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Dream About 14 Fourteen meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Wierd dream?

this is all that i remember happening
im in a store looking around the cashier is in the middle of the room a lasy walks out of the dressing/rest room the cashier smiles when i go in (i think that shes lesbian) i go in there and feel something in my eye so i take off my glasses and open my left eye to get my eyelash, because that's what's usually in my eye but instead i see a black bead-like thing, it could've been a bug, half into my eye i instinctively get it out but that i start bleeding badly then i see the ceiling so i assume i was on the floor bleeding out and i know that i'm dying my eyes close that after a few minutes or so of just black i wake up
i have looked up the meanings of specific things, but i don't get how they're related, help me with this because i'm only fourteen and have enough white hairs on my head, this is the last thing that i need to see when i'm trying to relax

that dream is really wierd, but it could just mean that your under stress . maybe it's something at school, because i know for a fact that there is a lot of drama in school when your 14, try to chill a bit and forget about the rumors and crap going on. dont worry about your dream, im had dreams way freakier and im fine {gets hit by a flying pig} no, but for real it's probably just stress so try listening to music or scribbling on some paper when you get annoyed or mad or stressed about anything {it really helps}

Example: I have been having the same dream over and over again, can anyone explains what it means?

Hey, my friend has been having dream problems can you help him?,

So I have had this dream about 80 times, in which I'm in my own house in a suburban area, and I'm about 30 (I'm currently 14). I'm on the lawn with my son playing catch, and there is a woman (Maybe my wife?) on a deck chair reading a book, in a dress, wearing sunglasses and a bonnet. Anyway everyone is happy. Then suddenly the colour of life goes, and everything turns dull. I stop smiling and everyone looks almost unhappy at me. Then in the distance (about a mile away), a high yield nuclear bomb goes off. We all die.

That is my dream, but I just want to add that I am not usual when it comes to dreaming. I used to have dreams that I could fly anywhere, eavesdrop conversation, go down streets I've never seen and go down there a couple of weeks later in my real life and the street will be exactly as seen in the dream. The weird thing is though, that the conversations I eavesdropped were real. My dad would be on the phone in my dream and have a conversation that was actually happening, word for word. The clocks would be correct and I could even see myself sleeping. Anyway I would love if you could answer my question seriously. Thanks!

Example: What did my dream mean?

A while ago, mabye when i was about 7-10 years old, i had a dream that i was running down my hallway, at a party at my house with all my parents friends.
My dad's friend said to me "You will die in 14 years". Is this actually going to happen? What does this mean? Im fourteen years old now by the way. thanks!

Example: What does this dream mean?

I'm 14 and I wake up 2 times every night I've had this dream of having a holiday home beside an erupting volcano with family and it was starting to steam and spit volcanic bombs and I kept saying to leave etc ad when we did we left and I remember thinking it was like 10 mile. I was scared of the lava comin our way. What does this indicte?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I live with my two older brothers (19 and 20) and im 14 nd they always tell me to never leave the house alone because there are strangers, I never go out by myself in real life because I listen to them ;) but in my drream I wanted to get out and it was like 2AM and my brothers were sleeping so I went to this supermarket, it was about like 10 minutes. And then on my way back, this guy (he looked like he was 35 or something) kept walking by me and staring at me.. when i turn left, so does he.. So I started walking really fast and I had the car keys in my pocket (I have no idea why) and before I reached my house like in the parking lot.. he grabbed my legs and kept pulling them closer to him, I was screaming and saying help! I saw my cousin and told her to help me and call her brother and she never came back, so I hit the guy with my leg right on his face and ran to my car. I close the windows and locked thr door and went really fast, just getting away from him. He got in his car and was still trying to get me! So I parked the car next to my house, and went it do fast and locked the door, my brothers were still sleeping. It was now 3AM, and I called the police and they arrested him. What does this dream mean? Please help!

Example: What could this dream mean?

Last night I had a dream that I was in a hospital trying to get to the 17th floor in an elevator but i could only get to the 14th floor so i used the stairs. In my dream i seen severel nurses and a new born baby crying. while I was walking past a room there was a nurse taking the crying baby into A room. I asked a nurse how do i get to the 17th floor and she said "sweetie theres only 14 floors in this hospital. Usually i dream about everything that has happened that day all mixed together and i barely remember my dreams but this one i can remember everything. what could this dream mean?

Example: I have achieved all of my dreams and i'm only 14? What now, What do I strive for?

Hey, for starters let's be mature and avoid racist and /or negative comments please.

I'm only 14 and like the title says, achieved all of my dreams, I do Tae-Kwon-do, and one of my greatest dreams was to win the TKD world cup, well I've won it in the 2014 ITF world cup in Jamaica, After that I have been asked to interviews on live and non-live tv, I've been asked to do some modeling, and as for my school grades, i'm above average and I already got a high chance to get into a good unit in the army (that leads to a good university) thanks to government & school recommendations, so that's another of my highest listed goals.

Now please, don't tell me that I am too young to understand what dreams are because as long as I remember myself, I wanted to do those things - not only be a World Champion but also be on tv and experience fame and do something that will have a major positive impact on my life. I know I shouldn't be complaining right now because alot of people would love to be in my shoes, because honestly my life is amazing and I can't ask for more but, what know? what do I strive for, i'm already the best in what I do and I simply, do not know what to do right now..
Please help me

Example: What do you think this dream meant?

I am a seventeen year old girl who has never been kissed. Not because I didn't have the chance, but because I was nervous about being bad at kissing.

I had a dream last night that I was sitting on the couch next to this boy, who was around thirteen or fourteen, and I had this uncontrollable urge to start kissing him, so I did. o_o

In real life, I would hope that he would be too young for me, but in the dream, I didn't care. What's going on?

Example: What does my dream mean?

So a few days ago, I had a really strange dream. I was going to be married, and everything was going fine. The guy (who's face I couldn't really see) was nice and my dress (which I couldn't see either) was pretty. But then, a few days before the wedding, I looked in a mirror and realized I was not as old as I had thought I was but instead I was the age I am now (14). I freaked out and couldn't stop thinking that I was way to young to be married. I told my parents in the dream and they just dismissed it like they already knew I was that young. Then, I told everyone that I didn't want to be married and that they should call the wedding off, but they stated forcing me into it. In the end, I was walking down the isle and trying to get away, but I just kept getting forced forward. As I was nearing the end of the isle, I woke up with my heart pounding. As I said, I'm only fourteen years old, don't have a boyfriend or crush, and am definitely not ready to be married. Does anyone know what this means? Please help!

Example: I need to know what this dream means. This gets freaky?

Im a 14 year old boy and i had a very strange dream friday night. I go to a school with this real pretty girl. So friday night i started dreaming and im going to tel you what happened. This girl ( im not going to tell her name) started talking to me and asked if she could stay with me. I said yeah and she came to my place. But in the dream i was staying at an apartment evening though i don't in real life. So then i let her in and i say i have to go to bed and she says okay. Then she ask me if she can stay in my room i say yes, since i am a 14 year old boy. This is where it gets a little weird. So i take a bath and while im in the bathroom she orders a bunch of ppv movies with sandra bullock in it. I thank she did it because she kinda resembles her. I get out and i go to bed. Me and my brother share a room but for some reason he was not there. So i let her use my brothers bed. At like 2 am i wake up and she ask me if she can get in my bed and once again i am 14 so i said yes. So i wake up in the morning and shes watching the news with my mom. Then all of my family go to vacation for a week and its just me and the girl. This is the part that makes it even more weirder. And then we some how get some money and me and the girl buys a puppy. And we spend a few days together. Then one night i get in the shower and i hear her screaming. I yell whats wrong and she says a venomous snake got inside the apartment and get out of the shower and trys to catch the snake with nothing on but a towel around my waist. And she gets some help but the people that are helping are Rob Zombie, Hulk Hogan, And all the members of Kiss, and once again sandra bullock is involved but the only thing she does is run away from the snake. And gene simmons catches the snake and everybody leaves but the girl. She tells me thanks and call over one of her friends that is a girl and we get freaky. Then i woke up i wanted to see how it finnished. What do you think it means

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