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Example: Dream..? Creepy?...0?

in my dreams I saw a J+L what does it mean then I suicide and fell down to this abandon building...

Whatever I'm going to say I mean it in the least mean way as possible. I think that your relationship with the a man whose name starts with an L will end (Your name does start with a J right because of your username). In the end, I believe you will be very sad and be in a depressed mood.

Example: What does this dream mean? 0_o?

So I just had a dream that my boyfriend married maryln monroe. As ridiculous as it sounds, I never dream. Im told dreams have deeper meanings so what could this mean ahahaa?

Example: What does this dream mean? 0_o?

So I just had a dream that my boyfriend married maryln monroe. As ridiculous as it sounds, I never dream. Im told dreams have deeper meanings so what could this mean ahahaa?

Example: What does this weird dream means o_0 ?

I dreamt that my brther and I were fighting with ghosts.They were invisible and we were in my room.What does it means?

Example: What could this dream mean? 0.o?

when i started talking to a guy that i actually liked and who i meet on the internet. i had a dream me,his friend and his friends sister were going on a bus with me and it was red i think. it was London because thats where they lived. then it flashed back to my friend who was sitting down on a rock with his dogs around him and he was talking to his father outside looked worried then it ends. ._.

Example: Weied Dreams 0.o What can it mean?

So, this is kinda weird. There this guy I've meet at the vets office ( Im a intern ) and his a office person that handles the paying and stuff. I know already that he likes me since he has told me in person.

For the past week or two, I've been having dreams about him. And I mean every night. In one we were at a park, the other he was taking me to a movie. The one I had last night was weird. Cause we were at the Tropical Park. You know, just talking and stuff, when out of nowhere we started kissing.

Now, I rejected him because I was hurt the last time. My ex- bf was a jerk and started to cheat on me. I needed time to think. Do all these dreams mean were meant to be together?

What can this possibly mean? I must sound desperate for help :P

Please help!


Example: What Does My Really Weird Dream Mean? 0_o Please Answer!?

So i was at some get together i was with my best friend "cousin" my 2 real cousins and my 2 brothers. i was at some pool thing, my cousin got hurt i dont know how so we had to go home, on the way home i saw this guy hunter (who i dont like at all!) skateboarding really fast on the freeway so i decided i would to i jumped out of the car and started skateboarding really good and fast on the freeway, i skateboarded my way to a party everyone was going to (at the party there was this guy michael, hes my BEST FRIEND he's like my brother, but he REALLY likes me, at school hes all over me, kissing me on the cheek, and a whole bunch of other stuff, but i only see him as my best friend) At the party michael asked me out and i said yes, so i was hanging out with my friends (not with my ''boyfriend'') and i look out the window and see him smoking, so michael walks in the door and i say "I saw you..." He says "Im sorry!" And i run into the room and lock myself in the closet he tries to apologize but i wont let him, what does this WEIRD dream mean?!? It's crazyy and im wondering why..

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night i dreamt i was REALLY REALLY drunk. I just turned 16 2 days ago. what does this mean? :0

Example: What does this dream mean!? -_0?

ok so i had a dream last night. it had a meaning behind it i can feel it. the dream was trying to tell me something. i forgot one of the main parts(wrote it down right after waking but that part i wrote it too scribbled up, cant read it) but heres most of it. the dream started with me walking down what looked like a zoo, more like a petting zoo because the animals were few rabbits i saw (which passed right by my foot) and a small black dog. there were horses i believe tho i cant remember to good what the other animals were. the main animal were german shepherds. i was by thefence and they kept coming up to the fence growling and barking at me. (i wasnt scared knew the fence was there). the dream stopped (i woke up to go to bathroom and wrote down). then when i went to sleep again and part 2 of the dream started. this time i looked out my window. everyone i know was outside waiting for me. i mean EVERYONE. almost any person i can think of that is or has been in my life was outside. people i didnt even remember. then my (ex)best friend and my family (theyre all in NY im in miami alone) was showing me his dog. again it was a german shepherd and it barked/growled at me again. then i looked behind and noticed they brought a whole bunch of animals. my mother, grandma, brothers, friends etc. one of them was holding a big black and white coat and was holding it by a rope offering it to me. i was like wtf a cow? howd the?

before the dream ended i remember seeing this clearly written somewhere in all capital letters very clear: MOVE SLOWLY.
i also remember seeing in a different part of the dream a orb type round thing that looked like the symbol for a "lotus" flower. (i know lotus is like meditation or something). i also saw something that said APPEARANCES ARE DECIEVING. the scribbled part all i can read of it (it was dark and i was half asleep) says upside down. the other part i have no idea. thats all. anybody know what all this means?

if it helps im at a crossroad in my life where i have like 5 different options of which road to take but i fear most of them would be making decisions ive made in the past. it would be life changing which ever i take thats why i want to make the right choice. lots of things are changing. want the best in the long run. dunno if any of this has to do with the dream but thats whats been primarily on my mind if it helps

Example: What does this dream mean?O.0?

I dreamed that me and my crush were in a village like town everyday a flood came it was called el importante (the important) it was wash through and me and my crush had to hold on so we wouldn't et washed away. After that it became sunny and I grabbed his backpack for him. But I almost forgot mine. What could this dream mean?

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