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Dream About 15 Fifteen meanings

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Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a very vivid dream last night that I had a baby. It was a girl, she was so cute, she was 15.6" long and weighed 9lbs4oz. I can tell you just about everything about the birth, and after. It was a very happy occasion, my husband and 3 other children were there, along w/ my MIL and some family friends. SO what does this mean? Its was just SO real and vivid.

I don't know much about your life but I can tell you what some of the symbols in your dream mean.

Daughter: Child of God; ministry that is your child in the Spirit; (God has a destiny for each one of us.)

Fifteen: Deliverance; grace; freedom; rest

Nine: Fruit of the Spirit; gifts of the Spirit; finality; harvest; fullness of development.

Because your dream was so vivid and you have so many details; I believe that God has given you this dream. He speaks to us through our dreams and gives you symbols that need to be interpreted. The baby represents a new beginning in your life and because it is a girl it represents a new beginning in a ministry that God has pre-destined you for. Because it was 15" long this means that this ministry will bring deliverance, freedom, (deliverance/freedom to you or others) grace, rest. It weighed 9 lbs this can represent finality, harvest or fullness of development (it's coming soon). Your husband being with you; means that he is also called of God and will be in this ministry with you. The 3 other children mean that between the two of you; you have 4 gifts from God that are going to be used in this ministry. Your mother-in-law represents the church.

I do not know whether you're a believer or not; I'm not trying to push God on you. You may think I'm nuts but God does speak through dreams and visions. He speaks to me all the time thru dreams. I suggest you write this one down. I write all of my dreams down in a journal and wait for God to bring it to pass. And He does!

Example: Venereal Disease dream...What does it mean?

I felt like myself during the whole dream, but I never saw myself, so I don’t know if I looked the same way I do in real life.
I was on a poorly designed website—it was for sure run by an amateur. It advertised itself as having the largest collection of pregnancy photos and movie clips on the internet. I used the Ctrl + F keys to search for Taylor Lautner (in my dream, Taylor was a girl). Like a lot of the girls in the stills, she was acting as a pregnant female in a sci-fi movie. Her makeup was grotesque but very convincing. I scrolled down to look at the other screen shots. Some of the females looked alien-like. Some had distorted physical features but still looked human. Others just had really intense stage makeup. The whole dream was very gruesome. There were no bright colors; there were a lot of shades of brown in my dream. There was mud in a lot of the photos.
I watched one video clip of a pregnant teenager on the subway. She was all alone in the subway car. I was there with her, but she was still the only one in the subway (?). She had been beaten up pretty badly. It seemed pretty clear to me that she was homeless, but I didn’t have any way to corroborate that because I couldn’t let her know I was there with her.
All the girls in the photos and video clips were desperate and none of them wanted to be pregnant, except for the last girl I saw. She didn’t actually know she was pregnant. She was 15 months pregnant and she didn’t even know it. Her photo was scanned from a magazine, it wasn’t a still from a movie like the other photos had been. It’s this photo that is most difficult to write about because of the intense emotion it evokes. There were three people sitting at a dining room table. No light source could be seen in the photo and the room was very dim. The mom was facing toward the table. Even though I could see her profile and make out her distinct features, it was impossible for me to see what she looked like. There were two young girls in the photo. This is where it gets confusing, because the pregnant girl was a child and, at the same time, a grown woman. They were sitting sideways to the table. The pregnant girl was sitting in the antique highchair that we have, in real life, in our dining room. Everything about the picture was grotesque and unsettling. I don’t know of any other words to use to describe it. The pregnant sister’s face was upturned at an odd angle, her chin and mouth disturbingly wide and her forehead small and pointy like her chin should have been. She had no neck. Saying that she had a “physical deformity” would have been a gross understatement. The only hair she had was braided into a very thin braid that jutted out from her head at an uncomfortable, somewhat unsettling, angle. It was as if her hair had been braided around a thin, pliable piece of wire. The healthy sister looked at the camera with a blank, empty stare. Attached to the ceiling, descending to the tabletop, and taking up almost the entire area of the table was a disturbing apparatus from the 1940s, painted a chalky mint green, that fed the pregnant girl. It didn’t look like a bottle, but that’s essentially what it was. She sucked the contraption like a bottle, at least. The caption of the scanned photo from the magazine read, “This pregnant woman’s venereal disease is killing her little sister.” (*I didn’t even know what a venereal disease was until I looked it up the day after I had this dream* (I knew what an STD was, of course; just not the term VD)). The caption described her as a woman, but she was actually prepubescent. She didn’t know that she had an STD, or even that she was fifteen months pregnant, because the disease had melted her brain in its entirety, like salt on a snail. There was nothing filling the space inside her head. That’s why she needed the special apparatus to feed her. She wouldn’t eat, otherwise. She looked at me through the computer screen with pleading eyes and, all of a sudden, I was there with her, grief-stricken, and experiencing an overwhelming sense of responsibility for her condition.

Sooo...what do y'all think? ;P Crazy huh?

Example: This dream is werid... i dont know if it means anything but it all happened in like glisps. Interpret?

OKay... the first part of my dream is scetchy... i was hanging out with the guy i really like but he was acting werid like hiding behind bushes and ****.
but this part happened right before i woke up. I saw into a photo booth and these two guy where doing thw whole **** i dont wanna do this... then it changed all of a sudden and there like lets do something stuipd. lets act gay! and they started making out in there. sseond glimps, i see the two guys dropping into bed and then i hear "ow dude! haha." you probably figure... then the guy trys again but the other guy jumps out of bed and face plants into the the lamp on the desk and hear the lightbaul shatter, then his head cracks on the side of the bedstand going down and then i see his face covered in blood and no life in his body. HIs other friend still laughing get up and gets a little brown bottle and says " 3 drops for me, 15.3 for him." thats when i wake up. Im pretty sure this is just a random dream... but usually i dont as vivid ones as these anymore.

Example: Reoccuring pregnant dream, 15?

okay, i'm fifteen and I keep having dreams that I am pregnant, and so are others like my mom and best friend. when it is about me, it always only a month or too, and there is never talk about a father. what does this mean? (btw, in no way, shape, or form am i pregnant.)

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I was in my living room holding a baby. I was just giving it all my attention. I rubbed him. I made jokes for. I'm only 15 and now I want a baby. What does this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I really need to know what its means. I lived in an old house from when i was younger. and i hear music outside and there is adam lambert singing for me for my birthday. I wanted to go outside but alot of the ground was really really muddy and flooded kind of like a swamp. And then i hear loud mexican music ruining it for me so i go to the front of the hoise and see a mariachi band i tell them to leave but then see my whole family outside. I ask what is happening and they say they are here for my 15th (hispanic version of sweet 16) i told them i already had mine. And that im 20. So i go find my mom and she says it was a gift from edwin. (ex step father who raped me a couple of months before my fifteen) i look at her in shock and see he is behind her. They are back together and i dont understand why. My little sister is hugging him happy he is there. And he turns to me and says your mom told me what you think i did. But its all in your head. I didnt do it. You just imagined it. And if i did it is because you wanted it. That pisses me off but my mom cant see whats going on. I go to the restroom and see he is trying to peek in. I slam the door on his face. He gets mad but i ignore him and my mom was asking why i dont want to see her happy? Then he says he baught me from my mom and that i am to be his wife now. So that night one of the guys that was suppossed to work my 15 ends up spending the night and somehow or another he tells my sister and me to go to los angeles with him. I see my old friends from when i lived there and see my sister talking to a stranger. I start talkimg to her and realize she looks familiar. I told her i drew her and take out the picture she freaks out cause the pic has the hair cut she wanted. So it ends up being i could like draw something that was happening or gonna happen in the future. And so i go to be alone and try again when some mob boss comes up. He told me to draw a horse so i drew a sick one with the number 10 on it. And i said it was gonna die while running. So he asked me which one will win. I didnt know so i closed my eyes. And was gonna say i dont see anything but instead said no one. Then the next day the mob boss comes back to me a gives me 100$. also i wasnt really in los angeles. i was in irving texas but the people around me were ones i knew in la. and for some reason we kept saying it was la like we were in california but the scenery was clearly not las angeles. so what does my dream mean?

Example: Weirdest dream ever. What does it mean?

I had the weirdest dream last night. I had a dream that I lost a soccer grand final and someone told me to appeal for a draw because I was pregnant. I am fifteen, and in the dream I was fifteen as well. Since I wasnt pregnant, I went around trying to get pregnant. In the dream, I tried to get pregnant from these two guys at my church. I know them, but they're both a year younger than me and I dont have any sexual feelings for them or like them as any more than mates, but I do know they have both had a crush on me in the past. With the first guy I got caught by my parents, and with the second guy, his parents walked in on me lying naked on his bed. In the dream I remember I was also really desperate for sex. I felt so stupid when I woke up :\

If it means anything, i'm a 15 year old virgin. Basically, I went around having unprotected sex and trying to get pregnant so that I can say I want to have the match drawn cause I was pregnant.
I know, it's a weird and extremely stupid dream

I'm just wondering.. does this dream have any meaning? What does this dream mean?
Thanks so much. 10 points best answer.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Im 15 and sexually active and last night i had a dream that i told everyone in my family that i was pregnant and they were happy that they throw a party for me ... i was showing in the dream

Example: Dream of 15 children?

so last night i had a dream that i was in a big boat with my best friend. but we where older in the dream. like we where in our middle 20's. but we both had a husband and kids. but i kept having kids. and in the dream i think i was pregnant with my last child. but we where all saying how many children i was going to have. and my best friend only had 3 or 4. so i looked at the water. and every single time some sort of sign would pop out of the water it would be every kid i have. so it kept going and someone was counting. i think it was my friend. and the 2 last ones which where 13 and 14 and the 13th sign was a strait line and the 14th line was a circle. then the view went to me and it showed what i looked like. and my hair was a little different as in it was longer than it is now. and i was wearing this hot pink shirt. and it was a flowy shirt. and i saw my baby bump. and i was rubbing my belly? and that was the 15th child. and in the dream for some reason i just wanted to go home? because i didnt want to be on the boat. can someone please help me on what this dream means? thank you.

Example: What does my dream mean?

So last night I had a dream I had baby girl but I passed out after giving birth and my family let my 11 year old brother name her Ann Marie Courtney Hayley Effort (our last name isn't even effort). I remember being so intensely angry that I wanted to throttle my little brother but we were a able to change her name to Harmony (I love that name). In the dream I was fifteen but in real life I'm fourteen so my mom tried to take my baby and raise as her own but I wouldn't let her. I wouldn't let anyone come near or touch my baby not Ben the doctors. I was hysterical about it. Not once did I ever see or hear about the baby's father but I do think I know who it was supposed to be. I have a male friend who was joking with me the other day about him having my kids so I would give him money, but the baby didn't really look like anyone I knew, not even myself. But obviously it was my baby.

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