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Dream About 100 One Hundred meanings

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Good website about dreams and what they mean?

The best dream site is definitely dreamdoctor

Here are the FAQs, but trust me...you need to navigate through this site thoroughly because there is alot of great info here!

Questions we get asked most often...
Q. What exactly are dreams?
A. Dreams are expressions of thoughts, feelings, and awarenesses—that are represented through the creation of sensory environments in our minds. The creation of the dreamscape is caused by stimulation of the sensory cortex, that occurs naturally during REM sleep.

Q. Are dreams in any way related to every day life?
A. Yes! Dreams are representations of thoughts, feelings, and awarenesses that have been occupying our mind—usually for the day or two prior to the dream. If you want to know what a dream is about, think about how it relates to recent events in your life—like what happened yesterday or the day before!

Q. Is there a certain time in the sleep cycle when people dream?
A. Yes. People dream during REM sleep, which occurs about every 90 minutes throughout the night, for progressively longer periods. For example, we may only dream 5 or 10 minutes in our first REM period, but by morning we all dream for about 30-40 minutes—right before we wake up!

Q. Does everyone dream?
A. Everyone dreams about 100 minutes per night; we just have difficulty remembering our dreams. One hundred minutes is over an hour and a half per night of dreams—longer than most movies we see at the theater, or on TV!

Q. Why do people dream?
A. Dreaming helps our brains grow, by exciting our neurons. Did you know that newborn babies dream about 8 hours per day? All warm-blooded creatures have REM sleep—cats dogs, horses—even birds and dolphins!

Q. Can a person affect what they dream about by food, drugs, or alcohol? Or by any other method?
A. Some people say pineapple pizza and chocolate gives them wild dreams, but no one has really been able to prove this! Most drugs—sleeping pills, marijuana, alcohol—decrease our dream recall. If you want to influence what you dream about, write down a question or goal for your dream in a dream journal—just before you go to bed. You will usually dream about your question or goal within a week.

Q. Do dreams serve a purpose in the brain’s function? Or are they part of the brain’s nighttime functions?
A. In addition to helping our brains grow when we are young, researchers believe dreaming plays a role in memory—by strengthening connections between certain areas of our brains, and by allowing other connections (less useful information) to be released and forgotten. REM sleep also plays a role in releasing certain hormones in the brain. Did you know that all anti-depressant drugs are effective because they dramatically reduce REM sleep? Scientists aren’t sure exactly why reduced REM relieves depression—but it does!

Q. How can a person remember more of their dreams?
A. The trick is to learn to wake up slowly. When you first wake up, you need to concentrate on what you were just dreaming about. Try to lie still, and don’t move around very much or get out of bed—not yet. Just concentrate on your dream, or the feeling that your dream caused you. It also helps if you keep a dream diary, and if you remind yourself—before you fall asleep—that you want to remember your dreams in the morning.

Q. Why do some dreams cause a physical response? Like after a bad dream—waking up with the heart racing?
A. Even though our bodies are paralyzed during dreams, our involuntary body responses—including breathing and heart rate—still respond. When something happens in a dream, we think it’s real, and so we can get scared and nervous—just like we do in real life.

Q. Why do people sometimes repeat certain dreams over and over?
A. Recurring dreams reflect feelings and awarenesses that have not been successfully resolved in our waking lives. Unresolved feelings often include the sudden loss of a loved one, or an abrupt end to a romantic relationship! We wish the situation could have ended differently, so we tend to replay it in our minds.

Q. How come on some nights people feel they have dreamt more than others?
A. Some dreams are more emotional than others. We tend to remember our emotional dreams—because they are vivid and intense—and because we often wake up directly from them!

Example: What does this dream mean? (Pigeon, NYC, Money)?

I had a dream last night, where I was in NYC. I had a hundred dollar bill that I taped to a pigeon, and let the pigeon loose in the city, and watched as people trampled each other to get the pigeon, which could never be caught. Meanwhile, I was sitting on a balcony, taking pleasure in seeing all the commotion. What does this dream mean?

Example: What do you think this dream means?

Right this isn't the dream:Me and my exgirlfriend have been together twice. First time I betrayed her trust. Second time someone made it appear that I did when I hadn't but we're still friends. I really want her back.
Right the dream is in three parts so:
Part 1: I'm on a speed boat with my Grandad and the boat worked exactly like a car and the water had roads painted on it. When my Grandad was sailing the boat across the water the painted didn't smudge or smeared and I just sat there thinking and my Grandad shouted me to lift the handbrake.
My Grandad let me sail the boat and when I sailed it the paint smudge and smeared.
Part 2: I was at school doing aload of tests, I got almost every question right but I didn't get a hundred percent.
Part 3: I got on the school bus and my exgirlfriend was there and we sat together and talked about the holidays and then I told her how much I missed her and the truth about the second time we were together and that no matter what happens I'll...

Example: What does my dream mean? "Real" Zombie Outbreak?

I just want to start off by saying I do not watch the Walking Dead, I will make this as short as possible, but fair warning this may upset some people.
(Half way in to my dream): It was me a and my pregnant girlfriend (she is pregnant now) and we had discovered a small refuge college campus. There were at least one hundred survivors there, supplies were limited and ammunition was running dry. My girlfriend and I had been seperated from our families but cellular communication was still functioning. So I called my mother, my mom was not able to get out of the Cincinnati Red Cross containment zone. When I called her she told me that she was trapped in a closet and that she loved me and that I had to promise her to find my sisters ( 15 and 4 years old). I could hear the Zombies breaking into the room and the last thing she said was, "take care of your family, I know we have been through hard times but we stuck together.Promise me Jordon you will find them. I love you baby b-" They broke into the room and the phone went dead.

My girlfriend was 8 months long and the other girls and nurses took care of her. I myself would go out with other men and women and search for supplies. When we returned from searching my bosses and my grandmother were there, my grandmother was in a panic and said she had saw my sister (15) burn alive in a building that was accidently set on fire. She was then seperated from my 4 year old sister due to military refuge. She told me that they were headed only 100 miles from where I was stationed. I have known my (current bosses) since the age of 4 and they basically are my grandparents too. Mr. Garza is an ex-special forces (real life also) and his wife Mrs. Garza.

Over time the college was no longer able to support the safety of it's people, there was a man made evacuation cellar that lead through underground passages to safety outside in the distance. I search for my girlfriend and find out she's been taken to safety. And then I find my grandparents who were calm in the situation. I get them to the ground hatch door, I start to climb down so that way I will be able to help them get down. Mr. Garza tosses his weapons to me down below to me and my grandmother looks down at me and says, "I'm sorry sweat heart we don't have much longer on this earth and we can't keep running," and she slams and locks the hatch. I try to save them but the door is locked and a few friends I met at the college convince me to leave because I have to care for my own family and I can't do that by staying behind.

FAST FORWARD: A few weeks go by, my girlfriend is big and due at any moment and we are safe in a heavily guarded military camp. Mean while I desperately search every refuge camp to find my 4 year old sister. Me and a team of men go out every day to find lost family members. One night we were coming back and we were bombarded by a hoard of zombies as we start to clear through the zombies I shot one of them in the head and as it went down I went to shoot the other one and as it went down behind it stood my 4 year old sister. Her right arm was missing from the attack, she was scratched and bloody, but in her left hand was her stuffed cow she always slept with. She looked at me and even though she was a zombie she looked scared, she looked like she wanted to run to me but instead she ran off. I started to run after her and a few people followed me into the woods because they thought I needed help. I caught me little sister and held her as she tried to escape my arms and screamed. But for some reason she calmed down and I held her so tightly and I kept saying to her, "I found you baby I found you it's going to be okay." I then took my gun out and put it to her head and right before I pulled the trigger she held me and said "jordie."

We returned with supplies and I had her bloody stuffed cow in one of my camo-pants pockets, when I got back to the camp a friend of my girlfriends came up to me and told me my girlfriend had an asthma attack that caused her to go into labor. And then I woke up.

Typing this was so difficult, please only serious answers. This is not some form of story promotion, I had this awful dream and I wanted to share it to get opinions on what it could mean. I have never had a dream like this before. But my real life situation is that: My girlfriend is pregnant (approx 2 months) but she is already kind of big, I am 19 and she is 18. I was removed from my home due to family issues, I still see my mother almost every day. I see my sister who still live with her. And as for my 4 year old sister, I was so attached to her after she was born that she called my "daddy" even though she doesn't do that anymore she runs to me any time something is wrong. When I have to leave my moms house she will cry and beg me not to go...I have never had a dream like this before.

Example: I need help with this very long and detailed dream. What does all this mean?

My boyfriend was showing me the state of Florida, where we live on the computer lap top. He told me 2 storms were coming. I looked but could not see them. Paul picked up the computer and turned it upside down. He pointed out all these black clouds and said see, here they are. I think other people appeared around us at the table. I asked out loud, well what if there is a tornado or hurricane? Where will we hide, how will we be safe. We have no cellars or basements so we have no where to go. No one said anything, it was completely silent because everyone knew I had a point. The storms never ended up happening. We looked on the computer and it rained and then the sun came out. It all happened very fast and we were all like ok, it's over and we are safe. wow that was quick.
I then got on a train and must have gone to the state where I was born because when I got off the train I was walking through the terminal in that state and saw my mom and two older sisters. I was wearing a beautiful long dark brown fur coat. It had many shades of brown in it. I was walking by my family ignoring them and one of my sisters was shocked because I looked so good and she said wow, you look so different.
In the next part of the dream, I had on the same brown fur coat. My mom told me I should give the coat to my older sister. For a small amount of time I contemplated it but then I think I decided not to because my older sister stole everything from our home and my mom told me to give things to her that were mine and I did what she told me not anymore. I had to catch myself and remind myself that the coat was mine and I didn't have to give it to her.
My boyfriend and I were then in an airport. He was leaving to go somewhere and he was not coming back to stay with me. He told me he was going to go out with these two women and then stay with them for the night. I had put a very large tan envelope filled with money in his bag. When he told me he was not coming back that night I took my envelope out and put it with my bag because I knew I would need my money.
I was then seated at a table with my ex brother in law and Oprah Winfrey. The three of us were talking and then Oprah came to my store. I was at my cash register and when I opened it it was full of 100's, 50's and 20's. I needed smaller bills and Oprah said she would change it for me. So the hundreds and fifties etc.. that I gave her, she exchanged for 20's, 10's and 5's etc... for me for the cash register.
I then was at my house and had a moving box that I was going to pack. A man called me and told me that he needed the box back right away. He was very insistent. Somehow his documents and passport were inside the box. I found them and gave them to him.
My boyfriend and I were at a light at a crosswalk. I crossed the path and turned around to see where he was and he stayed on the other side of the street. He never crossed. When I turned back around I was standing under this beautiful very large tree. I felt like the tree was from the dinosaur times because the trees were so large. Then Jasmine, my girl cat came and she was staying under the trees. I was very worried for her because there were large animals around and I didn't want her to get hurt.
Something about me at my house and there were nuns there and one of my older sisters. I wanted to make food and had frozen chicken wings but then decided that I already enough food and didn't make them.
whew! Many thanks to all who have helped with this!

Example: What does my dream mean?

ok for some dream expert out there lol i dreamt that this one really popular guy in my grade was supposed to sing at this concert thingy at a huge stadium.well,i went there to watch him with my parents and i ran into my guy best friend,but i just stood there and looked at him and i couldnt say anything.what does this mean?

Example: What does it mean when I see like hundreds of moons in my dream?

I've had a few dreams where I would see like 100 moons

Example: What does my dream mean?

Hey Everyone, My name is Melissa and recently ive been having a quite alot of strange dreams. For example, lastnite I dreamed I was in a dark room, like a single room cellar with one light balb hanging from the ceiling. I was sitting in the center of the room in an old wooden chair, I remember it being cold but hot at the sametime, like there was a hundred people in the room with me, but i was alone. Then i started hearing people talk, like one or two, but then it increase to like 100, but the funny thing is they were all whispering and I couldnt see any of them! Then they all started whispering simultaneously "wake up". The whole room started to like hum with voices then someone shushed them, then it got dead silent. At that moment of pure silence i heard one voice clear as day say "wake up.". That voice belonged to my great grandmother, who had passed 5years ago. Creepy right?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamt I was hanging out with guy that I'm dating and when I started searching through my closet to show him some artwork I've done, I found a hundred dollar bill.

I'm just curious :]

Example: I've had over a hundred dreams about a certain girl I know, non-sexual in nature, what does this mean?

The dreams are of us dating and the very last one was us getting plans to get married. It's every other night these dreams. She is a girl that liked me in highschool and I really liked her, but I didn't know how to express my feelings to well. Time and distance have separated us a bit now. It was always a non-sexual feeling towards her, not saying I don't want that, but more a loving, wanting to take care of her and protective feeling. This is the feeling in the dreams and real life. She is either bi-sexual or lesbian now, but I don't care cause this might be due to guys treating her like crap. Looking for advice or interpretation of the these dreams and feelings. Is there any possibility that she still thinks of me? I do see her very rarely and I get excited. Ya know I can see it in her eyes too, I could swear. What do I do?

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