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Dream About 17 meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I had a dream where i met a 6 year old and 14 year old self. i am 17, does anyone know what this dream means?

Happened last night. They yelled at me for being stupid, even though I am far from it.

i had a somewhat similar dream once where i was trapped in my two-year self and no one would believe me that i was 15 (I'm seventeen now) i think all it really means is that you've lost sight of what used to be important to you. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. People change and life goes on.

Example: What does my dream mean? (age 17)?

a close teammate and i were in a room unpacking clothes. she was standing across one side of a bed and i was at the other side. she began to cry and i asked what was wrong. she said she felt bad for one of our teammates who wasn't capable of playing anymore. i told her it would be fine and not to worry about it. i took a glance at her and noticed some swellings on her arms. i asked if she has been cutting herself and she looked at me helpless. she said it was some type of disease and she began to desparetly beg for help. i felt confused and i didn't know what to do so i walked away...having the image of her reaching out for me. i woke up confused whether or not it was real but realized it was all a dream. i've been thinking about this dream for about a week now and can't find out what it means.

Example: Dream i had about 7 times since i was 6(now 17), What could it mean?

Ive had this dream about 7 times since i was 6(currently I'm 17)

First time i had it,i was 6 years old. In the dream is me my close family(mom,step dad,2 aunts,and fav cousins)and my best friends(about 10 of them). We are all in my apt. complex which has a huge open area maybe 2 football fields length. We all are running away from bad guys i picture them like indians, they have crossbows and bow and arrows and so we are all running away from them so they dont kill us.But they eventually kill everyone, except me I'm the only one alive, so i run as fast as i can and as far as i can until i cant go any further so i turn around and in front of me, like 5 yards away is the indian wit his crossbow and so he shots and i picture the bow coming strait to my forehead then i wake up screaming rite before it hits me.i was 6 years old at the time

Every time i have the same dream at the same place(even though i dont live there anymore), the only thing that changes is that we get older and old friends i dont know any more get replaced with new friend. I dont wake up screaming but i still wake up rite before the bow hits me

last time i had this dream was maybe 4 months ago. This is the only nightmare i remember having and ive had it about 7 times now.

Example: The Dream-What does my dream mean and does it have an affect on me?4-17-08?

I have had crazy dreams, I have had wonderful and not so wonderful, ok I had a dream that I was on Supermarket sweep racing through the market with my shopping cart loading it with all kinds of things and I won the sweep, sometime ago I had a dream where there were endless Christmas carols being sung, endless gifts being wrapped endless Christmas trees being made and decorated, I mean this dream was wonderful, there were endless Christmas shoppers and Christmas was endless and Christ blessed everyone, anyway what did these dreams mean?

Example: What does this dream mean? 17 year old male?

I keep having a dream where im at a store and then some guy wont stop followed me. And normally I don't use public bathroom but in the dream I do. Then while im using the bathroom the guy sneaks in and begins touching me. But I just freeze and dont know what to do. But then he sticks his penis in my butt and grabs my penis while doing so. Im really scared what can this mean? Please help imm kinda creeping me out

Example: What does it mean if you dream about your 7 year old son turning 17?

my son was grown in my dream and was driving and then we travelled together. what does this mean?

Example: What does my repetitive dream mean! I've had it since I was about 7 I'm now 17. And it always scares me. :( please help?

I've had this dream a few times, watch time it changes slightly but I'm always in the same house, but my family are always different, but basically in this dream my little brother (he's not like my real brother) runs away and we don't know where he's gone then this big wind comes and blows away my little sister... We just about catch her but from then on she has to live in the house. And we lock all the windows but the wind still smashes them and my and my dad (a man who is like my real dad but not) have to hold my little sister, normally I have to beg dad to come and help and he takes ages to come. And my mum in the dream just sorts says let he go. The wind keeps coming over and over till I wake up... Sometimes at the end a man comes and says that he's causing the wind and he won't stop it... The spooky thing is about this dream is I don't have a little sister, I have an older one but the little girl in the dream looks like me... And I've had this dream loads of times they started when I was little. What do you think this means?

Example: I'm having a dream of a young boy (around 15-17), what could it mean?

It's a recurring dream and each time the boy looks different, it isn't a boy I know, but I can describe him quite well at this point. He's tall, maybe 5'7 (I'm 5'3 so I knew he was a bit taller), always has brown wavy hair but wears different things. Sometimes he's dressed in a suit, other times Gothic, other times mid 1800 fashion, but each dream he's wearing something different. I think I remember dark eyes and he's always smiling. He mostly lingers around my bed (because in the dream I'm always sleeping but observing from a birds eye view) but sometimes he's on the opposite side of the room looking out my window.

I am spiritual (I'm a Buddhist) so I do believe in ghost/spirits. However, I'm unsure whether he's a spirit/demon what have you or he's just my subconsciousness trying to tell me something. Is there anyway that I can figure this out? Help? What could it mean?

Example: What does it mean if i still have wet dreams at 17?

am i still going thru puberty because i just started like last year?
If so does that mean my penis still might be growing?

Example: I had a dream I gave birth to 17 baby snakes, what does it mean?

So I was pregnant, went to the hospital and was supposedly pregnant with twins, a boy and a girl. Then I gave birth to 17 baby snakes, they looked like pythons. At first I had the urge to care for them, but then I rejected them thinking the whole situation totally bizzare! What does this mean?

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