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Dream About 15 meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean? (btw I'm 15)?

I had a baby! I mean I've always loved children, but in the dream I finished at school (maybe it was a uni), went to my Mum's house to pick her up, I drove a car! -to my apartment, opened hte door. I was living with my best friends who is currently at uni, and she adored the baby too. And I just sat there cuddling her, telling her how much I loved her, then I put her in her cot, and played her lullabys on my piano untill she slept. But I play lullabys every night, so that isnt unusual. The wierdest part is, I completely and utterly enjoyed looking after the baby. I also dreamed about the waking up in the middle of the night and feeding her, so don't say your only thinking about the good side :p - - - i think i need help. Thanks :)

To dream that you had a baby this means you are about to give birth to something new in your life, something that needs lots of care and attention in-order to reach its full potential.

School means it's time to learn a lesson or educate yourself on certain matters. You may be feeling tested or that you need to pass a particular situation with flying colors. Do you have a fear of failure?

Mum/Mother is part of the self that knows what;s best. Pay attention to the advice Mum gives in your dream. Your own maternal instincts.

Car shows how your are traveling through life or through a particular situation. It's always good to be in the driver seat of your car, it means you are in control.

Apartment is You, your state of mind, the dwelling place of your soul. The state of the place reflects your state of mind.

Friend(s) can sometimes be playing themselves or can symbolize a particular quality the two of you share. Can also symbolize a part of yourself that you like.

Song/Singing...Pay attention to the title and to the lyrics your were playing or singing. Do they say anything about your current situation? Singing indicates happiness, harmony.

Hope that helps, and good dreams to you :)

Example: Dream meaning, pregnant? im 15?

i had a dream i was swiming with dolphins...then i was somewhere else and knew i got pregnant, and told my mom...it was really weird?
what does this mean?
btw im not sexualy active

Example: Im 15 and i dreamed i had a baby girl at this age what does this mean!?

im 15 and i dreamed i had a baby girl i had no baby bump and she was huge! my current boyfriend was in the dream and i guess he was the dad. some guy i go to school with that i rarely talk to was in the dream. is there a meaning?

Example: Dream meaning, weird im 15?

ok well i was at a hotel with my mom, we got on the elevator and wanted to go to floor two, but it missed it and went to the last floor which was nine. more people came in this time, and then we finally came to two, the other people asked me two press two before bc they were going there too...
what does this mean, and what do the numbers mean?

Example: What does my crazy dream mean? I'm 15 years old.?

It's a little disturbing, I just don't get it. I'm laying in my room, and, for some reason, my door is off the hinges. I'm laying relatively close to the door, with a guy on top of me...um and we were still wearing clothes...um and he's kissing me when my mom's new husband walks up to us, I panic. This guy umm...starts kissing down my neck as my mom's husband puts the door back on it's hinges and I thank him. Then I woke up. CRAZY! I can't figure it out at all.

Example: I keep dreaming I smell fire. When I wake myself up, I still smell it for about 15 secs. What does that mean?

I don't see anything in my dream. I'm asleep & realize that I smell fire so I wake myself up, but continue to smell the smoke. I've even gone as far as gotten out of my bed to go downstairs to check the kitchen because the smell doesn't go away as soon as I wake up. I've had this "dream" 3 times this week but I've been having it off and on for several years.

Example: Im 15, what does my dream mean?

ok this is kind of awkward...so please be nice..
im a 15 year old girl and had a very unpleasant dream last night..
it was about me paying a prostitute for sex...
and she gave me like 5 options..
i forgott what all of them were but one had 2 deadish skeletons...one i think she gave me the option to have "it" with her on sharred glass from a broken window (meanig she will die-my perception while dreaming) and others..then there was another option with just a bed...and then i picked that...and then she went into my moms room with a blanket on her head and told me to get her when she was ready...then i went into my friends room and the window was open and it was breezy...i kept on stalling to get her. i dont know why...then i finally did and then we made out on a bed, then i woke up...

can anyone tell me what that means...im so confused..and kind of terrified of this dream..some one help?

Example: What does my dream mean, help, im 15?

i was in space and i dont know if i was on a shuttle, but it felt very open and then i saw earth and it looked beautiful. what does this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean its about babys and im 15?

okay so i had a dream last night this being the second dream that i got pregnant by my x and had a baby girl and my parents took me shopping and they were not happy about me being a teen parent but why am i having this re-occuring dream about babys

Example: What does mean number 15 in my dream?

I had a dream about number 15.
First i had to pay £1.25 for car park, i gave £1.50 and i didn't get change back, so I went with 15p (should be 25p) to get my 50p back, and when i gave the money she gave me 2zl asking is that ok?, i went happy she made mistake and i have more than before. Any suggestions?

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