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Dream About 0 Zero meanings

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Example: What does my reoccurring dream mean?

I have been having reoccurring dreams about going through out my day in zero gravity. Not floating, or flying, or meditative levitation; Zero gravity like astro/cosmonauts in space. An example in my dream:

I am waiting at a table (holding onto it so I don't float off) for my coffee at a coffee shop when they announce my drink. I kick off the table and float to the "bar" to get my drink. then kick back off the bar and float to my table.
Nobody else in my dream is experiencing 0-G except me. I even had a dream that a whole bunch of children saw me kick off the third floor of the Galleria Mall float to the first floor (food courts) and gracefully land. The group of children tried to replicate what I had done and fell to their deaths.

I asked some family members about it and they jokingly suggested that I need some Lithium.
I haven't watched a scifi movie in a very long time, I haven't been to a theme park in over a decade, and I haven't played and space or flight based games in a long while, nor have been swimming in over a year.

What does it mean?

it could mean a variety of this floating on air means relates to ones mind and mental attitude, idealism or lack of it. implies acceptance, letting go of your problems or worries and just going with the flow. You are experiencing new-found freedom. or it could mean that you believe you have or have aquired something that the people around you dont have aka-you floating but not the rest of them the coffee

suggests that you should gain some insight and knowledge before making a decision or tackling some project/relationship. You may be acting too hasty and need to slow down. Alternatively, it may imply a need for you to change your routine.

so maybe its telling that you need some clarity and real action before believing you are all that or before trying to get a break

Example: What does this dream means?

i dreamed that i got 0/10 zero out of ten in my test.
can someone tell me what that means:)
thanx ☺♥

Example: What does my dream mean?

Last night I had this dream and I saw the number 307 in it like 5 times. then today I kept hearing and seeing the numbers 3, 0, and 7. What does this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

i dreamed i was running in a vally and it started raining doughnuts and cupcakes, when i went to bite into it,it melted into an chocolate ice cream cone with chocolate syrup on it when i tried licking it,it vanished into dust. Next i was climbing up a tall tall hill it took me about 2 minutes(dream time)to reach the top of the hill when i did i found a bucket of chicken with a large fry and a slice of bread, but when i reached out to get it there was an invisable wall surrounding it, so i was unable to touch it.At this point i was mad(in my dream) so i started running down the hill as fast as i could,once i reached the bottom i jumped into a pool of coke soda pop, but when i went to drink it, it turned into 0 calorie coke zero. when i got out of the pool i started driving myself to mc donalds but when i got to the door from my feet were frozen in wet cement and i was unable to freemyself. when i got my feet out of the cement mc donalds was closed.when i went back to my car i opened my door and all these gumballs and lays plain chips spilled out of the door but i was unable to touch them becaused there was another invisable force field around it, i then woke up.

what does this dream mean i started a diet a few days ago could that have somethin to do with it

Example: Can anyone tell me five new ideas and picture of a 0 carbon city of your dreams?

Example: I had a dream with a three digit number which was 609. I dont have any idea what it could mean..in fact i?

tried to see if in any way it relates to anything in my current life and nothing. It was so bold. In fact the numbers were on a rolling pin like at the casino slots...one number at a time spun up...6...0...9...then all three were next to eachother. any ideas?

Example: I have weird dreams can someone tell me what this could mean?

Hello there reader,
I want to know what my dream means...or if something can be behind it. Because I keep having this dream.

It starts with me being in a apartment with my family on the 5th floor talking about life.. For some odd reason in the dream i was in new york near the empire state building. Then some sirens were ringing outside and I look out the window only to find everyone from new york to iowa spreaded across the empire state building. And on the empire state building there was a meter reaching the tip of the building and it had a sign that said 'end of the world countdown' and everyone was counting since 100 to 0 backwards.people where hugging kissing saying goodbyes, And when it got to zero in my dream I closed my eyes and everything shook and it went all white. Then I woke up and saw blurry for a bit. At 4 am I went back to sleep and I had a short dream in the same apartment but as I looked out the window there was polices firetrucks and abulances all over the place. Then over the earth was a force field and it was purple. Some weird alien craft went to the earth atmosphere and sucked up the purple shield and the earth fell out of the orbit and fell down reallt fast. But then the earth hit the floor and my dream ended. This jappened yesterday.

Example: Anything to the zero power equals one. Why is that?

I know it's true, but I need to know why. My math teachers basically tell me to memorize it without an explanation. And I'm the guy who needs an explanation for everything.

Why is it one, and not zero? I mean it's multiplied by itself zero times.

Example: Average number of wet dreams!?

What's the average number of wet dreams a guy will have every month?

Example: Can you interpret my dreams?

i am currently single, but keep dreaming about having intercourse with several of my ex boyfriends. The sex in the dream is simply a one night stand, just for the sake of having sex... however, in my life right now, I have 0, ZERO, NONE, NO interest in having sex with any of them, or anyone at all.

I just don't have those feelings. If it helps, I am 17.

I am a female girl, not in a relationship, and I don't want to be in one either. I am straight too.

Anything underneath that comes to mind, I'd be grateful for the advice!?

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