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Dream About 17 Seventeen meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Help me find the meaning of this dream?

ok so i had this dream seven years ago when i was eight.
There was a girl who seemed to be in her late teenage years. It was night time and she was driving a 5 person car with no body but herself in it. she had her eyes completely focused on the road ahead of her. i saw this dream as if i was sitting shotgun but in reality, there was no one watching the girl.
So this girl is all by herself, no other cars are out. Suddenly the car hits something with mass. The girls body swings forward towards the dashboard (no airbags and i could actually feel the impact even though i'm this invisible eight year old at shotgun)as the dream fades into a bright white light and than black.
In the phase of black I hear a loud clear voice as well as see words being written in block letters "You will die when you're seventeen"
then i woke up
after the dream i realized that the girl driving the car was me which is really weird because everyday i look more and more like that girl
i'm getting scared now, if the image of the girl was accurate...will the accident be too?

now i know i did not make any part of it up (like how the girl looked like) because since i had this dream, i've been haunted by it. i mean its been seven years and i still remember it better than any other dream i've ever had.

what does this dream mean? is time running out for me?

wow i dont know what to tell you but here are a couple theories... maybe what the dream was trying to tell you was that you need to live your life the best it can be because one day it might be over, and maybe just maybe you will have an incident in your life when your 17 that you cant get out of and the dream is simply trying to tell you to overcome it, maybe it is teaching you how to let go of your fears, did u have any problems at that moment? maybe you dont remember but if u do pls add to the question maybe i can help u im great at this stuff since i have had many experiences with dreams as well.

Example: For those that say Dreams mean nothing?

How are dreams responnsible for three nobel prizes?

Example: What could this dream mean?

Last night I had a dream that I was in a hospital trying to get to the 17th floor in an elevator but i could only get to the 14th floor so i used the stairs. In my dream i seen severel nurses and a new born baby crying. while I was walking past a room there was a nurse taking the crying baby into A room. I asked a nurse how do i get to the 17th floor and she said "sweetie theres only 14 floors in this hospital. Usually i dream about everything that has happened that day all mixed together and i barely remember my dreams but this one i can remember everything. what could this dream mean?

Example: What do you think this dream meant?

I am a seventeen year old girl who has never been kissed. Not because I didn't have the chance, but because I was nervous about being bad at kissing.

I had a dream last night that I was sitting on the couch next to this boy, who was around thirteen or fourteen, and I had this uncontrollable urge to start kissing him, so I did. o_o

In real life, I would hope that he would be too young for me, but in the dream, I didn't care. What's going on?

Example: I had a dream where i met a 6 year old and 14 year old self. i am 17, does anyone know what this dream means?

Happened last night. They yelled at me for being stupid, even though I am far from it.

Example: Pregnancy dream meaning?

Now I know having a pregnancy dream is like the start of something new but does anyone know the meaning of having more than one baby in a dream? In the dream I believe I had 17 all at once lol sounds scary

No trolling please

Example: What does this dream mean?

So it started off with me and some of my friends on a bus. I was sitting next to the girl I like in real life. Somehow I found out that I had to "pretend" to be in love with her. ( it was almost like she was a princess and she needed to find a mate to please someone) next thing I knew we were both on a ship. The ship was like a mix between a warship and a cruise ship. The two of us were just walkin next to eachother and I reached down to hold her hand, but she didn't really want to hold mine because ' she didn't need to' because the guy we had to impress wasn't around. A big part for me was at the beginning I was told that me and the girl were suppose to kiss, which I was looking forward to doing but by the end I never got to do it. I am 17. What does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had this wicked dream! In my dream it was on halloween! this kid was after me to kill me and i was running thoughout the town trying to avoid him! I went to my duplex that i havnt been to in a while but all my stuff was moved out and a lady was vacumming! i was confused so i went into the closet! i cant remember the rest but after all that i was in a field with tall grass and nothing really was in sight except a tall telephone pole with a light at the top and it was dark and windy and stormy! there was alot of people (about 10-15ppl) *around my age*(17yrs) making a circle and this huge black bird kept swooping down and almost hitting my face but i dodged it evrytime! the people around me were telling me to watch out! please tell me what this dream means! REAL ANSWERS!

Example: I had a dream, pregnant and 17?

Two nights ago, I had a dream that I was pregnant, 4 months, and seventeen years old, right now I am 15. In the dream I had, the baby's father was there. I did not know him in real life, he was very attractive though. Its weird how in dreams we make up faces we haven't seen. But anyway, he was there in my dream, and we were going to have sex in the shower. But i turned him down. It was really weird. And I am worried my dreams usually come true. Can anyone tell me what this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

so i had a dream and this guy called me on my phone and he kept saying the number 17 over and over so i hung up and then the door rang and it was him yelling at me "seventeen seventeen" over and over

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