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Dream About 13 meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean? I'm 13?

I'm 13 and i've been trying to ask this girl out in person but every time i try to i always chicken out and not even go up to her.

Then i just had this dream and i asked the girl out and she said yes

There is no meaning to dreams.Sometimes if you have something on your mind you will dream about it, but mostly it never comes true or makes any sense for that matter

Example: What do these dreams mean?

I always have a dream about myself driving (i'm only 13) or my ex-step mom... what does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I'm 13 and I had a dream where I was pregnant and my dad got pissed and I was scared and I had quadruplets and it was so weird. What does it mean?

Example: Dream Meaning -_-?

First of this really really really short paragraph makes it make sense... I used to have a crush on this guy but I don't anymore because he bullied me and put bad opinions about myself in my head.

Dream: I was at highschool. My old crush and his friends were circling me. The old crushy (imma just call him crushy -_-) pushed me into a wall (friends laughing at this stage) at began kissing me on my neck and face. Ow kaayyyyy now for the creepy part make sure u ARE 13+ now seriously... he tried to rape me, taking note this took place outside the school, just outside it!

Before he had a chance to I woke up, pretty short dream but when I think about it I get this horrible uneasy feeling and become a nervous wreck. I can't stand to be near him in real life because the dream's creeped me out too much. what it meeaaannn?! O.o -_______-

update: He had a crush on me now, but bullys me even more -_- so answer!

Example: Meaning of a dream about counting/taking pictures of 13 owls sitting on a tree?

Last night I had a dream about walking past a tree and noticing owls. I counted them two or three times discovering more and more and the final result was 13. I remember looking at them and wanting to take a picture with my camera. They were just normal brown owls, all similar, not making noises or anything- more like a general symbol.

Just to add, before I went to sleep I had a small fight with my boyfriend about the benefits of private and state education for children (we don't have or plan any kids yet though!). I am for state but he went to a posh private one and prefers it.

Was I looking in my head for a proof that I was right?

Example: I've never or rarely had a dream without a tornado or nuclear catastrophe since I was 13, what does this mean?

I always have these weird dreams where theres a tornado or a nuclear explosion. I've had them ever since I was 13. It doesn't affect me when I wake up, and I'm not scared, I'm only flustered in my dreams and when I wake up I'm just emotionally indifferent. They are in complete color and everything and I never have ANY control, just like all the other of my dreams. I apparently can't run I can only walk away and it makes my muscles itch when I wake up, thats the only effect the dreams have. But yeah ._. What could this mean?

Example: What does the number 13 mean in dreams?

help please - for my friend. For 3 nights straight( or more) she has been seeing/hearing the number 526. We were trying to figure out what the meant and they added up to 13.
She is leaving to another country by next year, does this symbolize anything? Thank you for the help

Example: What does it mean in I dream about 9/11 on September 13, just two days after the anniversary?

I'm freaked out and I remember I was in New York (Live in L.A) and I was crying...and it was horrible. When i slept, I wasn't thinking about it at all. In my dream it looked real like in the videos I've seen. I actually really felt like I was there. It wasn't weird but it felt real.

Example: Can you please answer what's the meaning of my dream on my 13th birthday?

So I met this boy, it seemed like fate brought us together somehow.. so we became couples. He's really cute and caring! We spent good times together and I really appreciate it alot because he was the best bf ever.
Somehow one day he broke up with me and told me that, " we can still be friends". I wanted to cry and went into the bathroom, look at myself in the mirror and told myself to be strong (don't cry) just as he went in the bathroom, didn't see me cry, got disappointed, and went out.
I soon went out of the bathroom and saw my friend cried out to me, " my gf dumped me!". It was a coincident! I went out to him and said, " my bf dumped me too!" and then he said, "you have got to go to meet me this saturday" because in real life, he was actually going to bankok on saturday..
I continued walking and saw my friend hanging out with a *****. I shouted to her, " why are you hanging out with her?" she didn't reply.
I turned to the ***** and said, " why are YOU hanging out with her

Example: Okay what does this dream mean? pg-13 dream?

okay so I have a boyfriend that i am perfectly happy with, lets call him joe. btu there's also this other guy that i met online, let say alan. anyway in the dream i had I was in my ROTC uniform(joe used to be ROTC) and i get into this room with alan, eventually i get down to nothing but my panties and me and alan are cuddled really close as I bring myself to orgasm, afterwords he cups me and says "a little sensitive are we?" then i wake up

this dream really freaked me out, yes its just a dream but still. What does it mean when i have no sexual interest in alan, and my whole heart belongs to joe?

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