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I asked this question before but no one seems to be able to give a more reasonable explanation. Here it goes, again.

In 2007, my father passed away. I remember that it was in the June holidays. I even let him sign my report card when he was in the hospital ward! He was a great father, rarely angry with us, and is also a great singer. He was diagnosed with nose cancer in 2004, I believe that the disease is hereditary so I might have a chance of having it too. He recovered once, and even had a news paper reporter to come to our home just to interview him, due the the mountains of trophies (in the whole living room) he won in singing competitions, calling him the King of Singers. Sadly, he got admitted to the hospital again after he had "side effects" of the treatment, which I believe is the cause. Sad as I would, I just continued life as per normal. On 16 June 2007, I remembered that call my parent's maid received. My heart sank deeply. It was 4.16 a.m. when he pass on. And guess what, our home unit number is 1046! It was too much of a coincidence. And also, he passed away exactly 10 days after his birthday. It was too much of a coincidence. So after the funeral (my cousins and relatives were also there) I have figments of him in my dreams.After approximately eight months, I had this dream. I was with my father in a room in a big house. The house was white in colour and very clean. There are many people who appear to help around the house. My father was lying on the bed and I was sitting beside him. This MUST have a reason. Can somebody tell me what this means?

A few days after that dream, I dreamt of me and myrelatives in a bus. We alighted in an area surrounded by grass and trees. It felt just like how we always go to the cemetery to pray to our ancestors last time. After that, we walked to a dry area and my father was there. After that, it appeared that we were picnicking.

A few days after my father passed on, I had a scary dream. To make it worse, I really had a sore throat at that time. Here's the dream.

I saw my own tablet next to my father's! As we are praying at that time, my father's
tablet was at home on the table. I was in another room and when I stared in the mirror, I realized that I could not see myself! I then woke up in fright.

And sometimes, I would dream of myself flying/levitating.

I would be floating in school, my previous school and sometimes, under the flats. I would suddenly wake up with my heart pumping. To make it worst, it always seem to be at night. So how do I explain this dream?

-Kok Hean

Fascinating. I am not a professional psychic person, but to me i think it could be a premonition of something or ...or maybe your dad is trying to tell you something.

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