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Dream About 18 Eighteen meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it means to dream about the time you have left to live...last nite i dream that i have 18 years left?

it was just posted in a very tiny lapida in red letter you will live another 18 years...oh for the record i am not afraid of dying...

To see a headstone in your dream, represents a forgotten or buried aspect of yourself which you need to acknowledge.

Eighteen symbolizes the conflict between materialism and spirituality.
It also warns of treachery, deception, lies, and selfishness.

The color red has deep emotional and spiritual connotations

To dream of your own death, indicates a transitional phase in your life. You are becoming or feel that you need to become more enlightened or spiritual.

Or maybe, you are trying desperately to escape the demands of your daily life.

Keep dreaming!

Example: What do these dreams mean (only read if you are 18+)?

Okay, this will get very graphic, so prepare yourselves and please do not read unless you are over eighteen and not scared easily :-/

About a year ago, I had these weird dreams, which were very gruesome and very reminiscent of horror movies. The first in this series of horror dreams was that my family and I had just moved to a place in the middle of nowhere. Like literally in the middle of a desert. We only had one neighbour and he lived about five minutes away from us. One day, I decided to pay him a visit when I found what can only be described as a massacre in his house, concealed in a room. A pile of dead, rotting bodies pushed to the back of a small room. I heard him coming down the hall, so stupidly, I went into this room and sat right in front of the door, hoping he wouldn't see me through the window. I looked up at his face as he just looked at all the bodies through the window, grinning before walking away. The next day, we were eating dinner back at my house and we have a hole in the middle of the ceiling and this man was sitting on top of the roof, feeding liquefied people through the hole which went into our food. For some reason, I was the only one who noticed this, then I woke up.

I don't recall the second dream so well, but basically, there was a large room in the shape of a dome with a large entrance. It was kind of like a cave entrance; there was no door. This room was decorated with thousands of bodies which had been cut open, gutted and sewn shut before being sewn to the walls.

These dreams are unbelievably terrifying and it scares me to know I used to have dreams like this. I had a kind of 'reminder dream' about the second one last night. It was basically the second dream, just not so gruesome. Basically, what I want to know is, what do these dreams mean and what causes these dreams? I never want to have them again, so please help.

Thanks a lot :-/

Example: What does my dream mean?

normally i dismiss dreams as dreams if i even remember them when i wake up but something so weird happnd to me. i dreamt of this guy who was is an old family friend like his dad and my dad were friends and our moms. hes like 10 years older than me ive never had a crush on him nor have i seen him in yrs. in the dream we were like talking and i really liked him when i woke up this morning i woke up with like a crush on him its weird then out of mo where today i was on the phone with my mom and she randomly says "(guys mom) said we should get you guys together because hes not married yet and he needs a good girlfriend" i never even told her about the dream either. i just thought it was really weird how he randomly popped up in my dream then in a conversation. (im 18 hes 29)

Example: What does it mean when u get killed in your dream?

o so ive had a couple dreams where i die the 2 that scared me the most was where i got shot in 1 i got shot in a parking lot when i was getting in my truck by a opposite gang member and my mom was with me i got shot about 5 times and died,i tried to get up but couldnt and when i finally got up i looked down to see my mom hugging my body and crying over it so i was like the spirit leaving the body.
in the other 2 gang members called me over wearing my color blue and acted like they knew me then pulled out a pistol point blank n shot me in the stomach.
i kick it with the 13 gang im 18 and am planning to go to college i deal n dont know if i should leave the live i lead right now.what do these dreams mean?

Example: Almost 18 years old, weird dream.?

I had a really weird dream the other day. My birthday is on september 13th (soon) and it was really creepy: I was at like a school sort of function or something and there was a kid named Jason Vorhees (he didn't look like the weird killer on the movies, he looked normal) and like we were talking and stuff then for some reason I was on top of one of those tunnel slides and I heard a child whisper "Still alive, almost eightteen, almost eighteen." then I instantly woke up and I don't know why but I was crying when I woke up. Does anyone know what this means?

Example: Dream meaning what does it mean?

Hi im a girl and I had had two dreams almost the same and im scared wat do u think they mean..
1 dream: I dreamed my sister was drivin our car and an eighteen wheeler was driving next to her and the wheeler landed on its side on top of her car
2 dream: I dreamt I saw a black truck entering the road from the right as a small bus coming from the left turned at the same time and the small bus landed on its side on top of the black truck

Example: I need help with the meaning of my dream..please?

Okay, I had a really odd dream the other night. First off, my mom and I have been through some bad times lately. We had ID theft, my dad died, and she became ill. I work hard to make our lives better everyday. I've been trying to straighten out things that are out of my control too. I've also had huge dreams of being in the entertainment industry. So, last night I dreamt I got up early, (like near 6AM). I went into my mom's room, and pulled the shades open. She was under the covers and had them over her head. I was 19 in the dream, the last time I was happy. I had a lot of energy in the dream, and my mom was crying, and in a bad mood. I even remember a specific date in the dream, which is odd. It was November 18th, and it was a Friday, The weather outside was gorgeous, it was 80 degrees and complete sunshine. I even told my mom how gorgeous the weather was, and she was still down. I had a job prospect or something to make our lives better to do that morning. I felt a little down because my mom was sad, but I got in the car and started driving. All of a sudden when I was close to my destination, it started pouring down rain and thunderstorming. I looked at my clock on my phone and it read December 30. I pulled over, and started crying. I woke up really freaked out. Now, November 18 is a birthday of someone who once meant something to me. What do you think this dream meant? The dates and even weather make no sense.

Example: I had a dream where I was melting what does this mean?

I recall slowly approaching an 18th century protestant church (I am not protestant) made of wood, painted white. There is extensive activity outside amongst the townsfolk, who furnish typical 18th century colonial attire. I remember the hats particularly well, they appear to be felt hats of the clerical style, but I could very well be incorrect. I enter the structure, and I see nothing but candles, candles from wall to wall, and they are all within these massive cabinets which are stained black from all the soot of these seemingly endless fires. Every single candle was burning, I approached one of the openings for a closer observation, and somehow one of the candles is extinguished. Immediately afterwards I enter a third person view point and I observe myself melting. Somehow I continue to proceed outside of the church as I take the form of a molten candle, until I awaken, it was around four thirty in the morning. I cannot recall having experienced anything significant which could trigger such an experience.

Example: Why did Gatsby's "Dream" die?

I know that his dream was to win Daisy's love and that he failed because he couldn't win her over in the end, but I am reading this article for school and it says,
“Gatsby and Daisy consummate their love when she is eighteen, and Nick turns 30 the day that Gatsby’s dream dies.”

Is this when Gatsby realized that he can't win over Daisy's heart? Did they sleep together when Daisy was 18 on the day OF Nick's Birthday? (Nick is the narrator and cousin of Daisy)

Example: Question about wet dreams?

Okay, so they're supposed to happen when you're 12-18, apperently.

Which makes me very confused.
I'm a girl who is fourteen, my first boyfriend was twenty, and I gave him his first wet dream, when he was twenty, and he's slept with girls before me. Is that wierd? He masturbates regularly.

Also this guy I'm seeing now had a massive wet dream about me, and he's eighteen. He dreamt it was me, him, and another girl, but he asked her to leave And focused on me.

So my questions are, is it normal for guys to have wet dreams at that age?
What does it mean when a guy you've already slept with has wet dreams about you?


Also, I'm a lot younger than any of the girls these guys have been with, could that have something to do with it?

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