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Dream About 106 meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does the number 555 mean in your dreams?

last night i had a dream and in that dream i saw the number 555. someone (couldnt see who it was) was saying that they got $1000 from this number and asked me if i played it. my first thought was to play the lottery although i dont play it, i figured id go out and put a dollar on it and see what happens. i am waiting for the results from todays number but i was wondering if it had any other significance anyone could share. please only serious comments. thanks.

Numberology says:


The center of the world, the first semi-divine, semi-human male number.


By using the ASCII table, the name of Jesus in lower-case letters gives 554. If we add the number 1 because being the first man-god, we obtain the number 555: j(106) + e(101) + s(115) + u(117) + s(115) + 1 = 555.

By using the ASCII table, the name of "Maria!" (Mary) in lower-case letters gives 555: m(109) + a(97) + r(114) + i(105) + a(97) + !(33) = 555.

By using as correspondence table A=1, B=2, ..., J=10, K=20, L=30, ..., S=100, T=200, ..., Z=800, we find that in French "Marie-Eve" ("Mary-Eve") = 555.

By using the ASCII table, the French word "SAUVEUR" (saviour) = 555.

555 means big surprises coming!

Example: Whats the meaning of this dream?

well a few weeks ago i had a dream were i saw my own death dates and my aunties death date the death date was in a golden outlined book i believe and my name was first on the list of the top left page set to death on the date 2099 march 13 and i did some reacher and march 13 lands on a Friday. my auntie dies on the date 2066 but it dosent show me a date or not that i remember and we would both die when were 106 years old because i was born on dec 17 93. but then later after 2 days of taht dream i had a dream were the devils son was born on top of my bed becasue my i got a bunkbed but it had a tatto it its right arm taht had the roman numeral 2 on it or 3 i cant renmber correctly. and later this night i had a dream were i was leaving a party and a guy stoled my ipod touch so i ran after him yelling thief! one person tried to help but later i caught him next to an elderly home and i punch him in the face but when i was gonna hit him a second time i woke up i tried to search on Google but nothing showed up. help...

Example: What does this dream mean?

Okay so I was wondering if anybody could interpret these dreams?

1. I was with all of my friends and we were trying to find a place to have a party but once we got to a perfect spot, there was a sign telling us that we really shouldn't stay here. A man in a house next to it came outside and said that when the sun sets everything on that patch of land burns. I told all of my friends to leave and find somewhere else but they all seemed to want to stay and think that it didn't matter; that this was an adventure and I kept trying to tell them to leave but I had to stay with them. When sunset came we all hid behind a tree as we watched fire burn everything and I was so terrified that I ran away as fast as I could. The next day all of my friends decided to go back and have another party and I couldn't get them to understand that if we went back we would die. None of them seemed to remember how scary it was last night and the serious danger if we went back.

and the second dream is a little shorter:
2. I was in a huge house with a few friends and a man told me to bring them to room 106(or something like that) and so I took all of my friends downstairs and we kept going down and down these spirally stairs and it took ages and ages, and then suddenly I realised that I went the wrong way and that I should have gone upstairs, but I kept going down because I was scared to tell everybody that we had to go back up the stairs because they would be mad that we had to walk so long and I was dreading going back up the stairs because- nobody likes walking upstairs?

thanks xx

Example: I had this dream that i was on 106 & park what does that mean?

I keep having this dream that I was on 106 & park and everybody was screaming my name.what is my dream telling me.

Example: Y do i keep having this dream that imma b famous on bet (106&park) ?

Everytime I go to sleep I have this dream that imma b famous and that I was on B.e.t (106&park) and everybody was screaming my name...what does this mean can some one plz tell me.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had been trying to meet a prophet who could speak god's word to me and then I had a dream

My ex-best friend (who I despised and loathed) was always trying to impress this younger girl, because this younger girl was close to her ex-boyfriend.

Well I had a dream that this girl that my ex-best friend was trying to impress, was going to buy clothes at a store. And well she needed to borrow money to buy the clothes. She had $106 000.78 in her bank account, so she tried to get a loan for some clothes... and they wouldn't give her a loan.

I couldn't figure out, why no one would give her a long when she had 106 000 dollars in her bank account, or why she needed to borrow money to buy all those clothes.

So I know that
106 = means articulation
000 = strength
78 = wait

Then I woke up.

Example: Y do i keep having this dream that imma b famous on bet (106&park) ?

Everytime I go to sleep I have this dream that imma b famous and that I was on B.e.t (106&park) and every was screaming my name...what does this mean can some one plz tell me.

Example: This wierd dream i have?

I have had this dream for 5 years now like 8 times i had it last when i asked my g friend out then when i had the flu ( it was serious i had 106 fever) then the day before my birthday. I can't exolain the dream i can think of it for 8 seconds at the most then it goes away from my mind. if i can describe it I would say its this dot like ... going like that threw somthing and it builds up and explodes it happend like 8 times and i get this terrible feeling it is the worst dream ever. In a early message i said i was put on this planet for a reason, I think this is the reason i just got to figure out why and what this dream means bc it happend to me on special ocations. plz help what does this dream mean if you can

Example: Dream of 3 babies?

I have been asking God for a new beginning, a healing in the emotional spiritual and physical areas. I had a dream about 2 weeks ago...I saw 3 identical babies come out of my womb. I was the blood covered babies, dark thick blood, I saw the embilical cord, and then I remember seeing the faces of each..I responded They are so beautiful! There was no pain in the birth...then I said, well they can't be "(the name of my ex) they must be (the name of my recent man I dated who was jehovah witness) but left the relationship after he claimed, I wasn't honest...because I wouldn't tell him when my ex husband of 23 years would talk to me or my ex boyfriend. Although, He (the JW) his wife had an affair and he left her a few years later, his adult children still do not hardly contact him, his ex girlfriend stated he was so confrontational and abusive (emotionally) the same as he was with me...so..does the dream and the relationships mean anything?

Example: Dream Interpretation ... Please HELP!?

Hello, I recently had a dream that I gave birth to 5 babies (quince), 4 girls and 1 boy. 1 of the babies was larger than the rest. I remember my mother and sister being angry about this. I was in the hospital when a doctor came into my room to examine me, he told me I had to leave the hospital immediately. Somehow my story of having such a multiple birth made the news. People from all over were after me to steal my babies. I did not understand why they were trying to steal them. I was happy to have the babies but I felt apprehensive due to I did not know how to take care of them all or even how to get them out of the hospital by myself without someone seeing us. My son in my waking life, only 7 years of age helped me carry some of the babies out of the hospital. I remember having to conceal the babies everywhere we went. I cannot remember all of the details but in the end of the dream I discovered I had 6 babies vs the 5 babies I started out with. It was another girl!

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