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Dream About 11 Eleven meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream of tornadoes?

i have been having these dreams for a long time now and i have no clue what they mean. the dream starts with me at my house with my parents then i go outside for a cigarette. then out of no where a tornado forms right in front of me. i try to get inside but it takes forever to do so. then when im inside my mom is just sitting on the couch watching tornadoes form right in front of the windows. i yell at my family to take cover but they wont move. then my dad runs outside to the car and starts it. by now there's over 20 of them outside. i run after my dad and bring him back. my mom still wont move. she just tells me to shut up. then i take my little brother and go in the closet with him and hold him tight. then i wake up shaking really bad. can someone help me figure this out please. i have been having these dreams sense i was 11.

To me it sounds like there's something in particular you worry about for your family. Perhaps not a literal tornado... but something you want to help them with that they don't see what the big deal is about. (Money, health, insurance, whatever.) The problem is right in front of their faces (watching the tornadoes from the couch) but they refuse to do anything about it, because they don't see it as a threat. This could even be a lack of interest in recent events, though seeing that you've had these dreams since you were eleven, that's not very likely.

Example: What does it mean when you dream the number 11?

Example: I had a dream about 9/11, what does it mean?

I was in a room with these wooden benches. I had eleven other people I know with me. Each were in their own bench, six rows, two columns. The building then starts to shake, and my bench being the only one that is not bolted down flies out of the building me grasping onto it. I go through a few offices and down these steps, to find out I'm at the very top of the building. I fall below that, into this ample sized crater in the side of the tower, where I can lope over top of the ruined architecture.
I start to bawling my eyes out. I quickly make my way to the edge of the building, where there is a woman and her child holding hands. They jump off together, and I hear in my head "There were numerous body pots surrounding the buildings when people had jumped off."
I take a peek over the edge, getting a glimpse and scream, being afraid of heights. Back around me in the crater I see people running, sulking, and gambading off. I make the effort to get back to the room that my peers were in. Seeing as none of us were going to survive this anyway, I wanted to be with them in our final moments. I run over the falling apart building and get to the room I had once been in. When I make it to the place where I had fallen out of, I see that the inside, is all flames.
I'm emotionally ruined. As I turn back, I hear a loud noise behind me, a large cloud of smoke and fire starts coming from the back twards me. As I run, I hear in my head "thoes who were in the inferno were immedeately incinerated." The wall of fire engulfs me, and I wake up.

Example: I had a dream about Jesus when i was 11. What did it mean?

I am 19 now. When i was in Spain I had a dream that I was in this beautiful hotel in the beach. It looked so beautiful i cannot describe it. The sky was pinkish and I had great peace. As i walked through one of the hallways in the hotel, I saw Jesus(cannot describe him at all) all i remember he was wearing a colorful long shirt like tie die. Well I also saw a little kid run towards him and hug Him. He looked at me and smiled. I want to tear up right now. It was the most loving smile I have ever seen. After that i left the hotel and got inside the water, as i got deeper in the water, there was this black hole in the shore sucking all the water in, i stared at it and i woke up.

P.S. when i was 6 I also had a dream that I went towards God and hugged Him. Only this time he was VERY tall and shinny.

What could this mean?

Example: What do these dreams mean? please help?

ok here are the dreams, i have been dreaming these dreams since i was 15 now i am 26:

my mom died # 1 and the dream starts in my home where i lived with her. an angel comes and is talking to me, mind you i can't hear what he is saying but he has very serious and sad eyes. all of a sudden i hear a loud horn, and huge rocks start falling out of the sky, the rocks end up turning into fire balls. then i look up and i see a rainbow in the shape of a king sitting on a throne with thousands of angels around him.i see the fire balls destroying everything. then my dream jumps to some kinda lake or ocean or something and all the fish die, then i am in a field and all the animals die. then i am around a bunch of people who i don't even know and they have some kinda virus or something and they are dying from the infection. not everyone is sick but many are. the dream is kinda scary and it's always the same for 11 years. anybody have a serious idea, please no mean people this dream is very real to me from sent and fear and the whole nine. thankyou for anybody with a logical eexplanationor who can help me understand it. i have deep feelings and know things and don't why. i know this dream means something

Example: What is the meaning of this dream?

I know I asked this already but I left out an important part.
Here's the whole dream:
In my dream I was at my "friends with benefits" house and we were sitting in his basement, when I looked at him it wasn't really him (looked nothing like him) but I thought it was. We were messing around and I somehow ended up on top of him, I started to make out with him I paused for a moment and asked him how old he was (idk why) and he said 11 but he's really 15) we continued making out but when I looked up and saw his moms shoes, she was sitting on the couch and the only reason she didnt see us was because there was a coffee table blocking her view. She turned around for a little bit so me and him ran to this door and went into the room, the room seemed to go on forever and in it there was a round table made of logs, we went to it and we decided to stand on it...then I woke up, lol. any ideas what this might mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

There is this girl I like and I can't stop dreaming about her, I've had 11 dreams in total, the only one I can remember in full detail is where I was just talking to her, then I said something about people going away and she got mad at me, then I was checking her pupils and my friend told me the pupils aren't important, (Reading up on it, I think I was trying to see if her pupils dilated)
this has also messed up my head and I keep thinking she hates me in real life.
(in all 11 dreams she has got mad with me)

Example: What does this dream mean?

Let me give you some background info. I used to have an online friend who was very interested in drugs just like me. I wasn't sure if it was a boy or a girl, but I thought that they were about 20. Later, I found out it was a girl. Also, a girl named Brianna gets mentioned in the dream. Brianna is a girl in my school who isn't very nice. I am a 13 year old girl by the way. My sister is 10, and she is anti-drug and gets very annoyed when I talk about drugs.

So this is what happened in the dream. Every day for a few days, I have been walking home from school with a 20 year old guy who was interested in drugs just like me. I was worried about walking home with him; worried that he would kidnap me or something. One day, I got out of school and he was waiting for me outside and we started walking to my house together. He was carrying a bottle of an alcoholic beverage that was almost empty and he was wearing jeans, a black t shirt, and one of those collars with spikes on it. By the time we got to my house, he had turned into an 11 year old girl. Then I thought he was always like that and didn't notice any changes. I knocked on my door and my sister opened (I don't think my parents were home). My sister asked if the girl was Brianna, and I said no. Then, my sister said that the girl is beautiful.

Example: What does this unusual dream mean?

This really weird dream has been bothering me lately. If you're not serious don't bother answering, please. I remember all the vivid details, which is why it really haunts me. ><

So, I was invited to this late night party with 11 children and my cousin (11). It was fun, and the kids were chatting and enjoying the refreshments. For some reason I felt a stomachache and had to leave quickly. I bid them farewell and went to the WC.

After some time since I headed off, I got a phone call. It was the police, informing me that a knife murder occurred at the party, eleven kids were stabbed, and my cousin was suspected.

Suddenly, it was 11am. I found myself seeing the cousin in a yellow school bus. I'm not physically there, but I was "inside" the bus. Yellow rays of intense sunlight beamed all over the place, blinding me. I noticed that both the cousin and the driver became evil replicas with hidden faces. The bus was empty apart from us three, and none of us were moving at all. There were a few police cruisers, lights and sirens, following the bus, but the bus and police cars were moving quite slowly.

I saw flames from the evil cousin. Smoke filled the bus, but I felt no heat. The driver, trying to escape police, tried to ram a corner petrol station but nothing was damaged and the bus stopped. The fire and smoke cleared, my cousin was normal, 40 police cars were there, and the driver died as the door opened. And then I woke up.

I know it's weird, and I might seem crazy, but I saw all this crap in one single night and remembered all the details. What the hell is going on? I'm desperate for some insight from someone who's willing to help me out.

Example: What does 'three seams of eleven' mean?

I had a dream that a tidal wave was coming up and I said in my dream that it will happen exactly when the clock reads 'three seams of eleven' and everyone and everything was devoured with water exept the sky and the clouds.

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