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Dream About 10 meanings

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Example: What does my dream mean? +10 points?

I just woke up... 45 minutes ago, at 10am on the dot. Which is very strange for me, seeing that I can sleep until 5pm if I honestly wanted to.

1) So first off, a few weeks ago I had a weird dream. It was me, Stephen Colbert, and Jay Leno, and we were having a brownie making contest during idk... maybe a little party at my house. We were standing in the kitchen the three of us plus my sister (older, she's 18) crammed into where the door would be in the fridge, looking at the brownies we made. We put them in the fridge because it would speed up the cooling, you know? So in the end (which was switched to instantly, no middle I recall) Jay Leno one.
WHAT THE H*LL?! I didn't have brownies, nor did I miss them.

2) This one was right now, before I typed 1. I was in the resort I was in on vacation (in the mountains, small villa) and me & my mom & either my best friend or cousin, let's call her Katie, decided to go to shoprite or walmart or some other store of the sort. This'll sound trippy, but there was a GIANT mountain of trash outside. On the inside, it was an actual cavern or cave. We went inside, checked it out, and found a littleclub type thing. People were dancing dirty and drinking. This whole situation seemed normal to us. Obviously, being teens on the younger side (we're 14, 14, and 13 almost 14), we couldn't get in. So we went to the bathroom (we being "Katie" who is still undecided) and fixed our hair & all girl crap like that.

We came out and my former crush (we're good friends now, but we had a 'thing' when we were in like, 6th grade, no big deal. Idk how I feel, and it's obvious he's "fallen for me".) was sitting on a sort of steep but short little hill in the cave. (Might I add that he looked like Nathan Kress more than he normally does?) He was trying to cheer us up and said "watch this." and slid down the hill onto the ground below, which was seemingly covered in gravel & brow sand like the floor of the whole place. He turned towards us and lied down. He sunk instantly into the grown. He rose up covered in this weird goo and some gravel. He looked really scared (he's the guy who always tried to be the toughest & coolest, it gets annoying, yes, but I'm used to it) and sad real quietly "help me".

While "Katie" (still don't know!) ran to help him (into the gent's room O assume, I decided to tell my mom where we were (she gave us permission to wander, we had our cell phones, that's perfectly normal for her, haha) and stuff. I was super scared and maybe possibly crying about that, because I think the goo was hurting him maybe? And I you never know what that s_ugar h_oney i_ced .t_ea that it could be. I was wondering alone when some lady with her kid was like, "wtf?" and I turned towards the "mountain" and he climbed out in an outfit he'd never wear irl and completely clean. We (the three of us) ran towards each other. Me and him hugged in a coupley way (me facing the mountain, him facing away, his right arm on my waist & lower back but not my assh, and my left arm around his shoulder. I remember me putting my head into the small of him neck & the such. When pulling away he lingered when pulling away from my waist. He smiled at me (which he never does because 'it's uncool') and bam, the end.

It seemed shorter then it seems. Lmfao.
I guess I wanted every detail in for interpretation.
The only thing, recently we were talking and he wouldn't confess he still had feelings for me. Like usual.
Also, my best friend really likes this guy. We're not sure if he does back. She'd be sad if we were together, regardless if she admitted it or not.
I was sure that I was myself. Oh! And I am, well I was 100% sure that I didn't like him but... now idk.

And the first one, what the he|| was that about too?

Do us a favor and ******* post multiple questions into multiple posts. We don't have the patience to read THAT much, and we can use the points.

And I will attempt to give u the meaning of ur dreams. Technically, this makes me, "The man of ur dreams."

Everything is trash. Just residue. The only thing important is how ur unconscious mind arranges things (unless something influences ur dreams - for example whispers to u while u're sleeping). Then that's just in purpose.

1. Cooking is a way we transform aspects of our lives; satisfying a hunger; ability to make something new. Since u had famous ppl in there, u have a desire to be noticed or acclaimed, while u wld have to look for a similarity of characteristics between the ppl - possibly them being funny. OR u overheard ur neighbor watching an old episode of Leno (who wld watch that?) or Stephen Colbert.

This dream is more focused on ambition.

2. The vacation is a time of rest. Going shopping means that u desired something. The cave is prenatal life, rebirth. The cub wld represent ur feelings - abt u being a survivor, but u still look at urself as young, as a baby. A bear is a solitary creature, and this was made more obvious because of the other ppl dancing - that's ur perspective of normal social grouping. Then u went to the bathroom. A bathroom is usualy associated with cleansing.

Ur crush is on a hill, a hill = obstacle, difficulty. A mountain is something big in ur life. Seeing ur crush = seeing ur emotional feelings or attachment to him

<except from me: **** u this is a long question.>

And he slid down a hill. So he was no longer an obstacle. The sliding and falling into goo cld be interpreted as ur own fear of him.

And u mixed in in there that u thought of him as a good friend, since u added that the 3 of u hugged.

I think u understand the rest. He touched u in places that u might consider places u want to be touched.

Remember that a lot of things in dreams are backwards, including text, which is mirrored.

And u mentioned that he makes u want to have feelings for him and u feel bad... so in some way what he's doing is working. U notice that for everything that he's doing for u that u shd start to like him, but not u.

Example: What does this dream means (10 POINTS)?

Well Hello,
last night I went to bed and I was dreaming that
I was in an old abandoned house with me, my grandma (still alive)
And some unknown dogs..
Then my grandma was being possesed by the demon..
And he started telling me to do things or he would kill me
and I cant remember what exactly he told me to do but the point is
I did all the things he told me to then I woke up
but it was kinda scary and I wanna know what it meant please

Example: What does this dream mean (10 points)?

i was going down this hill and ladies with dogs were there (btw im a girl) and i asked them where were they going they said there was a sale across the street then a friend and her dad came and asked me for baskin robins and ai agreed ((who wouldent) and when we were getting inside baskin robins this guy i knew from school came out of this random car and smiled and came up to me and was about to talk when my friends father came and said he never comes out of the car you are the first one to make him get out of his car then all the sudden this random girl was crying cause she had no freiends or something and i told her she didnt need friends cause she was beautiful and all the guys would fight over her and she smiled and we started hanging out and i taught her how to jerk (idk why) and we left then i was in this picnic with my family and we were playing this game and a random hot air ballon came then i was at school getting my schedule for 7th grade and the guy i love came and kissed my hand then he walked away and i hugged him and i hugged him back and we started holding hands to this classroom i told him about the guy who came out of the car would be mad and his girlfriend would be mad then i went to the classroom and we had the same schedule and i fell to the ground then right when we were getting our prize for having straight a's MY MOM WOKE ME UP

plz answer

Example: What does my DREAM mean? 10 POINTS!?

Okay, so I had this dream with a girl I really like in it's kind of confusing..

I was walking in a very dark dome with with this girl. you can tell we are in a large dome, but you cant really see the ceiling or the walls. There's a large ' Round about type thing' where we are walking, that's all i see. In the middle is streams and small trees, where we are walking is artificial grass with stones. Around the circle, there is a small stream. There is harps of some sort in the background. She placed her hands on mine, and on my chest and we are just talking. We kiss and make our way to the ground where she lays on top of me kissing me on the lips and neck, while i am feeling her. Right before we, well you know, a man approaches carrying muddy white sneakers.e was dressed in mostly white, nd had a white beard. He told us to get up and we did. We were silent. And that's all i remember..
In another dream with this girl, we are both naked kissing, i step away from her, and everything around us is yellow, i can not make out any floors ceilings, anything. Then i go back to her, just about to put it in, and i abruptly wake up.
Why can i never go farther than making out in my dreams with this girl? who was this man, and why was he carrying muddy white sneakers? I respect this girl a lot, and i know she wants to stay a virgin a while. But, can someone explain any of this?

Example: What does my dream mean ? 10 pts !?

i had a dream that my nephew was on the computer and there were a bunch of canneed foods infront of him and he was like copying and pasting the foods onto the computer ?

what does my dream mean ?

Example: What does this crazy dream mean?! [[ 10 points ]]?

I had a dream that I was throwing up. Then I was at school, and this girl i hate in real life was following me and i HATED it so much! And another girl that everyone hated was by my side, but she is a really sweet girl and innocent. Then the girl i hated and my BFF were going into the same care and I was disappointed. Then I told the principal that my friend wouldn't stop following me and he did nothing.
All of a sudden a stranger comes in a car, picks me up, and drives me into a desert.

what does it mean?

Example: Meaning of this dream.. 10 POINTS?

my ex and i broke up 4 months a go and well.. he is over it and idk maybe seen other people and i am depressed, seen a psychologist and taking antidepressants (prescribe)

so i dreamt that i was sleeping and my phone started to ring. and picked it up and it was the number of one of his friends (witch i dont have) and i answer and he was asked for me and i was like this is she.

and he goes like BABE I MISS YOU or BABE I NEED YOU... i stayed quiet... we talked and at one point i told him "thanks for calling is nice to know that we can fix this" something like that.

then idk in the same dream i was in a beauty contest? and i wanted him to go but he never showed up he just called... (in most of my dreams he nevers shows up)

Example: What does my dream mean 10 pts?

I was with a group of girls 4 girls that i don't know and we were taking a picture I was smiling and i had a silver braces what does this mean?

Example: What does a kiss mean in a dream? FAST 10 POINTS!?

i had a dream my boyfriend and i were in line at a store and my friend Mike was our cashier so i was talking to him, and as he's ringing us up my boyfriend kept seriously kissing me (in real life we dont do that in public-- just little pecks) and he kept trying to makeout with me. i kept pulling away because i didnt want to be rude or make my friend feel awkward... and then my boyfriend grabbed my arm to pull me a little closer to him and told me he loves me (which he hasnt said in real life)

what does this dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean? 10 points?

I had a dream(my dad is white) and that I was in a house with him.
I don't know if it was his house...maybe.
(I've never been to his house, he left me bfore birth)
He gave me a bag and told me to wrap a gift (It was a flat screen) for his parents.
I thought it was weird, and my dad's parents are racist towards non-white people, so I was afraid they wouldn't like me.
I ran into the closet, I heard people singing and they were coming upstairs. I think it was my grandparents, so I closed my eyes while sitting in the closet.
The closet was full of junk so I was near the door.
(we were ALL in a room), I heard more singing, so I looked up and saw a black family singing in the room.
My dad was there also.
I've never seen this black family at all before.
They all looked happy and this lady tried to take me out the closet.
My mom was adopted and her adopted parents were dead before birth.
Including her adopted sister, So I don't know what that dream means?

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