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Dream About 11 meanings

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Example: What does it mean when you dream the number 11?

Being a dream, it could mean anything. But often in dremas, symbols, numbers etc are oftern based from the thoughts and sights you had during the day.

Possible meanings below:

The number eleven is important in numerology, as it is the first of the Master Numbers.

In Basque, hamaika ("eleven") has the double meaning of "infinite", probably from amaigabe, "endless", as in Hamaika aldiz etortzeko esan dizut! ("I told you infinite/eleven times to come!").

Being only one hour before 12:00—midnight—the eleventh hour means the last possible moment to take care of something, and often implies a situation of urgent danger or emergency (see Doomsday clock).

Example: What does it mean in I dream about 9/11 on September 13, just two days after the anniversary?

I'm freaked out and I remember I was in New York (Live in L.A) and I was crying...and it was horrible. When i slept, I wasn't thinking about it at all. In my dream it looked real like in the videos I've seen. I actually really felt like I was there. It wasn't weird but it felt real.

Example: What does January 16th & 11:45AM mean in my dream?

Well for some background first my uncle lived with me, my mom & my aunt. But he's in jail for choking me & yesterday me & my boyfriend broke up. Well I dreamed that, my uncle came home from jail & told me he was goin to kill me at 11:45 . I told my mom & we all hurried up & left. ( I drove btw) so I drove & had no idea where I was going. Its weird cuz at first we were in a car, but once we started Going over this shaky, wooden & broke down bridge, we were on a motorcycle. Half of the bridge was in the water already & it was very narrow. Then all of a sudden it was, me, my mom, this girl I hardly know & this random fat guy on the motorcycle. We all drove across the bridge, but at the end we had to swim & come to find out, it was just a big swimming pool & if you looked up you saw alot of stars & these little glowing objects...my friend told me it was different countries & she wanted to go but we didn't . When we got out of the pool there was a big stone clock that said the date was 1/16. What does all of this mean?

Example: Dream about 9/11 what does it mean ?

Last night I had a horrendous dream ! It started after I tried to have a lucid dream but failed as when I woke up I had no idea I had been asleep and it felt really real !

Anyway my dream from what I remember was me round a friends house - then I tell him I'm going to time travel - he then says you will die in 9/11 if you do that, suddenly (in my dream) I appeared at the front of the plane with my parents in first/ business class. I kept on telling my parents to get off the plane because I knew what was going to happen but they wouldn't listen saying we will be fine nothing is going to happen. So seconds later one of the terrorists gets up and sprays a can of mace, (this happened in real life) I put the blanket over my face so I didn't breath the mace but in my dream I blacked out, after blacking out I woke up ( for real woke up ) looked at my clock and the time was 911am, does this dream mean anything significant ?

Example: What does number 11 in a dream means?

I had a dream that I was in a wearhouse with my sister collecting boxes and tapes there was a guy who was giving me all these tools for free. and I came across 2 pears of sippers one beige and black in size 11 and I said oh I will ask the guy to give it to me for my boyfriend and the dream stop the guy was tall dark black guy wearing a white shirt and a blue jeans or black pants. but there was other people in the warehouse I remember I took a hammer and then I had to go through security and they said oh you must show your ID to get out but my sister and I did not have any so they say I would have to go home to get it I said but I only have my passport. But when went in the warehouse we showed no ID and the dream finished

Example: What does this dream mean 2/2/11?

Last night while i was sleeping i was having a dream in the dream all the kids were at the auditorium and after that we all left i had to go to the bathroom so i went in there but when i got in there all the urinals and stall were full so i pissed in the trash can but i guess to the fact the girls bathroom was full so as im stilling peeing in the trash can in the open they coming in and so im just there pissing in the trash can while these chick are behind me talking to each other so after a while the girls begin to look at my Penis but i don't really care cause i have to piss so i just keep peeing and one of the girls say nice dick and i jokingly say u want to suck it then she says naw i look back to see its this chick that used to go to my school she say i don't do that so after a while i realize that iv been peeing for a really long time and the trash can seems to no be any fuller and i don't seem to come close to stopping at all then i woke up

Example: I dreamt that my Father (deceased 11 yrs ago) was faking his death. What does this mean?

Example: What does my 9/11 dream mean?!?

Ok so i had this dream and it was placed,made,and was just like 9/11. Two planes, dead bodies,smoke,darkness,and sorrow! I woke up scared that 9/11 happened again! someone told me that since i was 3 mouths old when this maybe i remembered it? What does it Mean? Help please Also was my friend right!?!?

Example: My dream 9/11/11, whats does it mean?

I’m walking down a hall and I turn the corner to see if my cousin is in her “room” and somehow she sees me through the window and invites me in, she is with her friend that I’ve never seen before, we sit there and talk then everything becomes a blur after that. Then I’m somehow at my house and I come up from behind to talk to my mom and she is astonished in a sad way to to see me because I had been dead for some time and now I’m looking at flashbacks and the police are at the “room” covering the front door with “police line do not cross” tape and from what I can see were two, maybe more murdered victims and from listening to the police report they apparently their teeth pulled out and from what I could see they were covered in blood with their faces painted in white with red lipstick. Was I a ghost talking to my mom? If I had been dead then why can’t I remember who murdered me? This is by far one of the most spookiest dreams ive ever had, I think it would make a great movie lol

Example: Dream about 9/11... what does it mean?

Last night I had a dream that I was in New York of the morning of September 11th (I'm actually from the UK)...I could sense that something bad was going to happen. I was living in a flat near to the twin towers and my flat mate (who happened to be Kaley Cuoco, i think I had just been watching Big Bang Theory that night) was going to work there. I tried to stop her but she just laughed and told me not to be so silly and she'd see me after.

Then she left and I heard a bang and saw the tower had been hit, then I ran out of my flat and hid in a bush (I don't know why) then I heard another bang, which was the other tower and I went back to my flat where I saw the tower collapse...
I think then I kinda collapsed myself and realised that my flat mate had died.

Then I woke up...It was really strange and made me feel really weird in the morning, could this mean anything?

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