involves earthquakes it would always be in my house but completely different. It started ever since the real earthquake in August I think it was! And it really scared the crap outta me! And the second dream was I was coming from somewhere in my house (not sure where) and Taylor lautner was on my couch shirtless (I really hate Taylor lautner!) and I go up to him kiss him on the cheek and he says "hey babe." btw he was watching tv.

Example: What do these 2 dreams mean?

Okay so i don't remember ALL the details of it, but the other night i had a dream that my crush was standing next to a fish tank or some sort of animal cage, and it fell over onto his foot...and he had to go to the hospital. I was really upset and worried. He was hurt but apparently he could walk (i don't understand that -.-) and his gf was walking away(yes i like someone who has a gf...unfortunately =/) he was walking slowly behind her.the background to that hugging scene was all white. anyawy then i ran up to him and hugged him and he hugged me tightly back. I was apparently really upset, and he rubbed my back and hugged me tight and said, "I know...I know." then i woke up. soooo yeah...

I might as well throw this in too. I had another dream where my crush and my ex bf(who was apparently my bf in my dream), and they were sitting in this room. My crush was sitting in the chair facing the door, and my ex was sitting in the chair sitting sideways to the door. well i was standing infront of my ex, looking at him, then my crush said something. i looked over at him and he wiggled is finger for me to come over. i hesitantly did. he pulled me onto him and tried to get me to kiss him in front of my ex. i hesitantly did, and my ex was watching . my crush smirked at my ex,like he felt victorious. and that's it. what do these two dreams mean?

and don't say, "It means you have a big crush on your crush" i want to know what certain parts of the dream symbolize. like for instance...the cage falling onto his foot, and him having to go to the hospital

Example: What Does These 2 Dreams Mean.?

Well I had two Supernatural Dreams.
The first One I had the Devil was in It. The Devil was a Deep Red has Scaly Skin. Two Sharp Horns And i don't remember if he had a tail This dream was a long time ago. So The Devil was Holding On To me i was in a Little Ball and The Devil held On to me like he was protecting me. Then i started to say my prays and the devil would back up with his hands in the air. Then i would stop praying and he would jump back on me then i would start saying them back and the devil would jump Off Me. This happened like Three Times i Think. Then i Woke Up

The Next Dream I had it was me and my friend outside And A Possessed Person ( a Demon ) Came Out Of No Where And Starting Chasing me and my friends We Called On Jesus And God to Help Us I Went In my House To Get A Holy Book About God And i Stuck it Out But The Holy Book And Calling On jesus and God didnt help It had no affect on the Demon. Then i woke Up.
Please Tell Me What These 2 Dreams mean if They have a meaning.

Example: What do these two dreams mean?

Last night, I had 2 separate dreams. The first one went like this...My mom started asking me tons of questions over and over and over and I got really mad, so I started screaming and we started arguing, to the point where my mom started crying. I was too angry to care, so I stormed off. At night, I was in our car. Then I saw someone pull up at our house. This figure came out of the car and started walking around. In a scared state, I squeezed my body down to the floor of the car at the back seat, where the person wouldn't see me. I saw him, though, walking behind the car. Pretty soon, I saw the scenery outside moving. Puzzled, I slightly lifted my head to see the figure, a bald white cartoony looking man with an evil smile and some gold teeth wearing a jacket and scarf, driving the car out of our driveway. I started saying "Stop, what are you doing? Who are you? Let me go!" He kept driving the car into foreign territory and then I woke up. I went back to sleep shortly after.

The second dream: Not much happened in this dream. I and this barista that I (MAY) have a crush on who works at Starbucks in the mall were sitting inside somewhere...or outside and having a little cute conversation about something. The guy also appeared to be so into it, as well, appearing very intrigued. Before anything else could happen, I woke up.

What do these dreams mean?

Example: What do these two dreams mean?

I had these two dreams one right after another last night. I woke up a couple of times before I got out of bed. This is what I remember:

Dream 1: Mom and I walked into our old church, feeling extremely unwelcome. As we were walking out, a little boy grasped my hand and asked us why we were not going to sacrament. I broke down in tears, feeling like I needed to go and return to church. The next part of the dream, I was in standing on the grounds of a church (I’m guessing it was the same one but it looked different). The grass was very green and I distinctly remember a fountain with an almost naked woman standing on top. I remember the crystal blue running water streaming from the fountain as well. When I was admiring the fountain, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and saw the guy I used to like, Jake. I was lost for words as he started to speak to me. I don’t exactly remember what he said but it was something like ‘I used to like you but I thought that I moved on. But you’ve been on my mind and I’ve come to realize that I never did. I still like you and I’m sorry that I pushed you away. Please take me back.’ I turned around feeling a mix of emotions, the surprise of seeing him and his confession, confusion from his outburst of feelings and the feeling of love that that I always used to feel when I was spending time with him. He apologized again and said that he would understand if I didn’t want anything to do with him ever again. I turned back towards him and launched myself into his arms. I remember feeling safe and at home in his embrace. I looked up into his hazel eyes and then I woke up.

Dream 2: I was at my old school. The final bell just rang and I walked out the building. I noticed my old group of friends standing around towards the front of the line of buses. I ran over to them catching them off guard. After being with them for a few minutes I turned around and noticed that the bus that we normally took was one of the smaller shortened buses. I walked on and the seats were almost all full. I walked towards the back, past my old crush Jake who completely ignored me and sat next to a quiet kid who quickly got up and sat in a different seat. I remember wearing a Navy hoodie while I pulled out my phone. I was reading a book when I heard this kid Aaron, who gave me mixed signals for multiple months, talking about me as though I wasn’t there. I remember feeling really sad and lonely before I woke up.

Example: What does these 2 dreams mean?

1)I dreamt that i was wearing a nice purple dress and my crush was wearing a suit. I was holding his hand in the dream. What does it means?

2) I dreamt that my cousin was calling me with my first name and my crush's last name. What does this means?

Thanks in advance =]

Example: What does my two dreams mean?

i hade two different dreams on different days but i dont understand what they mean

1.that i walked into my parents bathroom upstairs and it looked normal until i walked towards the shower and the room kept getting bigger and they the bathroom turned black n white.then like it looked like there was a really big earth quake. and i kept walking trying to see whats going on and i look back and i see like those boy toilet things and i saw a little bunny standing there and i blinked and it wasnt there then i kept walking and i could only hear like a dog crying and a girl crying but i try going back and i couldn't and i kept crying and i kept walking because i couldn't stop and then i woke up but i had that dream 2 weeks in a row and im always scared when i wake up what is that supposed to mean?

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