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Dream About 147 meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does "i hear america singing" by walt whitman mean?

"I Hear America Singing" presents an image of America that America would like to believe true—an image of proud and healthy individualists engaged in productive and happy labor. Mechanic, carpenter, mason, boatman, deckhand, shoemaker, hatter, wood-cutter, plowboy—from city to country, from sea to land, the "varied carols" reflect a genuine joy in the day’s creative labor that makes up the essence of the American dream or myth. . . . America singing emerges as a happy, individualistic, proudly procreative, and robustly comradely America. It is surprising that in such a brief poem so much of Whitman’s total concept of modern man could be implied."

from A Critical Guide to Leaves of Grass (U of Chicago P, 1957), 146-147.

Example: Are the 147 Catholic Australian priests with current paedophilia charges against them...?

Are they invited to the World Youth Day in Sydney?

PS. And why isn't being called Catholic Youth Day? It is like the Catholic Church assumes it has a monopoly on the world's youth.

Example: I dreamt of the virgin Mary?

The virgin Mary has alway been my favourite religious character although I don't believe in chritianity. anyways I had an important interview 2 weeks ago and just before the interview I freaked out and I prayed and said ''to anyone who can hear me pray for me because I've been really bad and God may not listen to me now'' that night I had a dream of myself in a church praying infront of a virgin mary statue and the statue was crying for me. (I'm having a very rough time and I was praying for my problems to go away) anyways I ignored it then a few nights later I had another dream and she appeared to me and said ''ask for my help and I will help you, I can help you''
does it mean something? I feel if I pray to her I would make God angry! I'm trying to find the truth and right now I dont believe in anything really except that God exists and I want to fing Him

Example: Can teachers go in waterparks with students in dreams?

Every night I dream of these 7th grade teachers with 147 7th graders at this waterpark and every time I see teachers go in hot tubs too and one 7th grade para too. What does this dream means. I'm an 8th grader and we have 134 kids in my grade

Example: Was that God or something else? Dream Interpretation?

I was afraid that something bad is going to happen the next day, and that bad thing will finish my life, i was very afraid, with all my powers and believes I started calling on God with all my heart, I could see my words going to him with furious speed, I wwas where my words went when I was calling on him, I could see the Earth from very far distance, I could see all evil things happening on the Earth like red dots on a map, it was like showing me that on that spot something bad was happening right now, I could see God's power going straight on Earth and I was moving down with his power so I could see every spot (every "red spot") like it was appearing on the map from above, I was flying down with some power that was looking like a spray mist, i could see how those evil things were suffering from it and they disapperead immidiately, then I went to my red spot where it was suppose to happen something bad to me, I could see it before it happaned and God showed me what will happen next and how he will help me, he showed me that in the moment i am attacked he will rush to help me and I saw him coming down like a spray mist and killing the evil things. Then, everything ended and I was expecting the next day, the next day came and I was supposed to go to some fight show or something like that or wrestling, it was some show, then everything started like a movie i've already seen, i could feel the tension in the air every minute by the moment where i was about to be attacked and it happened as God has showed me He came in the right moment, the entire show stopped because all lights started bursting up and they had to cancel the show, I could see the things trying to attack me and He stopped them from attacking me. Everyone was shocked nobody could realize what just has happaned, everyone went outside meanwhile I couldn't stop praying to God and thanking Him. What is supposed to mean - my dream, should I accept it literally or there is some hidden catchy clue in the whole dream?

Example: What did Obama mean when he wrote in his book: "I aim to gut America and reshape it, purging its dark crimes"?

Dreams of my Father (second edition), page 147

Example: 20 Greatest Dream Fights in History?

I recently asked this question but I am hoping to get new opinions. I will ask this question once again after I get answers for this one. I'm trying to get as many different perspectives as possible.
I want to know what you think would be the Top 20 Dream Fights in History. The selections can be in any weight class -As long as both fighters are in the same class- (that means no goofy stuff like Tyson vs Mayweather or something).

Some ideas are obvious like ALI vs Tyson, Tyson vs Frazier, Duran vs Chavez, Leonard vs Robinson, Whitaker vs Mayweather, etc.

What are your picks? You can pick a winner for each if you like.


Has anyone checked out how much money the Lottery pays out on Dream Number?
Have a look at their website - some weeks they only pay out as little as £147,000 in TOTAL.
This must mean either hardly anyone plays it or they are making the odds of a substantial win too ridiculous.
It's been going for nearly 160 draws and as far as I know the top prize has been won only once!

Example: Who would win these Dream Matches?

Who would win and how...

Tommy Hearns vs SRR at 147 and at 160

Tyson vs Sonny Liston

Roberto Duran vs Julio Cesar Chavez

Joe Louis vs Joe Frazier

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Wilford Brimley

Example: Who would win these 7 dream matchups and how?

Put your personal feeling about these fighters aside and think about these matchups. Who would win and why?
I'm looking forward to these responses.
Main Event (12 rounds)
"Smokin" Joe Frazier vs. "Iron" Mike Tyson (in his prime)
6. Rock Marciano vs. Floyd Patterson @Heavyweight
5. Holyfield vs. Roy Jones @ old cruiserweight (190)
4. Marvin Hagler vs. De La Hoya @154
3. Felix Trinidad vs. Duran @147
2. Hatton vs. Pacquoia @ 135
1. Pernell Whitaker vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr @130

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