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Dream About 14 meanings

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Example: What does my dream mean?

First off, if you are here to answer 'dreams mean nothing' and all that, please don't.

I'm a 14 year old girl and had a disturbing dream last night. I haven't been able to get it out of my head all day. Here we go.

I was walking along a street at night until a man came into view. He started running towards me, so I ran away. I ran and ran, crying, but he eventually got me.
He raped me.
Suddenly, I was in a building with an policeman. He handed me a diagram of a naked woman and asked me questions (I don't know what they were).

Disturbing, right? I can't stop thinking about it. But what does it mean?

Hon, not all dreams mean anything. Dreams can be part of your subconscious emotional experience but they can also combine with everything you've seen and heard - in the news, on tv, in a classroom, pretty much anywhere. What happens in a dream can be your emotional state, things you may not realize you are feeling, and they mash up with everything else and not necessarily in an organized manner, so deciphering all that information is only something you can do because it is your experience.

Now, it was a nightmare, it doesn't have to mean that something is going to happen to you, but perhaps that you may feel vulnerable or threatened. You may have seen something that caused you to experience that vulnerability and it surfaced in a dream. You need to ask yourself If there is anything familiar about what you dreamed - was the man someone you think you might know, do you actually walk along streets at night, has anything happened recently on the news that you've seen that might be similar.

I've had a number of dreams in my life that were downright terrifying - one where two men showed up at my front door and I knew they were going to kill me, and another where I had an affair with actor Kevin Costner (and I didn't even like him at all). The one about the two men - well I was living in a place where I felt isolate, and that dream sort of played into my fear about that isolation. And the Kevin Costner dream - well I was married but very unhappy - and that dream was sort of wishful thinking. So, what I'm saying is that our dreams reflect more about our own feelings than any actual significant experience. So, how are you feeling, ask yourself what those dreams actually might mean to you - I or anyone can't say what it means to you because I don't have any experience of who you are.

If you can't make any connections, just sit with it for a few days and then let it go. Sometimes they really do mean nothing except that we feel a certain way - so again, how do you feel.

edit: I just had to add this in case you look back at some point. I had a dream last night, dreamt I was at a party and was talking to Matthew McConnaughey, the actor. I was sitting on a couch and others were standing by and I was talking when Matthew sat down close to me at the end of the couch - it was a tight squeeze and he wrapped his arm around me. Then he ended up pulling me close and hugging me, my head was pulled in next to his neck and I kept saying I'm not doing anything, I'm not doing anything here and tried to life my arms up to show I wasn't but I couldn't move my arms - and I was afraid someone would think we were romantically embracing. And then I realized that it felt comforting being held and just rested my head on his shoulder and fell asleep. And then I woke up. For the life of me I haven't a clue in the universe of what that dream may have meant if it meant anything at all. I'm not attracted to him, don't have fantasies or anything like that so that dream came out of complete left field. All I can assume is that I was comforted by someone and for one moment allowed that. That's how dreams work, they may not make any sense at all.

Example: DreAm meaning?!?

Hey im a 13 yr old girl & he is a 14 yr old boy... Well he has been away for a few days & idk when he is comeing back & he is my neighbor but he is my friend to & my crush lol... & ive been thinking about hugging him when he comes home... Heres the first dream... Me & my crush were at the movies with my family but we were there that night lol & we were sitting next to eachother witch we were & i put my arm around his waist & he held my hand i swear when i woke up i was just wowza dream 2... He comes back from when hes gone & i hug him & he hugs me back very tight & he starts kissing my cheek & saying i love u & then later the same dream he kisses me on the lips! When i woke up i felt amazeing i felt happy & that feeling is still here yet! Thx ps... Please no rude comments or saying im to young coz im not! ...sorry its long...

Example: What does the # 14 mean in a dream?

Last night I had a dream where 14 was said all the time. What does this mean.

Example: I dream of a black eagle that has a snake tail what does it mean? im 14 weeks pregnant?

Now ive tried lookin it up and it says if.the eagle falls on my head (which it does) it means going to die i also read another where it says if a pregnant women sees an eagle it means seein a doctor or midwife im freaked out right now. What do you guys think?

Example: Reoccuring Dream Meaning?

Same thing since for 15 years now, a T-Rex chasing me. I never actually am caught. I almost always dream but these dreams are intense, i wake up in cold sweats sometimes crying. What the heck do they symbolize?

Example: Dream Meaning?

I want to see if anyone can provide some insight to my dream.

I've had a recurring dream over the last two weeks that my best friend of 14 years repeatedly kidnaps me.

In one she was a cop assigned to protect me and my sister while my husband was out of town. While showing me around her house she hit me over the head while I am not looking, knocking me out. Then did the same to my sister.

Another time she visited me at work and sprayed me and my boss with her perfume bottle causing us both to pass out.

There are others but all involve her knocking me (and whomever I'm with) out in some form or another. When I come to she is usually gone.

We do not fight at all and see each other a couple of times a week. She was the maid of honor in my wedding.

Is there any significance to being knocked unconscious in a dream? Especially by my best friend?

Thanks. JJ

Example: Wht does my dream mean?

i had a dream that i was pregnant and im only 14
wht did the dream mean?

Example: Does BAD..scary dreams have meaning?

Im only 14 yrs old..and i had a really scary dream...and i am scard...does it mean anything

Example: 4-14-08 What are some of the worst nightmares and dreams you have had and what do you think they meant?

one time I dream that Christmas was endless, decorating trees were endless and gift giving was endless.

Example: What does this dream mean? (so ok my grandfather dies in february 14,1973)?

so ok first off i must ad something that happened the other day..this is true.. on friday last week a woman blonde haired dective came to my house..i had heard some one pull up the drive way..looked out window..so upon seeing this car and woman i immediately stepped out side to help the woman..i did ask what i could do for her..i think what see told me was half bull crap any way..but she, was getting information on someone in our neigborhood...so ok i think i had my dream that night of or the next night any way this blonde haried woman was in my dream... oddly enough this same woman took me to some large building where my grandfather was working there inside..she took me too him.. in my dream i sat in his office there..but there were all these other people busy working there ..He said he was looking for me..and wanted to talk.. he asked me how i was doing etc and a nice chat..but when were finished oddly enough he wrote me a huge check,handed to him by this woman who, was actually at my house the previous week i may add..i have her bussiness card to prove it..even showed my family !) so now back to my deam at the end of out chat he handed me a huge check and stated the following" Don't tell your mother i am still alive"! so what do you make of this? i have never in my life had ever indured a true to life experience so intertwined with a dream before un till now that is.. one more thing my own mom had a similar dream where she had a dream of her dad, telling her this "don't tell your mother i am still alive a while back.. so please tell what this type of dream may mean..just hope you can understand this..all input so greatly apprecited here...

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