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Dream About 111 meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Mental patients and triangles? Crazy dream meaning?

So I had this really strange dream a few weeks back and I still remember it so clearly because it was one of those dreams that just feel so real, even though this is totally weird.

I was running outside in the dark in some more deserted part of town. The streetlamps are lighting the sidewalk and streets as I run down the middle of the street, being chased by some larger, older guy, who I can clearly tell is mentally insane (this dream kinda reminded me of shutter island for some weird reason). No matter how hard I try the person chasing me in my dreams can always run faster then I can. The guy practically tackles me to the ground and tries to start doing inappropriate things too me put I continuously kick him trying to get him off of me even though it doesn't really work. He does this in a way to taunt my guy friend (trust me, just a guy friend. I have a boyfriend) who is very protective. He comes running over with some other random guy and they pull him off me and throw the mental guy in a trash can before dowsing him in gasoline and lighting him on fire. As I watch him burn into flames and hear his screams of pain, I can almost feel the heat of the flames. Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I see another mentally insane guy running towards me, much faster than the first. My friend is to distracted by trying to control the crazy man on fire so I run towards his pick up truck and get in the drivers seat but when I try to drive, there is no steering wheel. The crazy man crashes through the windshield and I fall out the driver's door on to the ground. As I lay facing town, the insane man rips off my leather jacket, takes a large piece of glass from the windshield and etches the word 'TRIANGLES' into my back through my white shirt and he draws a large triangle in the center of my back. In my mind I could actually feel him carving the letters into my flesh and feel the blood soaking into my shirt. I even had this out of body experience briefly in the dream and I saw the man's completed work.

I woke up right after that and I even ran over and looked in the mirror to see if it was really there. This dream seemed so real to me and I haven't remembered a dream this vividly for a long time. Does anyone know what this might mean, besides that I myself am possibly insane.

By the way I'm a 16 year old girl and I have a really normal life and I have had no triangle or mental patient issues in the past.

you did nt tell us wether the triangle was pointing downward or upward. it does matter. but, spiritually speaking, people were either predator or prey. and you re the prey of the evil spirits, it showed in the dream of the crazies, to rape and seed you up. the triangle stamping, was to mark the cattle.
right before bed, say a humble prayer to heaven authority to guide and protect your soul(s)!

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream last night and it went like this:
I was applying for a job, and the manager lady had a list with 27 numbers on it and she said all positions were filled up. I noticed the last number, 27, was blank so I said that ones blank and she said, "no, jacquelyn luther has that position" right when she said that, i said "no...jacquelyn's been dead... (jacquelyn was a friend of mine who died in a car accident last august).
after I told her that, she didn't believe me. There was someone standing beside the manager lady and it was jacquelyn's sister, jessica. She started crying and then the manager asked me why she was so I told her again jacquelyn had been dead. Then I woke up.

It's weird how jacquelyn was number 27 on the list because there's a song that i listen to all the time called '27' and it's like, "i said your name 27 times, will that bring you back to life."
what could this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean!111!oneoneone?

i was walking through a graveyad nd i saw ma ex gf nd she was lyke i luf u nd i wuz lyke omgggggg nd thn she tranfurmoed in2 vodlomort. wtf shud i doooo !?!

Example: What does my dream really mean?

Well, I remember that I had this machine or something, that can turn you into a baby. You just speak into it and say "I wish *name* was a baby".. Then I remember then this guy took us hostage. I tried calling 911 on my grandma's phone, but it kept saying 111. :o Then my grandma started crying saying "Please, just get this over with". and some other things, I think but she was crying and I couldn't understand the words she was saying. I even thought about getting a knife and stabbing him in the dream, but I was afraid he would grab the knife since he seemed stronger, and stab me. I remember at the end, I was so scared, that I even offered to kill people with him, but I didn't. I was really just scared out of my mind. Then I woke up, so what does this dream mean?

Example: I had a flash dream that zapped me, "Whoa! 111 points!". What does that mean?

Example: What is the true meaning of 777, 11, and 111?

During my 20 birthday this year August 12, 2011, I wonder why I had three sevens in my first, middle, and last name(I have a second middle name as well). I started adding four numbers because I have four names my first, middle, and last name contain seven letters, but my second middle name doesn't it only has 4 letters. I calculated 7+7+7 and got 21 then I subtracted by 4 then ended up with 17 the I realized 7+7 is 14 plus 4 is 18 subtracted by 7 is 11. Then I realize 11 meant the last hour. As I was thinking that, the number 91 and 20 came in my mind. I quickly added them together and stumbled upon the number 111. After my 20th birtday in August 12, I started seeing the number 11 more and more. I also had more dreams this alone then previously before many of them were too vague and disturbing only a few were actually pleasant. I have no know belief in gods, but I've been feeling weird all year I just thought I let you know that.

Example: What did my dream mean? its really weird?

k so in my dream it was the last day of school, and in my group a hot guy was sitting next to me adn he give me his ruler, and now i had 3 (2 were mine) then my friennd give me another ruler so i hav 4 another hot guy in my friend's group waaaved at me and asked me how many rulers I had and I said 4 and then the teacher said go to room 110 if you were in the swimming club this year (we dont hav one) and go to room 111 if you were on crossing gaurds and I didnt do either of those so i woke up... so what does this weird dream mean?

Example: My grown married daughter dreamed that she asked me when she had to be home, I texted 111.?

She doesn't answer to me and has been on her own for 9 years. We have a wonderful relationship that is without personal conflict. We were both wondering what the meaning of the dream might be.

Example: I keep seeing triple numbers every where,333,444,111,1010 wht does this mean?

I also have dreams and my significant other and I communicate telepathicly sounds weird but its true we tested it out

Example: What does it mean that I keep seeing "111" when I'm thinking of this person?

Whenever I'm thinking of this guy I work with I frequently see the number "1111" or "111." Usually I don't give meaning to numbers but it's uncanny how many times this happened, and I wondered what it meant.

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