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Dream About 120 meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream about shoes mean?

I had a dream of me with my family and some relatives stopping by a store and it had some nice shoes and I tried some that were pretty but I didn't like them for some reason although everyone said they looked nice and I was being very picky. We were about to leave or something and I remember trying a simple /odd vintage styled shoe that I really loved and it fit me perfectly but the owner said to us" just so you know this pair is really special and quite expensive " and e told us the price and they were shocked because to them it wasnt that pretty and was expensive e but it fit me it suited me, it was so perfect for me . I remember telling my mom don't worry I'll pay you back from my 120$ at home. I don't remember though if I bought it or not

Your dream makes me smile. The interpretation.
Going into the shoe store means you're about to embark on a new journey/ a new opportunity which will be a part of your purpose. You will indeed have more than one opportunity or options. The one of your options your family will want for you. It will be what they believe is the best for you. The will believe that it fits you. You will indeed like it as well. But you will know it is not for you. You will not settle. They will not understand why u didn't choose it. There will be a little time may pass but you see the one opportunity that is for you. It will not be want you family wants. However it will fit you and you purpose in this season
It will seem old and out dated. Something
that's not as popular anymore. It will cost you to wear these shoes. But the price / cost you will be able to endure. This cost maybe how much time you will b able to be with your family. Because you will have travel. The shoes fitting means you will have definitely found means to get to your purpose and you'll walk in it. The shoes is just a means to which you will get to your purpose.

Ps. I'm I smiling because your dream shows that will act in wisdom in making the decision.

Example: What do these weird dreams mean?

I had 4 overly vivid drams last night. What do these mean?

1. There was a bomb detonated 65 years ago near a shopping center in my current riparian (alongside a river) hometown (I'll call it Xville). That bomb instantly flattened everything in a four-block radius. During that bombing's 65th anniversary get-together, another bomb went off, killing half the city of 10,000.

2. Bob Barker MC'd a bizarre TPIR game in Xville's K-mart. (Outdoor scenery placed it in a former hometown 120 miles from Xville.) After the contestant won, he high-tailed it up the existing freeway to the next exit past Y City for unknown reasons.

3. I hitchhiked the opposite direction to riparian Z-town, 20 miles away. The freeway was closed on the end of town, so I had to use a toll bridge to travel on a riparian 2-lane highway. This highway had divots in high-danger areas that were designed to crash passing cars to prevent a head-on. I saw walls of wrecks and corpses in two areas.

I forget the 4th dream. Help!

Example: What does my dream mean?

Alright, so a few nights ago I had two seperate dreams. Both dreams occured on the same night.
So, dream number 1: There was a deep pit filled with dark water on the outskirts of my town and I was assigned to go dive into this deep dark pit along with a research team to find out what sort of creatures inhabit it, so we all suited up and dove into the pit. As we swam deeper, we figured out it was about 120 feet or meters deep, I can't remember which. So when we got to the bottom I couldn't see anything, so I felt around at the bottom, and felt a large mass so the team and I lifted the heavy mass, and swan to the surface with it, and as we surfaced, we figured out it was a large snapping turtle, but the water was salt water, so it didn't make any sense as snapping turtles I believe are fresh water, and then we tried moving it so we drug it by it's tail, and then I woke up.
Dream 2: After the first dream, I fell asleep once more, and all of a sudden, I was in a very calm, clear, light blue ocean, the water seemed shallow so I began to swim, and all of a sudden, under the water, there was a huge green seaturtle, it was about 12 feet at least, and I had my head underwater and was looking at it, then it looked at me and turned its attention toward me. I somehow felt calm, and peaceful, and it somehow told me to grab onto it. It swam gracefully by me as I quickly grabbed onto its shell, and started going through the water. I was at peace with myself, and felt great love toward the turtle. We were alone in this open ocean, as I looked down, the water was very deep now, but I didn't feel helpless.
So those are my dreams, and I find it strange that both had turtles, but one was dangerous, and the other was harmless, and they both came from different places, one came from a small, dark, murky place, and the other, from a beautiful, peaceful, clear place. I was fearful in one, and peaceful in the other. I do not know how to interperet these, any help?

Example: What Do Our Dreams Mean?

I have always wandered what our dreams mean, do they signify things in our life, and how do we dream, i head things like, feeling like your falling in your sleep signifies something bad will happen, and dreaming if your on a beach or somewhere nice good things will happen, can someone give me more information about this :) thanks

Example: What are dreams? The meaning?

Okey. So What are dreams..
And whats the meaning?
Excemple my Mom says if i dreamk i won the lottery. Its the opposite in real life is it true?

Example: What do my car accident dreams mean?

about a week ago i had a dream that i lost control of my car and totalled it, it felt so real and i was surprised when i woke up and realized it was a dream. when i went back to sleep i had another completely different dream that i flipped my car and i remember thinking "this has to be real there's no way im dreaming again" i could feel myself being jerked around the car like it was really happening and i woke up literally crying

later that week my best friend got in a car accident on the way to school, shes not dead or anything but still.

last night i had a dream i was in the car with an 8 year old boy that i have never seen before and he was going at least 120 miles an hour and we totalled the car in the middle of the projects but we were completely fine

what could this mean?

**in real life, my first car was totalled about a month after i started driving it when someone slammed into me going 80mph and it was the first and only car accident i have ever been in

Example: What does this dream mean? please answer, I'm desperate.?

i keep dreaming about this guy, I've never met him but its the same guy everytime I dream of him. He's really sweet, were dating and he's really, like cuddly, were always hugging and holding hand and kissing in a cute way. Everytime I wake up I feel really happy. Its like he's the perfect guy and its always the same guy, but I can never remember his name.

Please tell me what it means. Thankyou.
random fact: The tentacles of the giant Arctic jellyfish can reach 120 feet (36.6 meters) in length.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I go to a filipinio pentecostal church and was getting fed up with the pastor who doesn't understand the bible, the christians who ignored me and gossiped about me, and the "friends" who talked down to me and treated me like I was a little kid...

I was wandering if maybe I should go back to the chinese church that I used to go to. There is a pastor there named pastor Ming... and then I had a dream that he walked up to me and told me this

"God can change you in one day if He wants to. When you stop thinking about yourself, God will tell you what you need to know."
And the number 120 came up...

120 can mean three different things
a) Location
b) Flag
c) Private Room

Now... I had been praying for many things
a) finances
b) resurrection from dead relationship with the Lord
c) husband
d) reversal of opportunities missed and bad choices made
e) restoration of health, beauty and glory

So I don't know exactly what God intended to tell me?

And also he said "think about yourself." which is different from "living for yourself." so what do you think this means?

And why did he mention that God can change me in one day? What is the significance of that? And what can I do so that God will "want" to change me?"

Does thinking about myself invovle doing charity work, loving my enemies or giving up my desires?

Example: Weird fight dream? What could this dream mean?

OK, like a year or two ago some new guy moved into the neighborhood. At the time he was a year or two older than me I was 13. He was 15 or 16 and weighed like 160. I only weighed about 120 (I'm not fat just tall, but you could see all his weight on him, he was twice my size, but he was fast). We played a game of football one on one for ten dollars. (I don't know why I accepted) I lost and told him that I would pay him on a certain date when I got paid. I ended up having to spend my money on something else instead. So instead of talking to me about it to work something out, he kept threatening me and trying to fight me. So after a few days of this I had my cousin come over (he was 16 at the time) to fight him. (I was sure my cousin could win a fight with him because he fought all his life and I'd seen him fight before and he was a good fighter, he was about the same size as me but was taller and weighed more) So he came over and went down to 'toms' house but he was gone for the weekend. By monday I had the money and my cousin went down to his house again but this time i went too so I could pay him. His house was positioned on an angle, and he saw me first and started walking at me quickly, but then he saw my cousin and stopped, and tryed to play it off. My cousin said "Is there a problem?" and 'Tom' said "Nah your boy just owes me a little money". I gave him the money and we left without having to fight. Now two years later I had a dream that I get very strong, confused feelings about whenever I think about it. This is how it went: Me, my cousin, and 'Tom' were all walking to a discreet location that was outside, but enclosed into a bunch of narrow walkways with tall walls all around with the understanding that we were going there so that my cousin and 'Tom' could fight. (This is present-day) But before we could get there, 'Tom' punched my cousin ( the only reason I knew is because I heard it) and when I looked back, I saw my cousin stumble into a wall, and from that point on for the rest of the fight, my cousin looked as if he had a concussion, he looked confused. Then as soon as my cousin got off of the wall, 'tom' tried to punch him again, but my cousin perried his punch, then stepped forward and threw a hesitant punch back but 'Tom' weaved it and hit my cousin two more times very quickly, and my cousin put his arms down and fell back a little bit, then 'Tom' hooked him in the chin and then my cousin fell to the ground on his stomach. Then 'Tom' got on his back and started hitting my then knocked out cousin in the face with wide hooks.

What does this dream mean? I get very strong feelings every time I think about it.
Sorry for all the writing but please read it all and answer my question with a serious answer, it took me a long time to write it.

Example: What does it mean to dream about psychics?

I had a dream that i was going to get a reading from a psychic, and she only spoke spanish so my friend was there translating. I dont remember what she said but it was good things. After the reading she gave me $120. What does this mean? On top of that, now that i had this dream, i told my friend that i want to see a psychic, turns out the one she sees is a spanish speaking one, so she offered to come with me to translate.

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