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Example: I'm 13, opinions on drinking?

Please read fully:
(I know it may be annoying, but your answers may influence my entire future)

I really do not think this is the fault of my parents or my school.
Please someone help me.
In school, we have constantly been taught to not do drugs and have safe sex.
Cigarettes are another thing that has been drilled into my head to stay away from.
But, drinking has only briefly been discussed.
I know that cigarettes contain many poisons, and I have family that has died because of it.
I will stay away from cigarettes.
I know that unprotected sex (I'm only 13, so this isn't really an issue) results in pregnancy and STD's.
I would die of shame if I was pregnant, and 16 and pregnant shows pregnancy among teens as a horrible experience. This is an example of a way that media has effected me positively.
I will not have unprotected sex.
Media is also a positive effect on me, because I have seen people dying of drugs.
I will not do drugs.

Alcohol is another story.

The media (Jersey Shore) portrays alcohol as fun thing.
I see people having a fun time, and ending up with no consequences.
I hope to work in business and marketing one day (or my life long dream of being an educator, that unfortunately does not pay well.)
The point is, I don't see alcohol as all that bad.
I mean is it really so bad to binge drink every once in a while?
Is it really so bad.
The only consequences I see here are the confusion, the way alcohol makes you honest (I really have nothing to hide), and the throwing up.
Is it really so wrong to have good time?
As long as you have a safe, responsible driver who is 100% sober, what is the problem?
I mean, I would be okay with throwing up a few times a year to have a good time.
(Like new years, or a birthday)

On the other hand, I every day see drinking.
Many of my older family members drink a glass of wine with dinner.
Is this so bad?
I mean, its not like you're getting drunk.
And wine can promote health.
So what is the problem?
Its legal (when I am 21, of course).

At school, alcohol has only briefly been talked about.
Can somebody please explain to me the long time problems that come with alcohol?
I see myself in the future.
I see either occasional binge drinking, or daily wine with dinner.

Please, some one explain to me why this is bad.
I am not very good with keeping control of myself.
For example, when I started drinking coffee, I said to myself,
"Amanda, coffee is very caffeinated. You can have it once every
couple of months as a treat"
Today, I drink 2-3 cups daily. I have grown an addiction, and I
see myself battling with caffeine in the future when I start to have
shakey hands and heart issues.
I am not good at controlling myself.

I do know that alcohol is addictive.
And I am so scared, that when I start,
I will not be able to stop.

In 15 years, I don't want my children to have an
alcohol addicted mother.

Can somebody please, tell me some facts about alcohol that
will scare me away and force me to stay away from it forever.
Just as I'm scared of being 16 and pregnant, having lung disease from
smoking, and dying of drug overdose, I need something to scare me away from alcohol.

Please, something.
I know about brain damage, the throwing up, the confusion.
But I need something greater.

Many people tell me I am "intelligent and sweet", and I don't want that to be
replaced with "recovering alcoholic". Can somebody please help me out?

Thank you so much for your comments.
I know I typed a lot for Yahoo, and all your answers will be greatly appreciated.
Please, nothing inappropriate, as I am only 13.
Keep it PG13 please.
And no "trolling" or whatever it is that numerous people on this site do.
No silly or ridiculous answers please.
Thank you so much for your answers.

while it is true that excessive drinking leads to brain damage, did you know that every time one drinks alcohol, some brain cells die? really, no joke. Alcohol is a poison, it is just that our livers can process the poison, up until they cant;, which is when there is liver damage, cirrhosis of the liver, liver failure.
the idea of loosing brain cells from even one drink scares me.

Looking at pictures of a cirrhotic liver also scares me.
Check out healthy versus unhealthy liver at


Long time problems with alcohol:
you can spend a lot of money drinking that could have been put to better use
it changes people's personalities.
I don't think it makes people truthful, i think it makes them not care if they hurt other people.
"lowering your inhibitions" is not usually a good thing.

I think a really big point is that drinking has somehow become confused with "having a good time."
certainly the advertisements for alcohol have been selling that story for a long time. It isn't true.
There are MANY ways to have a good time; drinking is the only one that makes you throw up.

You mentioned nausea and throwing up - throwing up due to alcohol is a lot more painful than just throwing up. a hangover is a lot more painful than a headache.

If you become addicted, eventually drinking becomes more important than anything else - more important than your bob, your friends, your spouse, your parents, your children.

The only other point - Do you know about alcoholic blackouts?
People drink, and wake up not knowing what they have done, or where they are. It is almost common for people to come OUT of a blackout just as they are being arrested for a traffic accident.

there isn't anything wrong with a glass of wine at supper; doctors say that up to 2 glasses of red wine a day can be beneficial. But if you think you are easily addicted, it is easier to just not start drinking. You can have a good time without it.

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