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Dream About 13 Thirteen meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Does my dream mean anything because I'm freaking out!?

So there's this place I don't really know what it is but you have to cross a bridge and its like a swinging bridge across a, we'll I don't know what it's called. But if you fall down you die and can't come back up. Well my mom was already across and I had two feet to go and I apart fell off but I was losing on to the this rope railing and I was trying to pull-ups self up but I couldn't. I was still hanging there when I woke up from the dream. Does this dream mean anything? I really don't want anything like this to happen! This might not sound scary to you but I'm thirteen and freaking out!:(

I'm 13 years old clairvoyant phychic
I had a dream similar to this! Every dream means something
Bridge dreams like yours mean going into the future a new event in life! And it seems like your going to go through it and struggle at the end but you'll eventually make it!

It's meant to be don't worry we're aver the future takes you it's for a reason:) not sure if its good ahha I'm only 13 and to prove I'm right!

I actually predicted 2 days before the crash of plane 777 east coast America it was gonna crash.
Also in October there's gonna be a water contamination worldwide many people will die

Example: What does the number 13 mean in dreams?

help please - for my friend. For 3 nights straight( or more) she has been seeing/hearing the number 526. We were trying to figure out what the meant and they added up to 13.
She is leaving to another country by next year, does this symbolize anything? Thank you for the help

Example: What Could My Dream Mean?

Last Night I had a really clear dream (a first) I dreamt I was pregnant and the baby was dying inside me and then I went to school...Weird huh? what could it mean?

Oh! and by the way I'm only 13 so I'm not pregnant!

Example: DREAM INTERPRETATIONS.does this mean anything?

well when i was going out with my boyfriend i had a dream that he was cheating on me.. after we broke up i had a dream that i asked him y he broke up w/ me and he said it was because of anyother girl/ im 13 btw.and hes 15 if u needed to kno. so wat does this mean. does it mean im over protective of him and other girls or does it mean that possibly he cheated on me.. i asked him if he would ever cheat on me and he said probably not. so idk

Example: Im 13 and i dreamed i got married?

so im 13 and i dreamed i got married to my 'boyfriend'. it was a happy dream, a very happy one. what does this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Before you read this, you should just know I'm a girl. In case that helps. In my dream, there was this guy in my school, Carlos. No one wanted to hang out with him. I decided one day to ask him to go to the mall with me one day. We went and had a good time, though I specifically remember one point of our conversation in which he said, "I hate the government," while touching the growing hair on his upper lip. When we were in front of an arcade, he looked at me with tears in his eyes and said. "I did something I'm not proud of." I asked him what, and he said, "I killed 13 people. At my camp... their bodies are here, in green duffel bags." So he brought me to this silver locker in the mall and there were 13 duffel bags... all stuffed with dead bodies. I called the police, but when they got there, the bags had nothing in them but clothes. FInally, they figured out where Carlos had hidden the 'body bags' and arrested him. There was something I found out as he was being brought away, though. He had placed a noose around this girl in my dream who was my best friend that tightened every hour. Her name was Holli. She had just returned from vacation and was staying in my house for a while. When I got back to her in my home, the noose had tightened fully. Her face had bloated out and her skin was an odd blue color. The dream ended with me and a guy smacking her face to wake her up, but both of us realizing she was dead. Clear music of a song I have never heard before was playing as the images faded away. What does this mean?

PS: I know no Holli or Carlos in real life.

Example: What does it mean when you dream about being pregnant?

Just about a week ago, I had a dream that started off like it were just any other day. I was eating a bowl of cereal with my best friend, when I realized that I was pregnant. I wasn't any older (I'm thirteen btw) and nothing seemed to have changed except for the fact that I was pregnant. But instead of flipping out over the huge lump that I'd suddenly found over my tummy, I just went about my business like it was nothing. A few moments after I realized this, my boyfriend came to my house in the dream. (I'm guessing I had to be at least 32 weeks pregnant because my stomach was HUGE and I'm a very petite little girl) He and my best friend were feeling my stomach to feel any movement from the baby, and every time the baby would kick or move I could feel it inside me. It kind of felt good at the moment, to feel someone living inside me.. I don't know if that's supposed to be a good thing. But, anyway, I want to know what it means. If there IS any reason for a pregnant dream (I'm almost positive that there is one, though)

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok so im on stage with my bestfriend and were doing a performance and i have to dress up as a sexy soldier. Im wearing nickers and a bra and my teacher is in the audience clapping and yelling WOOHOOO YOU ROCK! and then i feel sick and faint and have to leave the stage forever and i wake up so depressed?
im a 13 year old girl btw :) :) :)
tell me!

Example: Ok I'm creeped out about my dream.Can someone please tell me what it means?

So I'm 13 and last night I had this weird dream. So I was in target with my nana shopping for some new clothes for me coz she's the only one that's nice to me in my family and buys me clothes, makeup, takes me to have pedicures ect. So we came across the bra department and my nana got all excited and started picking all these bras out for me ( I already wear a bra) and she's like "I think it's time for you to get a new one!" Then I got really excited for some reason and tried them on and there was even a push up bra and all sorts of bras and we came out of the store with like 13 bras...heaps of colours and types. I just find it funny and weird that I LIKED this in my dream lol. So can anyone please tell me what my dream means?

Example: Dream about 13.5 foot tall man proposing for marriage?

The beginning of this silly dream started with me wearing this bridal wedding dress and standing in front of a crowd of people and next to the priest. I was waiting for my fiance to enter the room and walk down the isle, but when he did I screamed. This scary towering man ran straight up to me and stooped down to lower himself(like that really helped). Anyway, he begged me to marry him. I asked why and he said "Because I love you and plus I am 13.5 feet tall, what more could a woman want?" When I told him no he started crying hysterically and then caught on fire.

What did giving away his exact height number have to do with anything lol?

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