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Dream Examples

Example: Have we really achieved racial equality?

In America, whites have 26 times the wealth of African-Americans. So says census data.

Not 26% more. Not twice as much. Twenty six times as much. Specifically, the median household wealth (net worth) for white, non-hispanic housholds in 2009 was $149,900, and the median household wealth for African-Americans was $5,677.

These numbers confirm just how hard the Great Recession has whacked minority households.

But there is a deeper issue. Can someone please explain to me how, in a country where we are told again and again that we are “all created equal,” after 150 years, one group ends up with 26 times more capital resources than the other?

MLK’s dream was that his four young children would “one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” What are we supposed to think – that one group has twenty six times as much character as another?

Have we really achieved racial equality?

When answering, please identify the state where you were born.

I don't think MLK asked for equality but equal opportunity. That means an equal education to achieve goals,the opportunity to do a job there are qualified to do and live anywhere they can afford.
Maybe our biggest fault is that we don't expose the kids to the various opportunities that exist in the working world. Inner city kids only see people with limited skills around them. They don't know there is a larger world beyond the horizon. And they certainly don't think it there is a possibility that they can reach it. They need to learn how to dream.

Example: What does this dream mean i was dreaming about spongebob?

where goes back in time and fights the evil guy or something then it switched over to a hover board race where i had the green vision and then it kept going to blue vision then back then it stayed on the blue vision or map then the race started i was in front then i fell in to this office type deal where i had to keep going down and down and down anyway i got sick then i was transported to this space station inside a black hole then there where these people there then it switched over to this dark forest where i was racing this thing to the ship then i woke up does ANYONE KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS AND PLS DO NOT SAY U WATCH WAY TO MUCH SPONGE BOB WHICH I DO NOT

Example: Strangest dream ever?

I've always been weird when it comes to dreams, up until I was 9 the only thing I ever dreamt were those ink blobs that therapists use. Then until recently I was never able to remember a dream much longer than 5 minutes after waking up. But I dream I had a few days ago has been really sticking in my mind. Okay so I'll explain it as best I can.

I was walking down my street, for reasons I don't know. But my street was different, my street is on a small slope, in my dream it was a very steep hill, also the house numbers had all changed they were in this order, 199, 149, 119, and then I come up to this one house that instead of having a number sign tacked on the side of the house like the others, it had I HUGE like 20ft statue of the number 99 cutting off the side walk. And I stopped and stared at it for a while before all of a sudden the statue looked like it had a bite taken out of it, after that I woke up and it felt like someone was biting really hard on my left shoulder and it was like that for nearly an hour... was my imagination just being crazy on me, or does this dream mean something?

PS: Before anyone says anything rude, I very strongly believe that dreams often have secret messages that some sort of higher power is trying to convey(What, or whom I'm not sure)

Example: Had a terrible nightmare?

So i woke up this morning from this horrific dream i had...My Fiance was Getting MURDERED. This guy was trying to kill him and i ran off then i was trying to call the cops and it took me like a 149835 times to dial the number. When i got back to the spot with the cops he was laying there with blood all over him but the cops said he was gonna be ok...What could this dream possibly mean? I NEVER want to dream of this again it was terrifying.

Example: Questions about Spirit guides and spirits?

Okay, so to get a long story short.
I have been having odd things occur with a friend of mine who lives in a different state
Me and her tend to have the same dreams and the same things tend to happen to us at one point of the day and so forth.We came to a conclusion that maybe we are soul sister's in a way because since we first meet it has been like we knew each other for a life time.
We have used the pendulum before ..several times and we both have two spirit guides I believe.. that we seem to share?

Anyways, after telling you that. Last night I was simply sitting down in my bed, thinking of nothing at all and a random thought ran through my head with the name of Eva and dead/deceased/passed away...

How can I tell that my spirit guides are around me and how can I tell if there is another being that's not them?
Also, what does the thought that passed through my head mean?
I don't know anyone with the name Eva..so it made no sense to me.

Excuse me if my typing seems confusing. It's hard to explain everything all together.
If anyone one out there knows about these things may you please answer these questions? There is more than one..
How do you know your spirit guide is there?
What are different ways to communicate with them?
That thought that passed through my mind..what does it mean?
What does it mean to see a black mask while you are trying to look at your aura through the mirror?
Is there different ways to communicate with out spirit guides and be aware of whats around us?

Yes, me and her have had paranormal experiences occur around the same time.
If anyone out there who takes this stuff seriously can answer these questions. I will honestly love you forever for giving me advice and trying to explain to me what everything means. It honestly gets me mad when there are so many things going on and i'm trying to process them but its simply too much to understand all at once.

No, I'm not crazy and if you have negative comments then please don't even bother to reply to this. Although, I do hope all the people with positive ones help me understand things better.
I'm rather young, fifteen by the way and I am a female.
My friend whom I consider my sister is nineteen.

Thank you for your time. It is highly appreciated

Example: What are the songs in the last season of inuyasha?

i just finished watching the last season of inuyasha which was EPIC! lol and i was wondering if u could please give me a list of all the songs they used for that season i like them
thank you

Example: What duties come under a human?

actually i need to know about the aim for the life of a human .
1-what are his responsibilities to other human.
2-what are his duties to his parents and family.
3- what are his duties to God.

Example: Read Kresley Cole's paranormal books...now what?

i read all Kresley Cole's paranormal romances and i LOVED them but idk what to read now any suggestions?

Example: Kresley cole fans?can you help?

anybody know of any books like hers i could read? i love love love them and want more iv read everything she has published to date! if anyone can helps thanks!

Example: A workout for a teen?

Im 13, 5ft 3, and 149 pounds. I want to lose about 25-30 pounds. as quickly as possible. not pills, please

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