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Dream About 1 One meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to have the same dream e times in 1 month?

I've 3 dreams all similar where I'm at the beach and there is a huricane and the water is crashing over the sand doons. What is that suppose to mean? The sky is grey, the wind is cold, and the water is high up. It never enters the house.

Well lets look at some symbology:

Same dream THREE times in one month - ok so something is up! But you knew that ;) We have lots of water (beach, hurricane) and things are violent and stormy.

I have my dream book out now...hurricanes no matter how you take them have various meanings of a struggle you need to get out from or that you may get close to but not directly involved.

Since there are waves that are crashing and all blown up by the hurricane it means you MAY make a fatal error. And since you seem to be on shore with this happening it foretells of a narrow escape from injury or designs of your enemies.

So basically what we get is that you have something happening/happen/happened where in you were in some danger and you may/will make a decision that may/will get you out of it by a hairsbreath.

Sine you know that something is looming...hopefully this knowledge may advert it.

Example: Can anyone help me decypher the meaning of this dream? (DREAM N•1?

Keep in mind I believed I never dreamed before 18 days sober off Mary J. And I've only recorded my last 2 dreams which are really vivid and make me anxious no joke. I believe I've dreamed before during this sober period but I always forget so now I've kept a notpad beside my bed.

Dream date: 17/03/2013

Its hard to explain. Everything seemed futuristic but it had an old victorian sense to it. Everything was grey, except for a few characters.

So there was war going on like mad chaos on the streets I remember walking through it. Then I found myself with a girl we were together because it could of been our last time together and she kept saying you're going to die..(It was a big room with old guards all around, the ones who wear the full metal attire) proper old school, and there was a massive floor to ceiling window we were standing byt it, and there was a chandelier I remember crystal looking really fine) Anyways my friend Flossie 1 year younger then mee came in and that's when I knew the girl was her younger sister ( . Anyways the war was because of her haven't got a clue how).. Somehow after that I knew the war was over her. (She didn't tell me this but I remember she was the richest person in the world and her parents had just been killed so you she was the heir and the only link to something). I remember she walked up to us and that's when I saw her eyes, I saw the universe in her eyes.( I can't remember what it looked like but I remember the concept being just that in her eyes. And then she started talking in tongues and as soon she touched my shoulder, that's when the chandelier dropped and I think I woke up I'm not sure if anything else happened.

( I wrote down as much as I can remember but somehow I know its not the full story)

Example: What dose it mean when u dream about some one?

Ok so I have a freind and she's like my sister we tell each other everything basicly and she has her thing going on with some guy and I have my thing going on with some girl im not with the girl nore she with the guy its just like hooking up but I keep dreaming about my freind like her getting hurt n crying 1 was because of the guy and the other because she was sick I don't find her physicaly atractive she's retty she's id say an 8 out of 10 but I don't like her but I seem to keep thinking about her all the time not only when im sleeping

Example: Dreams meaning?

I have two recurrents dreams:
1) My teeth falls abruptly. My inside mouth's skin and tong fells in pieces.
2) I walk over a big quantity of snakes. In my last dream, one of them curl up in my ankle and I was walking whit the snake on it .

Example: Dreams meaning..?

I have two recurrents dreams:
1) my teeth falls abruptly. My tong(and everything else inside my mouth) loose its skin.
2) I walk over snakes. A large quantity. And in my last dream, one of them curled up and stay in my right ankle. And I wasn't scared of that..
Please, be serious.

Example: What does it mean to dream of 1/2 burnt chocolate cookies?

They wereperfect on one side, and burnt (black) on the other, and I was going through a food line, and they were set out for people to eat!

Example: What is the meaning of my dream?(1)?

I had a dream that there was an explosion on the side of a cliff, and there was a suited man inspecting it. Even though I was standing there no one in my dream could see me but I could see and hear everything. Sudden a man appeared with black hair, he walked straight passed me to the suited man and as he passed me I noticed that at the back of his neck there was rubber markings, because he was a alien wearing a human face rubber mask. He inspected the explosion site, and said it was his alien son that crashed his ufo into the cliff side. A Chinese woman came running out of the house, she had a green dress and she was crying, I knew she was an alien also as she had her mask put on wonky. All three of them began performing surgery on the alien, they cut his face of and stuck it to the side of the cliff as a memorial site for him, then all of a sudden I became visible again and they all turned around and stared at me, then I woke up.

Example: What does my dream mean? Part 1?

I had a dream that i was in the parking lot of a really weird building, and there were a lot of people from my actual school there. and so, i got a call from my mom telling me that she was in the gas station, but that there was a fire and that i needed to go help her, so i got waited for a public bus to appear and when it cam (almost immediately) i got on, and i realized, the driver was my coach, and some of the people on board were guys that also went to my school (if this makes a difference, i'm a girl) and so he drove past the gas station, even though i kept telling him to stop, and he drove by all of the peoples bus stops, even though we told him to stop, and he kept going, into a mountain range. the setting all of a sudden changed. we entered a mountain road, and it got foggy and i was sitting right next to the door. the road got to be so turbulent and terrifying, and at one point, he was going so fast, that he literally lost control and went off the road, as soon as this happened, i opened the door, and jumped off and landed on a rock (without pain) and jumped onto the road, before the bus exploded. i started walking down the road again, (to go back to my destination) but the road got muddy and flooded all of a sudden. i guess i entered shock, because in my dream i started to cry, and when i woke up, i found that i was also crying. when i went back to sleep, i continued dreaming the same thing. i was walking down the road, and i saw newspapers everywhere, saying that many people died on a bus accident, including me. somehow i went back home and my family was there waiting for me, they looked surprise that i was still alive. And thats part 1 of my dream.

Example: Dream meaning if there is one?

cousin turning out to be brother after years and things like that... i dont usually have it but it felt really real and there was a horribly sad feeling also i was really ill and always upset in the dream.


Example: What does it mean to dream with the firsts seasons of Stargate SG-1?

its a hard to interpretate recurrent dream
i always dream with the first and second seasons of stargate sg-1

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