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Dream About 175 meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What this two dreams mean?

surveilance on girl
jack bauer has aids
wife, lover and spy woman are shocked -this is the end of the dream below is going back chronologically really images
the cameria zooms in on the shocked women and wife who dodged a bullet, phew. May not jb just a generic spy
his lovers were hottta and polter the note says
I get some enemies and grill them for information and documents on a battleship
175 dollars
mission to kill father
cause is threats to security
I'm pretty sure this person is not jack but it could be
2nd dram
walk across raolroad track to the other side station
nareowly dodging the upcoming train
trip to rockyland
trip to state seomwhere
trains a recurring theme
other details in between are forgotten

First dream start with one wanting to get more understanding or a feeling of connection with a woman. This has to do with the desire for intimacy. Next one is given a warning that almost anyone could get a sexual transmitted disease, so one must be careful to have safe sex and check out one's sexual partners to a degree which is what you were doing to a degree in the surveilance of the girl part of the dream. If one does do something that gets one in trouble as a result of not being careful in a relationship other people can be shocked by this, especially if you have other relationships going on at the same time. This may be a warning not to be to promiscuous or try to juggle a lot of relationships at once. One does have to be pretty careful in this world when one tries to do an awful lot at once. More spying is shown with the image of the woman an wife being zoomed in by a camera and a bullet just missing her. One may not see the best things when one is investigating or exploring and trying to understand what is really going on. A note about be a hot lover, may be why there is trouble. He may have more passion than he can deal with without getting int trouble. One does not want to get too much into passion in life, and forget to be vigilant about the dangers out there. You seem to feel the need to find out what people are up to, that you may feel may be potentially harmful. 175 dollars at least give you some money to survive on over the immediate time period. Mission to kill father, may have to do with a little rebellion against authority, maybe you feel somewhat of a threat to your security by an authority figure or some unknown person.
The second dream has to do with a close call with danger, maybe rocky times ahead. Trying to go places or get somewhere in life. You seem to have an awful lot of images in your dream. You will have to put together what this means about your life. Meditate/pray, exercise, and eat healthy, so that you will stay spiritually strong, and able to safely avoid the dangers of life, and move in a positive direction in your life, and relationships.

Example: My dream is to become a pilot :?

My dream is to become a pilot...Now I'm 14.5 years old and last week I was travelling on a privat airline company and I asked if I can see the cockpit and they agreed on the plane and I saw the cockpit,It was a beoing 737-700...My dream is to become a pilot and now I'm 14.5 years old and I've entered the cockpit of a 737-700 so does this mean or gives a sign that I got a great luck to be a pilot or is it a sign that I'll become a pilot one day?...Can someone please answer me?...

Example: Why do we dream, what is your theory?

Hey, im intrested in finding out why we dream,
I know it ocurs during REM (rapid eye movement) and you are almost awake while dreaming, but what i want to know is why? humans are not the only annimals that are able to dream. nearly all annimals dream too,

i have heard about the theorys that dreams are the processe of you sub-consious contacting your conscious, but there is no official accepted theory,

i would like to know your takes on this natural phenomeon, and why you think it happens.

Example: Why do we dream at night ?

Example: Can someone please interpret my dream?

I live in this senior apartment building of 175 apartments. There is this young (55) year old woman who was able to move in here because she is mentally ill. She causes so much trouble. She is very mean. The manager baby's her and allows her to shout at us. However, She has been told to stay out of our lobby because several of us are afraid of her. Now for the dream. I dreamed that I got on the elevator to go down to to the first floor to check on my mail and these three women who baby this woman in real life were talking about busting her out of jail. I pretended that I didn't hear them and checked my mail then came back up to my floor in my dream the office was on my floor. I dreamed that I went into the office to tell the manager the manager gave me 2 screws and to bolts and told me to take them to this girl . There is a very large yard leading to a church out back. I went on the sidewalk that leads over to the back of this church and this girl was in an outdoor jail cell. I had drooped one of the bolts along the way in the grass. I gave her the screws and one bolt. She beat me back here! I had helped her break out of jail. Was I fearful that the manager might allow her back into our lobby? She won't take medication. She says she knows her rights.

Example: Islamic dream interpretation?

I dreamt that these two men were tryin kill me as a sacrificial lamb for god
But I ended up killing them, because they were trying to kill me, Just wondering what this means?

Example: Dream symbols meanings?!?

So I had a dream last night and here are the symbols i picked up: 175, Prom, Holding Hands, two guys (one i like, and one who likes me but i have no interest in), and a bus. What do you guys think?

Example: Dream interpretation please?

So, I had a really vivid dream last night and have been looking up the meaning in a dream dictionary but it doesn't have all of the symbols i had in my dream. I and my most recent crush and another guy who likes me were in a bus heading somewhere. there are other people there too in the bus, but i don't remeber any of them. My crush and I are sharing a blanket at the back of the bus and eventually start holding hands. I then lay my head on his shoulder and am feeling very content. Then the guy who likes me starts talking to me from the other side of my crush he is saying that he likes me and he wants to take me to prom, and that i haven't given him a clear reply although he asked 175 times already. I feel really bad about it and I want to tell him that I'm not interested in him in that way and that I have a person I have my eye on. But then I think, what if my crush doesn't like me that much? I know he likes me, but to what extent? He hasn't really asked me out or anything...So I again, don't answer to the guy, in my dream i come to the conclusion that if things don't work out, i should have a back up or something.
So what do you guys think this means?

Example: Frequent Deja Vu ++ The Same Dreams?

I keep getting the same repeating dreams over and over.

Or i'll get dreams which are like real life, which happen two or three days later. Like what I do in lessons and things. Or if friends fall out, i'll have dreamt it before.

It's like a prediction. I mean me ++ my mum have a sort of psychic connection but normally I don't believe in this kind of thing?

I'm starting to lose sleep over it though, i'll wake up after one of these dreams have finished.

I don't understand. Help? x


IM 15 i weigh 175 (fat)...well im not fat but i have a belly..or is that called fat. anyways my thighs/legs arent as thick as id like them to be but their okay..now my butt (my sisters and my moms butt is huge i have 3 sisters their all older and they have perfect bodies) is small. and my bra size is 36c and i dont want them to get any bigger but i kno they will because they wont freakin stop getting bigger...i DONT WANT BIG BOOBS. and i have broad shoulders and like i dont have that sexy arch in my back like my sisters (im the youngest..of the girls)...but any tips on how to look better.. oh yeah and i have the ugliest feet in my family even the guys have better feet than me :'(

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