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Dream About 16 Sixteen meanings

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Example: Can someone explain what this dream means?

A very awkward dream, in my dream I get a boyfriend and he is very romantic by nature ( I have always been single, I’m 16) and we two love each other a lot, but then he starts asking me to wear certain kind of dresses, as in denims instead of dresses, then he asks me to get my hair straightened (I love my hair I’ll never get them straightened) and then he keeps demanding stuff and I try to avoid a fight by saying “Nah I love myself, you will have to accept me as I am”

And later on he demands for sex and I, instead of getting angry, ask him to go to some pub and find prostitute or someone for one night stand I will not hold any grudges against him, I tell him in a very calm way that his relationships with other girls will never come between us and free to do stuff.

I don’t get point of this, I mean no girl does that!
What does this weird dream mean?

well im not a dream expert but you said your single so maybe its about just finding a guy for the sake of it but your dream or subconscious or whatever is telling you to choose wisely rather then go headfirst for a guy that makes you change who you are? Like don't go choosing some stupid moron for the sake of it and let him act however just for the sake of saying youve had a boyfriend.

Im not saying you really want a boyfriend and that why your having this dream but maybe it is just a little thing in your subconscious saying your sixteen and have no boyfriend hence the dream. Nothing to worry about could only be a little thing.
Hope i helped, just seems like that's what it means :)

Example: Wedding dress dream meaning?

i only sixteen and i had this dream that i was wearing a wedding dress, and my mom looked so happy she said that it was beautiful but i didn't like it. i don't even know who the guy i was getting married to was.the dream goes from me and my mom in a room to me walking to school in that same dress. while i was walking i saw my friends and they said that my wedding dress looked good; but for some reason instead of walking with them i found myself in a wheel chair when i got up and told one of my friends she could use it while i go and chance my dress because it was ugly. what the hell does this dream mean please help...

Example: I had a dream I was pregnant..I'M ONLY SIXTEEN HELP what does this mean?

So this is weird:
Last night, i had a strange dream that i was pregnant. It didn't show or anything but i knew it and i think some others around me knew it too. Also the guy that got me pregnant was my boyfriend (i don't actually have one though haha). I think in the dream i didn't really want to..erm have sex with him, but then it just kinda happened between us. Another thing is i didn't mind being pregnant or having the baby. So i don't know why, but i stayed away from him for like a good majority of the dream, but he was trying to get to me.
Now more weird stuff:
The scene changed to I was walking around in one of those wax museums and there were like people around me that I didn't know. (like the one where celebs are made of wax) I've always wanted to go to one by the way. And in there was this machine that told you how cool you were. Two people before me got like 200 something, and i got like 700 something lol I don't know if that has anything to do with it.
Then when i was walking from the museum, it automatically turned into the mall that's near where i live, and i met up with one of my guy friends at Sbarro's. (He's gay...so there wasn't anything "funny" going on lol) plus, that part only last for like a minutes or two and then my alarm woke me up. I tried going back to sleep because the dream WAS interesting, but I couldn't.
Weird right? I'm only sixteen, and yeah, every sixteen year old girl or boy thinks about sex and stuff i mean come on sex ed pretty much jams it in your head, but:
A) I don't have a boyfriend to even have sex with
B) I don't want to have sex until I'm married

So what does my dream mean? Like especially the part that I knew i was pregnant...? Like, i really want to know if this means anything..

Example: What does this dream i had last night mean?

I had a dream last night that i gave birth to a baby girl. For some strange reason my family was all very supportive and excited. (I'm sixteen though, so clearly this was a dream) The baby was the most beautiful thing i have ever seen too. I nurtured her and took care of her and everyone was excited. There was no father though (and i have a bf) and that seemed to not come up at all. The labor was painless as well. There was also a point where i was away from my baby girl and was very worried because i wanted to feed her and make sure she wasn't hungry. What does this all mean? I thought it was so strange.

Example: What could this dream mean?

.i had a dream that a young woman was dying then after she died my zio died then a few days later i found out a 16 year old girl was murdered nearby where i lived then about a week after that i found out my zio died of unknown cause what did this dream try to tell me was it a warning

Example: I had a dream that I had a baby, I'm 16. What does this mean?

* Sorry this came out to be a little longer than planned, but please read through.
If it helps to decide what this could mean I am a sixteen year old girl. I have never had sex. I am pretty well mannered and make it a point not to be promiscuous. I don't currently spend a lot of time with babies. I am going to see my baby nephew on a trip to see my family very soon. I take birth control and MUST get the prescription refilled as soon as possible. I did not watch anything on TV about babies. I ate before I went to sleep. That being said, here goes...

I remember being in front of some small store in a plaza, then immediately afterwards on the sofa in my family room. (Which is where I sleep usually and where I was at the time.) I was thinking to myself I couldn't have had a baby, it's not true. My mom was there when I woke up, so I asked if the whole thing had actually happened. She told me yes and began giving me advice, but all I could think about was how ruined my future was. I asked how it happened. She told me my neighbor came to pick me up and I had the baby in the car, but I didn't any of remember this. My dad came into the room with a bag of newborn items, and I just dropped to the floor and started bawling my eyes out. I told her this is impossible since I was still a virgin, but she just kind of laughed and told me it was okay and next time just to ask for protection. All I could do was cry, then the dream sort of drifted into something else.

The feelings of confusion, fear, hate, and disbelief were the only things I felt throughout the dream. No happiness whatsoever. I had no idea who the father was or how I had conceived. I didn't even see the baby or get to know the baby's gender.

Can you come up with any ideas as to what this could possibly mean? I'm open to all interpretations. Thanks in advance!

Example: I had a dream that I turned sixteen?

Last night, I had a dream about my sixteenth birthday. I was on my back porch with my family celebrating it, and I kept thinking over and over that I was sixteen years old. In real life, my sixteenth birthday isn't for another seven months. I remember having a dream last June about turning fifteen when I was only fourteen. It was strange. I tried looking in a dream dictionary, but it doesn't say anything about it. What does this dream mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream recently that really stood out and I know you are supposed to pay attention to those kind of dreams... Anyway, here's the gist of it: I somehow came to adopt three Polish children - each a boy no older than nine - after their families were killed in WWII. One was about two or three. He was a sad looking toddler with huge blue eyes and blonde, curly hair. The second was maybe a year older than the previous and had brown eyes and coffee colored hair. The third was about five. He looked like the first, but had hazel eyes and his hair was a bit less curly. Later, in the dream, I was at some sort of dance, performing music on a stand-up bass. (I do play bass guitar.) People at this event heard that I had three children and began to talk... (In the dream I was only about twenty.) After my performance, I smoke a cigarette with some random girl I meet. (I don't smoke.) Then, I learn how each of the boys families were destroyed by switching to their point of view. That was it.

Example: I had a dream of my mother, what does it mean?

I had a dream this morning where I was walking down a dimly lit street at night and I saw my mother in her car driving down the road and then she stopped and I cant recall what happened but I was in her embrace and I was eating warm bread and I just felt so safe and secure and warm in her embrace. I woke up and I recalled my dream and I've been crying for the last hour and a half. My mother came in my room and asked me what was wrong and I just gave her the biggest hug ever. Am I really connected to my mom? I guess I am.

Example: The meaning of this dream?

I don't really care, nor does the answer matter. I'm just wondering what people will say haha. Okay, here it is:
I was about 5 years old again, running around my neighborhood with a younger version of this guy I know. I met the guy last year, and we are both 16 years old. I don't talk to him much, just whenever I see him, which isn't common. Some other kids were picking on us or something, and somehow they took our clothes, so the guy and I were laughing, running around naked, and sneaking around to find the kids that took our clothes.

I think I just had too much caffeine before bed, but who knows? haha

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